What is Inpatient Rehab Like?

Wondering what is inpatient rehab like? Let the addiction specialists at White Sands Treatment Center explain.

When someone is seeking help for drug addiction they will naturally wonder, “what is inpatient rehab like?” Inpatient drug rehab can offer the recovering addict total and effective care around the clock. The patient is placed in a safe, structured environment that is conducive to healing and overcoming addiction. The staff at the rehab center is made up of medical professionals including doctors, psychiatrists, counselors, nurses, etc. who are experienced and knowledgeable in drug addiction and recovery. There are no guessing games; they know exactly what needs to be done to assist the patient in healing and wellness.

When a drug addict is fighting for his life, he wants to be in a place where he will be kept safe and treated with compassion and dignity. To answer the question, “What is inpatient treatment rehab like,” this is where the addict will receive the counseling and therapy to overcome his addictive thoughts and behavior. Inpatient drug rehab offers the patient many benefits like giving him the time and opportunity to focus solely on his recovery. He does not have to leave the facility and deal with people and situations on the outside that he may not be ready for. He can stay committed and focused on his recovery until he is well enough to go home, or move into a residential therapeutic community with other recovering addicts. Recovery is different for each patient and some require more time to heal than others. An inpatient drug rehab affords the patient the time and resources to recover from addiction.

Some of the things you will want to know before selecting the right inpatient drug rehab center are:

  • What types of treatment programs do they offer?
  • How long is the treatment for (90 days or longer is typically the most effective recovery option)?
  • Are medications used as a substitute to the drug you are addicted to?
  • Will other addictive substances be used in your treatment?
  • Will you receive medications to help alleviate drug cravings and withdrawal symptoms?
  • Does the recovery program have a nutritional treatment program?
  • Will you learn relapse prevention techniques to prepare you for sober living?
  • Does the program make sense to you and are you comfortable about receiving it?

Now we can answer the question, “What is inpatient treatment for substance abuse?” The physical benefits of inpatient treatment for substance abuse are that the patient will receive a medically managed detox process while he is being monitored. He will gradually be weaned off of the drugs he is addicted to and medications can be administered to help alleviate any withdrawal symptoms that he may be experiencing. Each patient responds differently to the detox process depending on the severity of the addiction and what drug they were using. Some withdrawal can be more difficult than others to bear, but the medical staff will help the patient remain stable and keep him as comfortable as possible. A medically supervised detox process is the safest way an addict can be weaned off of drugs.

The professional team will address whatever problems the patient is facing. He can receive medication to ease drug cravings, stress and physical and psychological issues during his time as an inpatient. Inpatient treatment for substance abuse offers the patient physical, emotional and psychological support throughout his recovery journey at the rehab center. If he has physical or mental health issues beside the addiction, they will also be treated along with the addiction recovery program. Inpatient drug rehab is the perfect environment for the patient to relax and work toward healing and wholeness.

Research shows that the longer the patient stays in the rehab center, the better are his chances for a successful recovery. He will be learning new ways of thinking and behaving, and given the time to develop these traits, they will eventually become second-nature to him. If the patient can accomplish this before he leaves the inpatient drug rehab center, the more stable he will be mentally and emotionally to manage triggers, temptations, and toxic people and situations on the outside.

If you are wondering what is inpatient rehab like, it may be time to get help for addiction. You can have a successful recovery from drug addiction if you commit yourself to the sufficient time you will need to get well at an inpatient drug rehab. Don’t you think that you deserve that chance?





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