Opiate Detox Fort Myers

Opiate Detox Fort Myers: 3 Things You Should Know

There are many misconceptions about how effective treatments for opiate detox Fort Myers can be. It’s also common for many people to underestimate how effective the Fort Myers drug detox programs can be in helping a recovering addict maintain sobriety over the long term.

3 Things You Should Know about Opiate Detox Fort Myers

If you’re serious about regaining control of your life and breaking free from a cycle of opiate drug abuse, here are some things you should know about how opiate detox Fort Myers can help.

Easier to Manage Detox

Many people caught in the grip of opiate addiction already understand how painful and uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms are, especially if they’ve tried stopping use by going ‘cold turkey’ before. The horrible symptoms are often so bad that many users will continue a cycle of drug use in an effort to avoid them returning.

However, the process for opiate detox Fort Myers uses specialized treatment medications that can reduce the severity of any symptoms associated with withdrawal.  Drug rehab Fort Myers uses maintenance medication under medical supervision.

The recovering person may be given methadone or buprenorphine to replace the opiate drug of abuse. Over a period of time the dosage of medication is tapered down until the person is eventually free from both drugs.

Throughout the medically-assisted detox treatment process, the recovering person is spared from the worst of any symptoms associated with withdrawal.

Improved Recovery Rate

Entering into any of the Fort Myers drug detox programs is the first step on the journey to recovery. When a person admits the need for help to break free from the cycle of addiction, it’s often easier to make the psychological adjustments needed to learn how to live a sober lifestyle after leaving rehab.

Most people associate recovery from addiction with completing the detox process. However, detox is only the first stage of a comprehensive treatment program. In order to improve outcomes, a combination of behavioral therapy and individual counseling sessions are used to address the underlying psychological triggers behind self-destructive behaviors.

Therapies used in drug rehab Fort Myers help each recovering person identify their unique addiction triggers and high-risk situations. Recovering people are also taught to develop strong relapse prevention strategies that make it easier to cope with life’s stresses without the need for drugs.

Tailored Combination of Treatments

Just as the reasons behind each person’s substance abuse are unique to each person, the treatments needed to improve the chances of a successful outcome also need to be tailored to suit each individual’s needs.

Fort Myers drug detox programs use research-based treatments that teach recovering people healthy, productive ways to live a sober life without the need for drugs over the long term. Research indicates that stress is a primary trigger for many people caught in a cycle of addiction.

Once a person completes the process for opiate detox Fort Myers, various therapies help teach different ways for managing and relieving symptoms of stress using natural methods. Many holistic therapies also provide relief and respite from symptoms of anxiety and depression that are also commonly associated with opiate withdrawal.

After a recovering opiate addict leaves Fort Myers drug detox programs, treatment doesn’t simply stop. Rather, a good drug rehabilitation program offers access to a range of aftercare services that provide ongoing therapy, guidance and support. The range of aftercare services and programs available are a key element for learning to live a healthy, productive lifestyle, free from opiate drugs over the long term.






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