The Benefits of Drug Treatment during the Holiday Season

The holidays are coming and you are worried about your loved one who has an addiction problem. What would be the best place for them during the holidays when stress levels are high and some people act out in negative ways? How can you avoid confrontations between family members and keep your loved one at a safe distance from compounding problems? The best place for your loved one is in a drug rehab facility where they can get the treatment they need to recover from their addiction. It will also help you avoid undue stress during family get-togethers. If your loved one agrees to get help, then placing them in an inpatient treatment program is the best gift you can give them for the holidays.

Holiday Parties can be a Trigger

The holidays are a time of parties, family gatherings and merriment. It is also a time of over-indulging in food and drink. Being around alcohol and watching other people drink, sometimes excessively, is a strong temptation for an addict. Whether they are addicted to alcohol or drugs does not matter, the temptation to get high is what they will be feeling and thinking about. Being around holiday drinkers is not the best place for an addict to be, and it should be avoided if possible.

The Benefits of Drug Treatment during the Holiday Season

When you place your loved one in a treatment facility, they will be weaned off all addictive substances. Then they will begin psychological counseling therapy to understand addiction, and the reasons why they may have begun using in the first place. Your loved one will learn about relapse prevention and how to avoid triggers and temptation. They will also be given tools to help them cope with these problems when they are out on their own again. Until your loved one is equipped with the necessary tools he needs to fend off temptation, it is best that they not be put into those kinds of situations. Recovering from addiction and acquiring the proper tools to prevent relapse are the first steps necessary in recovery.

Another benefit of placing your loved one in a rehab treatment center during the holidays is that they will be in a safe environment. There will be no drugs, alcohol or temptations in rehab, only other addicts trying to get well. Giving a recovering addict the space and time they need to recover from addiction is a very important step in the process of recovery. According to statistics, there are more auto accidents and deaths related to drugs and alcohol during the holidays. Hospitals also report more visits due to overdosing on drugs and alcohol poisoning. By keeping your loved one in a rehab facility, you are keeping them at a safe distance from these types of situations.

A Second Chancethe-benefits-of-drug-treatment-during-the-holiday-season

Being in rehab will also give your loved one a fresh start at being sober. You may enjoy the first of many sober holidays with him or her at the facility. They will also be given the opportunity to become strong again in body, mind and spirit. Behavior modification therapy will help them achieve new goals of sobriety by releasing former negative thoughts and behavior patterns. Addicts learn how to replace them with positive, productive thoughts and behavior that will enhance their life for the better. Therapy is a process and everyone has their own timetable in the process. Some people may take longer than others to overcome certain issues that they have been struggling with.

Being in a drug treatment center affords your loved one the time they need to get well without having to cope with family expectations and other stressors that arise during the holidays. He or she will be relieved from struggling with other people’s demands, expectations and negative attitudes. When they complete treatment, they will be more equipped to handle those types of issues. Until then, rehab is the best place to be.

By getting your loved one treatment for addiction, you have given them a new chance at life. They will now have the opportunity to begin again, and they will know that they have tremendous love and support from you. What greater gift could you give than that this holiday season?

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