Suboxone Addiction TreatmentSuboxone addiction treatment can help you start a new life, healthier life, free of drugs.

Suboxone addiction treatment works a little differently from other opiate treatments. Most patients will still need to complete a detox period of up to a week, but will likely be switched to methadone, which can only be obtained in controlled doses. Because of the complexities of treating an addiction to a treatment drug like this one, a residential rehab program at a certified treatment facility is almost always necessary.

Suboxone is one of the most common brand names for buprenorphine. Altogether, prescriptions for this drug have increased from approximately 20,000 in 2002 to nearly a million at present. Suboxone has consistently been one of the top 50 most-prescribed drugs in the U.S. over the past few years. While detailed statistics on buprenorphine overdoses are not yet tracked, the FDA considers it a primary suspect in at least 420 deaths since 2003. It is responsible for about 15,000 emergency room visits each year. It has also increasingly been appearing in law enforcement seizures of illegal drug stashes.

If you or someone you care about is addicted to Suboxone or any other prescription medication, get help today by contacting a drug treatment professional who can help.

Other Treatment Drugs

The main alternative to Suboxone is methadone. Patients can only get this in a controlled dose by visiting a clinic as it is a Schedule II drug. Methadone is another opiate treatment drug that can cause dependence. Using too much of this drug can result in overdose and even death. None of these drugs should be taken with alcohol, which can enhance the effects and lead to dangerous health problems. Suboxone addiction treatment centers provide alternative treatment methods to help patients detox in a safe and comfortable manner.

Why Is Suboxone Detox Difficult?

Suxoxone detox can continue for several weeks, which often makes the individual go back to drug use to get relief from the symptoms. Appropriate detox measures and continued addiction rehab can give these patients the help they need to achieve recovery. To learn more about Suboxone addiction treatment or how to get help for other drug addictions, contact a specialist who can help.

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