Hilliard Substance Abuse Clinics

Hilliard substance abuse clinics through WhiteSands Treatment can help you end your substance abuse or addiction

Substance abuse and addiction can take a serious toll on your mind, body, and spirit. They cause problems with your relationships, finances, and health, and they can cause legal problems as well. Most importantly, chronic substance abuse and addiction destroy your quality of life and sense of wellbeing. Hilliard substance abuse clinics can help you overcome your addiction and restore your life.

Substance Abuse and Addiction Are Not the Same Things

Substance abuse is the act of using drugs or alcohol in a way that causes problems in your life. It can lead you to take risks you wouldn’t otherwise take, such as driving under the influence or having unprotected sex. It can also lead to addiction.

Addiction is the inability to stop using drugs or alcohol even though your use is causing problems in your life. Despite relationship troubles, financial or legal problems, and negative health effects, you’ll keep using drugs or alcohol anyway if you’re addicted.

Addiction is not a moral failing. It’s a brain disease that changes your brain’s physical structures and chemical functions. It affects thought and behavior, and it’s progressive, meaning it only gets worse if it’s not adequately treated. Hilliard substance abuse clinics can help you end an addiction or curb your substance abuse before it transitions to addiction.

Substance Abuse Help Can Restore Your Life

Substance abuse help through WhiteSands Treatment helps Hilliard residents overcome substance abuse or addiction for the long-term. A holistic approach to treatment addresses issues of body, mind, and spirit for whole-person healing. This is essential for long-term recovery.

A holistic approach involves both traditional and complementary therapies that help you delve into the issues that underlie your substance abuse or addiction. Hilliard substance abuse clinics like WhiteSands in Tampa help you do more than simply stop drinking or taking drugs. High-quality substance abuse help works to restore your life on all fronts.

Through both traditional and alternative therapies, you will:

  • Learn to identify harmful thought and behavior patterns and replace them with healthier ways of thinking and behaving.
  • Address the underlying issues that led to the substance abuse, which may include chronic stress, mental illness, or a history of trauma.
  • Draw on your inherent strengths and values to find purpose and meaning in a life without drugs or alcohol.
  • Develop a toolkit of proven skills and strategies to help you cope with stress, cravings, and other triggers.

Treatment Therapies Used in Hilliard Substance Abuse Clinics

Hilliard substance abuse treatment through WhiteSands Treatment Center uses both traditional and complementary therapies to help you overcome substance abuse or addiction.

Traditional therapies used in treatment include:

Cognitive-behavioral therapy, which helps you address a range of issues and learn new, healthier ways of thinking about yourself, the addiction, and the world.

Family therapy, which helps resolve relationship issues, improve communication skills, and restore function to the household.

Psychoeducational classes, which help you understand substance abuse and addiction and how they’re treated successfully.

Complementary therapies used in Hilliard substance abuse treatment through WhiteSands include:

Yoga, which reduces stress and improves physical and mental balance and flexibility.

Meditation, which improves self-awareness and helps you respond better to stress.

Exercise therapy, which helps you restore your health, improve your mood, and reduce stress.

Help is a Phone Call Away

WhiteSands Treatment offers high-quality treatment programs offering clean, welcoming facilities and research-based therapies that can help you end your addiction for good. If you’re suffering from substance abuse or addiction in Hilliard, we can help you repair the damage done to your life, restore your relationships and sense of well-being, and help you get on the road to long-term recovery.

If you or a loved one needs help with abuse and/or treatment, please call the WhiteSands Treatment at (877) 855-3470. Our addiction specialists can assess your recovery needs and help you get the addiction treatment that provides the best chance for your long-term recovery.

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