Drug Abuse Treatment Florida

While nearly any substance can be the subject of abuse, some drugs are more commonly abused than others. Heroin, alcohol, cocaine and marijuana are some of the most commonly abused substances in the Unites States. Drugs like synthetic marijuana, flakka and bath salts often cause psychotic episodes, hospitalizations and even death by overdose. Making matters worse, many of these new drugs are extremely cheap to buy – as little as $5 a hit – and available from a wide variety of sources. Drug abuse treatment Florida can help you or someone you love overcome the destructive cycle of addiction.

The Mechanisms of Addiction

While the specific level of dependence varies between different types of drugs, the general pattern is that these substances bind to receptors that alleviate unpleasant symptoms. They may also stimulate the production of mood-enhancing chemicals such as seratonin and dopamine, and keep them active in the brain for an unnaturally long period of time.

This process disrupts the natural function of the brain over time, actually causing physical damage to it. When an addiction sets in, the person feels a strong and constant need for the substance they use. They will usually need to use the substance at least once or twice a day to calm their intense cravings and keep unpleasant withdrawal symptoms from setting in. At drug abuse treatment Florida centers, patients receive the quality care and support they need to get through every step of the recovery process. Drug treatment programs are designed with the patient’s needs in mind, and provide them with the tools they’ll need to maintain lasting sobriety.

Health Effects of Drug Use

Drugs are addictive because of the effects they have on the brain and the euphoria and/or anxiety relief they cause. Repeated exposure to a drug can cause a person’s brain to become accustomed to the increased chemicals in the brain. Also, a person becomes mentally addicted to the ways drugs make him or her feel.

Potential health consequences vary with each drug. However, the general pattern is that short-term use only causes mild symptoms, but long-term use can cause severe physical and mental damage. Fatal overdose is also a factor with most addictive drugs and presents a great danger to new users.

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