Drug Detox 101: What You Should Know About Drug Detox

What You Should Know About Drug Detox

Most importantly what you should know about drug detox is that it is an essential component in one’s journey to recovery from drug abuse or addiction. A drug detox is characterized by the process of your body going through detoxification to eliminate all traces of substances from an individual’s body. During the detox process, individuals are assisted with managing their symptoms of withdrawal.

A drug detox Is typically one of the first steps in the recovery process. It allows a person to get their body completely free of all drugs and/or alcohol so that they can transition into rehab completely clean. It can be very dangerous to attempt quitting drugs “cold turkey”. A medically supervised drug detox is always the best choice for starting your recovery, it ensures your safety throughout the withdrawal process. Although drug detox is vital, it should not be the first and last step in your recovery. It is important to attend rehab after completing a drug detox.

The Benefits of Alcohol and Drug Detox Centers

What you should know about drug detox also is that it has many benefits. The benefits of attending an alcohol and drug detox center can be limitless. Some of the many benefits of an alcohol and drug detox center:

  • Medical assistance and support provided to help ease the discomfort of withdrawal.
  • 24/7 medical supervision and support
  • An opportunity to detoxify your body of any and all drugs and/or alcohol
  • A chance to get started on your path to recovery the right way
  • Lowered risk of continuing drug use
  • Prevention of a painful withdrawal, or death in relation to withdrawal symptoms
  • Access to medication for treating withdrawal symptoms
  • A drug and alcohol-free environment, also free of distractions
  • Assurance of your safety throughout the withdrawal process

These are just some of the many benefits you could reap by making the choice to get started with your drug detox experience. One of the biggest benefits of a medically supervised drug detox is the assurance of your safety. Depending on the severity of your drug and/or alcohol use, your symptoms of withdrawal can range from mild to severe. In some instances, withdrawal symptoms can even be deadly. That’s why it is highly important to make sure that a drug detox is always the first step on your path to recovery from addiction.

What Is Detox Like?

Many people who abuse substances typically don’t want to go through the withdrawal experience out of fear of the possibility of pain and discomfort. During detox, individuals are provided with the treatment, care, and support they need for the most comfortable withdrawal experience possible. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration detox process generally consists of three phases:

  • Evaluation: The process of testing and screening for the presence of substances and any co-occurring mental and physical health conditions as a means to determine the appropriate level of treatment.
  • Stabilization: The process of assisting individuals through both the medical and psychosocial processes of acute intoxication and withdrawal. During this time individuals are provided with the medication, care, and support they need from staff and loved ones to help them gain stability
  • Transition Into Treatment: The process of preparing individuals for entry into substance abuse treatment. During this time individuals will be encouraged to see their recovery process all the way through by taking their next step in their path to recovery

A drug detox can be a great experience for you, all it takes is making the choice to get started with your recovery.

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