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It can be hard to know how to find good, effective rehab treatment. As with any consumer search, it isn’t enough to rely on glossy advertisements or published testimonials. Cost isn’t a reliable indicator, either. It isn’t uncommon for high-priced Tampa rehab centers to offer spa-like services, but little by way of valid addiction treatment. In a search for rehab services, knowledge and understanding are the best ways to find quality. The ideas here can help in a search for reliable Tampa addiction treatment centers. WhiteSands Treatment offers some of the best rehab treatment in Florida.

How do you know when Tampa rehab centers offer the best treatment?

Addiction treatment is a complex mental health challenge. There are many components that go into making a treatment program a success. Each one of these parts need to be set up correctly. It’s important to closely look at each of these building blocks.

The format that the program adopts

At some Tampa addiction treatment centers, every rehab program offered is only for outpatients and lasts 30 days.

Studies have suggested that longer programs are far more likely to be successful with most addicts – 90 days or more are essential. The outpatient format can be a problem, as well.

Addiction rehab requires close, meticulous care in most cases, a level of care only available in the long-term inpatient care model. Certainly, when it comes to residential drug treatment Tampa can be expensive. Professional care around the clock and an assurance of prompt access to treatment in the event of unexpected episodes of pain or discomfort are important, however. Such care can often mean the difference between a treatment course accepted to completion, and one abandoned partway by the patient.

The certifications held

A number of well-recognized certifying bodies serve the rehab industry, CARF being the most prominent among them. While certification isn’t an assurance of quality in every area of treatment, it does go a long way.

It helps to ask about the certifications held by individual addiction specialists and therapists on a program, as well. Addiction professionals with qualifications in the treatment of specific addictions are likely to be more effective in the treatment that they offer.

Intervention services

Interventions are often seen as family affairs and those close to the addict reason with them and attempt to get them to go to rehab. In many cases, however, merely bringing the family around to talk to the addict rarely brings the results desired. Usually, people who are unfamiliar with addiction science only manage to inadvertently hurt or offend the addicted person. It’s a better idea to call in a professional interventionist to conduct, train and manage family members as they go about an intervention. Such interventions have a far better success rate than self-managed efforts. All good rehabs offer professional intervention services.

Dual diagnosis treatment

Addiction is frequently complicated by the appearance of additional mental disorders. Such an addiction is known as a dual diagnosis condition and is common. In the most serious cases, neither regular rehabs nor psychiatrists are able to treat such conditions. It takes the expertise of a dual diagnosis rehab center. The presence of dual diagnosis expertise is a sign of the quality of a rehab program.

Program personalization

Personalization should be a part of every treatment plan from start to finish. Not only should rehabs assess each patient individually prior to treatment, they should offer individual treatment plans put together from the ground up, as well. It takes a truly professional attitude to addiction treatment in a rehab to offer patients care on an individual level.

These are important ideas to keep in mind when an attempt is made to judge a rehab for quality.

If you or a loved one needs help with abuse and/or treatment, please call the WhiteSands Treatment at (877) 855-3470. Our addiction specialists can assess your recovery needs and help you get the addiction treatment that provides the best chance for your long-term recovery.

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