Drug Slang

An extensive amount of slang words have been developed over the years to accommodate the culture of drugs. Slang is unique to the culture it is used in and this helps to identify insiders and outsiders. People tend to bond quicker with someone who “speaks their language” and identifies with their culture. The drug culture has a vast array of slang vocabulary and the U.S. government has developed a website to help police, parents and professionals learn more about the drug language. Familiarizing yourself with drug slang is an important aspect of understanding the drug culture.

If someone is “all lit up” it means that they are under the influence of drugs. “Amping” means having an accelerated heart beat and “agonies” refers to experiencing withdrawal symptoms. An “acid head” is someone who uses LSD and “Abe” is a $5 bag worth of drugs. If you “blow one’s roof” you are smoking cannabis and the “Factory” is where drugs are packaged, diluted and manufactured.

Slang comes in every language, but for all intents and purposes we will provide only English drug slang. Below is a list of drugs and their slang counterparts:

Heroin: Antifreeze, Aries, Charley, Beast, Bad Seed, China White, Back to Back (when Heroin is injected), Bad Bundle, Ballot, Bart Simpson, Chicle, Big H, Birdie Powder, Black Pearl, Blows, Blue Hero, Dirt, Bomb (high potency), Brown Crystal, Caca, Channel Swimmer, Bundle, Crap, Chi, Chinese Red, Aunt Hazel, Dog Food, Cotton Fever, Duji, Dreck, Capital H, Downtown, Chip, DT, Cotton Brothers, Ferry Dust, Dyno, Chasing the Dragon or Tiger (heroin that is smoked), Courage Pills, Chocofan, Brown Sugar, ?Diesel, Bundle, Noise, Bin Laden, Number 4 and 8, Chip and Dogie.

Cannabis: Cherried, Climb, Domestic (grown locally), Black Mo, Baby, Ace, Cancelled Stick (a cannabis cigarette), Ding, Cheeba, Churus, Climb, Earth, Columbian, Clicken (cannabis laced with PCP), Cosa, Drag Weed, Charas (Indian), Dimba (West African), Canadian Black, Butter, Blowing Smoke, Alice B. Toklas (cannabis in a brownie), Afghan Black, Barbara Jean, Boom, Dew, Dizz, Came, Bo-Bo, Baby Bhang, Blue Sky Blonde, Cashed, Dozer, Brass, Can ( 1 ounce of cannabis), Black Maria, African Bush, Chippie, Duby, Finger (a cannabis cigarette), Culican, Bash, B-40, Bullyon, Buds, Dry High, Brown, Dank (very high quality), Blaze, Bone (a cannabis cigarette), Diggidy (high quality), Canappa, Buddha, Crystal Joint (laced with PCP), Cam Trip (high potency), Charge, Citrol, Colorado Cocktail, Crying Weed, Elle Momo (laced with PCP), Dew, Chunky, Doobie, Joint, Ditch, Maryann, ?Cheeba, Dinkie Dow, Creeper Bud (the effect comes on slowly) and Mary and Johnny.

Amphetamines: Double Cross, Fives, Blacks, Khat, Fast, Drivers, Billy, Coast to Coast, Bombido, Dexy, Eye Opener, Chocolate, Bennies, Forwards, Amp, French Blues, Debs, Horse Heads, Fives, Benz, Blue Boy, Chicken Powder, Nugget, Led Proppers and Co-Pilot.

MDMA: Hug Drug, Ecstasy, E-Bomb, Disco Biscuits, Candy Flip, Booty Juice, Essence, Beans, Doves, E, Lucky Charmz, Decadence, Elaine, Clarity, E-Ball, Doctor, Candy, Grey Biscuits, Chocolate Chips, M 25, Adam, Baby Slits, Number 9 and Love Drug.

Cocaine: Girlfriend, C, Happy Powder, Henry VIII, Everclear, Lady, CA (cocaine addict), Heaven Dust, Friskie Powder, Gin, California Cornflakes, Cha, Late Night, Glad Stuff, Geeze, Carrie, Lady Caine, Foo Foo, Sleigh Ride, Her, C-game, C&M (combination of cocaine and morphine), Duct, Hooter, Divits, Chicken-head, Hitch up the Reindeers (snorting cocaine), Goofball and Happy Dust.

PCP: Cycline, Amoeba, New Magic, Boat, Columbo, Angel, Dust Joint, Angel Hair, Cristal, Blud Madman, Black Whack, Cyclones, Crystal T, Angel Dust, Butt Naked, Animal Trank, Magic, Aliamba, Buzy Bee, Magic Dust, CJ and Aurora Borealis.

LSD: Acid, Micro Dot, Barrels, Red Lips, Blue Fly, Beast, Battery Acid, Black Sunshine, Mighty Quinn, Blue Moons, Blotter Acid, Mind Blow, Back Breakers, Animal, Moons, Beavis and Butthead, Blue Cheers, Battery Acid and Rainbow.

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