How to Identify Meth Users: 3 Signs

The Obvious Signs of Meth Users

Methamphetamine, or “meth,” is a crystalline drug, multi-chemical drug that comes in forms of pill, powder, or rock. Meth can be injected, snorted, or smoked through a pipe. Typical street names for this drug include: ice, chalk, Chrissy, crystal, and many more. This drug is particularly dangerous because it has a tendency to cause users to become addicted after the very first try. Meth produces feelings of hyperactivity and energy that hit users like an incredible rush. This drug is used highly in the club scene. Meth users exhibit specific and usual behaviors that can make it fairly easy for family or friends to recognize. Here are 3 signs on how to identify a meth user:

  1. Dramatic changes in physical appearance

Due to the highly addictive nature of this drug, it’s not uncommon for meth users to go on meth binges for days without stopping to eat, drink, or take care of themselves. Because of this, rapid weight loss is associated with meth. Another telltale sign of meth use is the rotting/corroded teeth and gums, also known as “meth mouth.”

Constant fidgeting, twitches, and hallucinations can lead to itching and scratching, resulting in multiple lesions and scabs all over the body. Additionally, the skin tone of meth users tends to be on the gray side.

More physical signs of meth use can be noticed in the eyes. Meth causes increased alertness, so the eyes dart back and forth and have trouble focusing on one particular subject. This rush also causes jaw-clenching and jerky movements.

Keep in mind that these are only the obvious physical signs of meth users.

  1. Drastic Mood Changes

These drastic mood changes brought on by meth use are blatantly obvious, usually. The high associated with meth can bring on euphoria instantly, followed by feelings of anxiety and paranoia. Aggression for no apparent reason may occur as well. Hallucinations and confusion often prompt these mood changes. The drastic mood changes that meth users experience can result in violent and unpredictable behavior.

  1. Unpredictable and Unreasonable Behavior

If you know someone who is withdrawing from society, finding reasons for seclusion, followed by any of these drastic mood changes, there may be a need to intervene and suggest meth addiction treatment.

Although the high that comes from meth is strong, it’s often short-lived. This causes abusers to be in constant need of the drug. Like any addiction, the habit tends to consume every aspect of the user’s life, leaving them in constant search of finding the next fix. Most times, the desire for the drug comes with ruthless and risky behavior.

It’s not uncommon for meth users to rob people or stores to get money to support their habit. Most meth users are willing to do whatever it takes to get their hands on the drug. Violent outbursts and ruthless behavior are often exhibited as well.

Meth addiction treatment is necessary for anyone using this drug, and trying to come off this drug is not recommended. Seeking help at a professional meth rehab centers as soon as possible can increase your chances of having a successful recovery.

Because meth withdrawal can be crippling, entering an inpatient meth addiction treatment will allow constant supervision during the process and make the experience more comfortable for the addict. Severe physical and psychological symptoms can be monitored by medical professionals. Most meth rehab centers offer programs for weeks, and sometimes months, until the patient feels comfortable enough to advance to the outpatient program.

Following through with outpatient therapy is vital to the recovery process. Individual and group therapy sessions can improve the addict’s chances for a long-term recovery.


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