Sober Summer Tips

Now that Summer is well on its way, it can be difficult to find sober activities to do when you’re off from school or just looking for something fun to do on the weekends. Summer is the time for parties, vacations and weekend getaways, but for many in addiction recovery, it can be a difficult time of year. These events and environments can prove to be challenging for someone who is trying to stay sober. Whether you are recovering from drug addiction or alcoholism, finding sober activities to participate in during the Summer is vital to staying on the right path. Finding others who will support your decisions and keep you accountable will help you get through the difficult times. The following are some sober summer tips you can use to have healthy and safe fun in the sun.

Sober Summer Tips: Activities to do Sober

Stay in touch with sober friends and others in recovery 

Staying accountable is an important part of addiction recovery, and one way to do this over the summer is by staying in touch with others who live a sober lifestyle and those who are also going through recovery. This will help you stay on the right track, and allow you to interact with others who may need support just like you will. Attending regular meetings will also help you stay accountable and find the support you need. By attending meetings regularly, you’ll be better able to avoid temptation and make more responsible choices, which reinforce the relapse prevention training that you learned while in rehab.

Find a volunteer job

Volunteering is a good way to integrate yourself in your community, and meet others who may share similar interests. By signing up for a summer volunteer job, you have the ability to meet new people, and possibly learn new skills while helping others. Find a local organization such as a homeless shelter, animal shelter, elderly home, hospital, Summer camp or any other local non-profit groups in your area. To find volunteer opportunities in your area, you can go online and visit sites like Volunteer Match, which pairs you with organizations that match your interests.

Learn a new language or skill

Whether you’ve been thinking about learning a new language or putting off a DIY project, now is the time. Summertime is the perfect season to get started on that to do list you’ve been avoiding. Learning a foreign language, taking a cooking class or planting a garden can all be fun and therapeutic ways to spend your time.

Start an exercise routine

Daily exercise is not only good for stress relief, but it also helps keep you focused on your recovery. By finding an exercise program you enjoy, or even just going for a long walk or jog, you’ll be able to clear your mind and fight off any negative thoughts. Endorphins produced during exercise help to increase your energy and keep you away from temptations.

Explore your surroundings

No matter if you’ve lived in your city for a few weeks or 10 years, there is always something new and fun to do. Exploring your neighborhood and surrounding areas is a great way to find new places, meet new people, and partake in sober activities. Ask family, friends, co-workers or neighbors to go exploring with you; you can also take some time out by yourself to visit the local museum or take a trip to the beach. Visit parks, hiking trails, go for a bike ride or join the local sports team. Find family-friendly places and events where you know you will be safe and be able to avoid a relapse.

Ask for Help

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