Wondering how much does it cost to go to drug rehab? Find out the factors that determine the price of drug addiction rehab

If you or a loved one needs to enter treatment for drug addiction, your first question will likely be, “How much does it cost to go to drug rehab?” Unfortunately, the question cannot be answered with a simple number. There are a lot of different factors that affect the cost of drug treatment programs, and you will need to take them into consideration before you can arrive at any meaningful figure. We’ve assembled a list of the factors that have the most impact on the cost of drug rehab, so you can get an accurate picture of what your drug rehab will cost.

Co-pays and deductibles

Before your insurance picks up the cost of drug rehab, you will have to meet your yearly and personal deductible. Typical deductible costs may range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars.  Once your deductible amounts are met, you will generally be responsible for a certain percentage of all of the fees associated with rehab. Our insurance verification page will help you get a better idea of which costs your insurance is going to cover, and which will be your responsibility.

Detox method: Medical detox

The first step of any rehab program is detox, where you stop taking drugs. Depending on the severity of your drug addiction and the specific drug(s) you are quitting, you may decide inpatient medical detox is your best option. During medical detox, you will receive medications to ease your withdrawal symptoms and make the process as easy as possible. Inpatient medical detox costs more than detox without the use of medicine to manage symptoms, but many people believe the increased comfort level and safety is well worth the expense.

Type of drug rehab: inpatient or outpatient

Drug addiction rehab centers offer inpatient and outpatient treatment. Outpatient drug rehab, where you reside at home and attend therapy sessions during the day, is the most affordable option. If you are on a limited budget you can adjust the frequency of therapy sessions as needed. The cost of inpatient drug rehab is considerably higher than outpatient treatment, because you reside at the facility and receive intensive drug rehab treatment 24/7. The higher cost of inpatient drug rehab is generally well worth it, because inpatient drug rehab may result in fewer relapses.

Length of treatment: 30, 60, 90 day programs

Drug rehab centers typically offer 30, 60, and 90 day drug rehab programs in addition to long-term rehab programs of as longer duration to make sure they meet all patients’ needs. 30 day programs are the most affordable drug rehab programs, because they are generally covered by health insurance plans, but 90 day programs have a better success rate. Your chosen rehab center will be able to help you decide the right program length to meet your rehab and budget needs.

Alternative therapy treatments

Most rehab centers have alternative therapy treatments available if patients desire them. These treatments may include horseback riding, acupuncture, art, or other wellness classes. Alternative therapy treatments can have a beneficial effect on your recovery efforts, but are generally not covered by insurance.

Can you afford a quality drug rehab program?

If this information has you wondering if you can afford a quality drug rehab program, a better question might be can you afford to trust your future to anything else? Attempting to save money by trying to quit on your own or going to a non-accredited rehab center may make short-term financial success, but could cost you far more in the long run. Consider the cost of relapsing – the cost in pain and suffering, in addition to the financial costs of medical bills, lost wages, and potential legal problems, along with the very real possibility of overdose or death. In comparison, the cost of entering a quality drug rehab program that holds the real promise of a drug-free future is the far more affordable choice.

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