Rehab Recovery Programs and Therapy

Addiction recovery programs at White Sands Treatment Center offers addicts help and hope. Living a substance-free life may seem daunting at first, but it is possible to manage substance addiction. Area recovery programs can help sufferers end their cycle of addiction to lead clean and sober lives. If you are suffering from an addiction to drugs or alcohol, the sooner you enter a recovery treatment program, the sooner you can safeguard your health and future happiness.

Introduction to Addiction Recovery Programs

Addiction recovery programs are geared to help people ward off relapse and reach their goal of long-term recovery. Many recovery programs are designed on steps or stages that help people reach their goals in increments. Others may focus on the underlying triggers that have compelled people to seek out alcohol or drugs. Programs can impart different strategies and resources for living a drug and alcohol-free life. Recovery programs focus on all aspects of addiction–its powerful physical, psychological, and behavioral dependencies. Once these disease aspects can be managed, sufferers can keep relapse at bay and achieve their goal of long-term sobriety.

Addiction Treatment Models

One of the most effective addiction recovery treatments is known as cognitive behavioral therapy. This type of therapy involves counseling that helps sufferers manage the behavioral aspects of their addiction. It also necessarily focuses on the powerful psychological aspects of addiction. Some treatments are offered on an outpatient basis, while others are featured within the residential setting. Depending on your needs, you’ll be able to find a recovery program that best suits you.

Structured Recovery Programs

Structured addiction treatment models like 12-step programs help addiction sufferers reach recovery in stages or increments. Participants strive to tackle their addiction one goal at a time. Programs like AA and NA provide people with the support they need to manage their addiction. Structured programs like these also typically feature a mentoring aspect that provides an additional support and resource for recovering addicts.

Alternative Addiction Recovery Programs

While evidence-based treatments have excellent reputations for helping people manage their addiction, others have found success with alternative treatment paradigms. 

Restorative yoga is a popular alternative treatment at White Sands Treatment Center that helps recovering addicts cultivate mindfulness and calm. Restorative yoga offers physical benefits, of course, but its focus on mindfulness helps addiction sufferers remain focused on their recovery and on warding off the triggers of relapse. On the other hand, you might find that family therapy is ideal for your situation. If your family is in need of counseling, this form of treatment can be extremely beneficial as it treats the entire family unit and not simply the addict. If you are interested in alternative programming, you might consider offerings like art therapy, music therapy, or Moral Reconation Therapy.

It’s important for addiction sufferers to remember that there is no one path to long-term addiction recovery. If you have tried one type of therapy and found it to be lacking, you should not give up on treatment. There are many others that can help you achieve the sobriety you crave. Whether you choose a traditional or alternative type of therapy, you can benefit from the new skills you learn, skills that will help you manage your addiction for the long term.


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