Get Familiar with Alkyl Nitrites Drug Dangers

Understanding Alkyl Nitrites Drug Dangers

Not all drugs are sold on the street; some of the more dangerous drugs out there can be bought right now at local stores in the cleaning supply aisle. Alkyl Nitrites are an example of one of these easily accessible drugs used for recreational purposes that can be harmful to the body over time. While this substance is not as widely known as some of the other abused substances out there, many people inhale alkyl nitrites or “poppers” on a regular basis to get high. Alkyl nitrites can be found in many common household items such as cleaners and air fresheners. Even though this drug has not been proven to cause drug dependency, it is important to be familiar with the alkyl nitrites drug dangers. 

What Are Poppers?

You may have heard this slang term once or twice before, but what are poppers? Poppers are known as alkyl nitrites, which are inhaled through the nose or mouth. Common forms of alkyl nitrites are isopropyl nitrite and isobutyl nitrite. Nitrous oxide and helium are similar substances to alkyl nitrites. People use poppers to experience the relaxed, euphoric feeling they bring when inhaled.

Originally, alkyl nitrites were utilized to dilate coronary arteries to treat certain cardiac medical conditions. However, now this substance is being used to create feelings of relaxation and happiness. Alkyl Nitrites produce a head-rush high and have been known to enhance sexual experiences. Back in the 1970s, this drug was popular in clubs because of these reasons. Although this is a short-lived drug, the effects it has on the body are very dangerous.

Effects of Alkyl Nitrites

Negative physical symptoms can be the result of constant use of alkyl nitrates. Because these substances dilate arteries, users are at risk for severe cardiac issues with long-term use. The muscle surrounding blood vessels is affected when this substance is inhaled, so increased heart rate can be one of the more serious alkyl nitrites side effects. Loss of consciousness, reduced oxygen supply, decrease in blood pressure, chemical burns from skin contact, nausea, headache, and loss of vision are possible when taking alkyl nitrites.

Additional alkyl nitrites drug dangers include injury and accidental death. This chemical compound is highly flammable as well. Alkyl nitrites are not known to be psychologically or physically addictive. However, many find the desire to experiment with this substance to feel the short-term high associated with it.

Tolerance to this substance can be built up after constant abuse. Overtime, the dangers of alkyl nitrites side effects can cause stroke or fainting, since this substance is known to lower blood pressure. Additionally, long-term abuse may result in cardiac arrhythmia and neurological issues.

Abusing this substance is highly dangerous, even though no major addiction tendencies have been linked to this substance. However, overdose is always a risk when it comes to substance abuse, which can result in major health issues.

When to Get Help

Although the likelihood of dependency has not been proven with alkyl nitrites, any substance can be potentially harmful when used overtime. You should consider seeking professional help if you realize that you are willing to harm your body in order to experience feelings of euphoria or to get high. If you or someone you know abuses alkyl nitrites, please seek professional help. The medical professionals and addiction specialists at White Sands Treatment Centers are willing to help at all times. Get more information about alkyl nitrites drug dangers today by calling (877) 855-3470.

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