Why Drug Rehab Facilities

There are many people who suffer from the devastating effects of alcohol and drug addiction. These substances take on a life of their own inside the body and mind of an addict and leave the addict feeling conflicted and powerless. Besides the harm to one’s physical and mental state, the addict also suffers in other ways. Any type of substance abuse will eventually destroy relationships, families, occupations, finances etc. The entire life of an addict will be subject to the demands of their addiction.

The addict may try to reduce or stop their intake of alcohol or drugs, but most often they do not prevail. When withdrawal symptoms begin they cause intense cravings, physical pain and other effects that the addict simply cannot cope with. Depending upon what substance was used, the withdrawal process can be a dangerous undertaking without professional help. The knowledge and assistance provided by drug rehab facilities offer the most effective and safe help for alcohol and drug addiction.

Drug rehab facilities have several different modes of treatment to help the addict recover from their addiction. As research continues, new information is garnered and developed into new treatments. These treatments are constantly evolving, and there are no cookie-cutter formulas suitable to treat addiction. Each patient is physically and psychologically assessed and a treatment plan is developed to address that individual’s needs.

Drug Treatment Programs

Drug rehab facilities usually begin treatment for addiction with the patient being slowly weaned of the alcohol or drugs they were using. The detox process is usually assisted with medication that allows the substances to leave the body, while greatly reducing the adverse effects of withdrawal. After the detox process, the patient begins other therapies to treat their addiction and other problems.

Many people who suffer from alcohol or drug addiction usually have a dual diagnosis of mental illness. These disorders are often the cause of addicts trying to self-medicate with alcohol or drugs. Mental illness causes all types of distressing problems and seeking relief is nothing new. That is why so many people turn to drugs and alcohol as a way of coping.

Some of the dual diagnosis disorders are: bi-polar disorder, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), attention deficit disorder (ADD), schizophrenia, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), chronic depression and anxiety disorder. Treating mental illness along with alcohol and drug addiction ensures an effective and successful solution to both problems, as they tend to exacerbate one another. The integrative treatment programs offered at rehab facilities are designed to engage the patient in the healing process. The patient will learn new ways of thinking and responding to their problems. They will learn how to constructively cope with their mental illness and avoid relapse and suicidal thoughts or behaviors. Underlying psychiatric problems must receive the adequate care necessary to rehabilitate the patient.

Psychotherapeutic medications are often prescribed to treat patients with a dual diagnosis. Some of the medications prescribed are: anti-psychotic medications, anti-anxiety drugs, anti-depressants and anti-addiction medications.

Rehab facilities offer a residential treatment program for their patients. This program provides a supervised and structured atmosphere for the patient while they are being rehabilitated. It offers a safe, stress-free environment without triggers and temptations, to give the patient the time and space necessary to heal.

Peer support group therapy is another great treatment program especially for those patients with a dual diagnosis. Both mental illness and addiction cause social withdrawal and leave the addict isolated and lonely. This form of therapy helps the patient meet new people who suffer from similar problems. Together they can discuss ideas and feelings and offer support to one another.

There are numerous other programs available at drug rehab facilities that treat addiction and mental illness, and they offer a holistic solution to heal the body, mind and spirit. The patient is able to begin living a new and better life because they have been taught, healed and equipped by an educated and compassionate staff at a drug rehab facility.

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