How to Choose a Drug Rehab Center

Curious about the most successful rehab programs in America? Learn how to choose a drug rehab center that is best for your recovery.

If you want to know how to choose a drug rehab center you first must understand addiction and the principles of effective treatment. The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) offers a research-based guide to addiction and recovery so you can select the most successful rehab programs available. Once you understand the challenges of addiction, and other problems that the addict faces, you will know how to choose a drug rehab center that offers effective treatment programs.

Principles of Treatment as outlined by The Institute are:

1. Addiction is an intricate but treatable disease that affects the addict’s brain functions and behavior. Drugs can alter the chemical and physical structure of the brain affecting brain functions. Some of these changes are long-term and some can be permanent. Long-term changes can affect the addict long after he has completed a drug rehab program, and he may relapse because of these changes. Relapse is recognized as a part of the healing process and should not be viewed as a failure. If you have relapsed, you should immediately get yourself back on the right path of sobriety. Eventually, as you progress in your healing, you will be able to avoid relapse episodes.

2. There are no cookie-cutter treatment programs that effectively address addiction. Each patient should be assessed mentally and physically, and a treatment program should be devised specifically for him to address his unique problems. The patient should be treated holistically so that every aspect of his life is brought into balance. The goal of drug addiction recovery is to get the patient off of drugs and become a productive member of society.

3. Treatment should be made readily available to the patient before they have a chance to change their mind and forgo treatment.

4. Treatment must address all the patient’s challenges, not just his addiction. If there are other mental or physical problems they should be treated along with the addiction. Other issues such as: legal, employment, financial, educational, familial and social problems should all be addressed to help the patient heal and become whole.

5. The patient must commit to a comprehensive drug addiction treatment program. Most successful rehab programs offer a ninety day treatment program, which is viewed as the minimal time limit for effective treatment. It has been established that patients need at least ninety days to successfully reduce or stop their drug use, and programs that are longer than ninety days provide the best outcomes. Addiction recovery is a long-term process that helps to keep the patient on the right path. Patients who leave the rehab center prematurely without completing at least ninety days of treatment usually do not fare as well as those who complete the program.

6. The patient will receive a series of behavioral therapies which may include individual, group and family counseling. Areas of focus are:

  • The motivation to change
  • Offering incentives for abstinence
  • Building skill sets to resist drug use
  • Replacing drug related activities with healthy and constructive ones
  • Improving problem solving skills
  • Improving interpersonal relationships


7. Medications may also play a significant part in drug addiction treatment, when combined with counseling and behavioral therapies. Different drugs are used to treat different addictions, such as naltrexone which is used to treat heroin, opioid and alcohol addiction.

8. As the patient progresses in his treatment he should be re-assessed, and the treatment program should be modified.

If you are interested in receiving drug addiction treatment, you will want to access the most successful rehab programs available. The best drug rehab centers in Florida offer comprehensive drug addiction treatment programs that follow The National Institute on Drug Abuse’s guideline. Once you find a drug rehab center that offers a ninety day or more treatment program, you should commit to completing the program so that you can successfully overcome your drug addiction.


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