How Long Does Narcotics Rehabilitation Take?

Thinking about quitting, but worry treatment will be time-consuming? Learn about the general timeline of narcotics rehabilitation and what works best for you

Many people have a primary concern when they think about joining a rehab facility: how long does narcotics rehabilitation take? There is a standard answer to this question. Rehabilitation programs usually last between 28 to 90 days. However, a more complete answer to this question can be more complex than that. The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) has reported that longer treatment times are associated with better results. At the same time shorter, 28 day programs have helped some people to remain sober permanently.

The full answer to the question of how long narcotics rehabilitation rehab last depends on your personal answer to two important questions. What does successful completion mean to you? And, how much time are you willing to spend in a narcotics rehab center to get there?

When you’re ready to start and you ask yourself another question – what opiate treatment centers near me should I choose? Consider your answers to the questions above. Does success mean leaving narcotics rehabilitation sober? Does it mean getting through the withdrawal and detox with help? Does it mean not feeling cravings anymore? Does it mean permanent lifestyle changes? Does it mean having changed your beliefs about the use of narcotics?

If the answers to these questions are all yes, then its not difficult to imagine that some will take longer than others to accomplish. So what do you want? And how much time in a narcotics rehabilitation center are you willing to invest to make that happen?

It is also important to keep in mind that some of the goals you may have for the narcotics rehab center experience, may be addressed after the the residential treatment is over. Part of what people learn when they google the phrase “opiate treatment centers near me”, is that part of the treatment involves preparation for after narcotics rehab at the actual facility.

Do you want a deeper understanding of how you ended up addicted to opiates? The answers to this deep and complicated question can be learned if post narcotics rehabilitation psychotherapy. Continued care may not be what you had in mind when looking for an answer to the question of how long it drug rehab takes but it is an important consideration if you hope not to have to return to narcotics rehabilitation.

When you ask Google the question of “where are the opiate treatment centers near me?” remember that some goals will be reached during your stay, and others may be worked on as a part of your continuing care.

Some people need the extended support of a longer term residential treatment center to be able to work on their goals more independently after their discharge.

Being honest with yourself about what you need and how ready you really feel can help you – and the professional staff  that’s there – to help you make the determination regarding how much time in narcotics rehabilitation you need.

Another important question to ask yourself is based on accepting the fact that what you are about to embark on is extremely difficult, and that there are significant chances that you will fail.

Knowing this, ask yourself what’s my level of flexibility when it comes to failure? Can I accept the idea that the first time I try to sober up it might not be enough and that I’ll have to try all over again not knowing if I will be successful or not.

This kind of open-minded approach that makes the results more important than how long it will take to achieve them, is beneficial in narcotics rehabilitation. So remember that the answer for how long it will take may simply be, it will take as long as it takes.







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