Amelia City Heroin Rehab Center

WhiteSands Treatment can help those looking for an Amelia City heroin rehab center

Searching for an Amelia City heroin rehab center could be the first step on the path to recovery from opiate addiction. WhiteSands Treatment provides medically assisted detox treatments that make the withdrawal process easier to manage. A comprehensive rehab treatment program doesn’t just help make the detox process more manageable. It also works to address the underlying psychological reasons behind self-destructive behaviors associated with addictive substance use.

What Happens in Heroin Addiction Treatment Centers?

When you enter into an Amelia City heroin detox program, it’s likely that addiction specialists may prescribe replacement medications, such as methadone or buprenorphine. The objective of treatment medications is to replace the heroin you were taking and slowly taper down the dosage you take until you’re free from both drugs.

While you’re on the medically assisted detox program, you’re likely to avoid the worst of any heroin withdrawal symptoms that would otherwise emerge if you had tried to quit cold turkey. The result is an increased likelihood of getting through the detox process safely and without relapsing back into self-destructive patterns of use.

Detox is just the first step in a comprehensive treatment program. In order to successfully break free from the grip of heroin addiction, specialized behavioral therapy and individual counseling sessions work to identify your unique addiction triggers.

The underlying psychological triggers behind addictive behaviors are different for everyone, so the treatments needed to address each person also need to be tailored to suit.

Heroin addiction treatment centers introduce a combination of different treatments, alternative therapies and group support meetings designed to help each recovering person begin developing a strong relapse prevention program. The relapse prevention tools and tactics each person uses will vary, depending on their own high-risk situations and psychological triggers.

Relapse Prevention

Getting through the detox process is a great start, but it doesn’t mean you’re free from addiction. Individual counseling sessions help each recovering person discover their own unique addiction triggers and high-risk situations associated with drug use.

From there, each person is encouraged to develop a strong relapse prevention strategy that works for their own personal needs. The reasons behind addictive behaviors are different for everyone, so the relapse prevention strategies needed to stay clean and sober also should be individual.

The key to recovering from heroin addiction and staying clean is learning healthy new ways of living a sober lifestyle without the need for drugs. Research shows (1) that uncontrolled stress levels are a major risk factor for dysfunctional substance abuse behaviors.

Heroin addiction treatment centers introduce recovering people to a range of alternative and holistic therapies designed to provide natural ways to relieve symptoms of stress. Commonly used therapies might include art therapy, equine or animal therapy, exercise therapy, yoga and meditation, and acupuncture.

Regular attendance at group support meetings can also be helpful for reducing feelings of isolation during the recovery process.

Aftercare Services

Treatment for addiction doesn’t end when you leave the Amelia City heroin rehab center. WhiteSands Treatment provides access to a range of aftercare programs and services designed to provide ongoing support and treatment to recovering people.

Some typical aftercare services might include sober living communities or halfway houses, access to therapy and counseling, and details of nearby group support programs. The objective of aftercare programs is to provide recovering people with all the resources and tools needed to remain clean and sober over the long term.

If you’re struggling to break free from the grip of opiate addiction, seeking help from an Amelia City heroin rehab center could be the first step to recovery. WhiteSands Treatment,provides specialized heroin addiction treatment centers designed to teach you to live a healthy, productive lifestyle without the need for drugs. The right addiction treatment program can dramatically improve your chances of becoming sober over the long term.

If you or a loved one needs help with abuse and/or treatment, please call the WhiteSands Treatment at (877) 855-3470. Our addiction specialists can assess your recovery needs and help you get the addiction treatment that provides the best chance for your long-term recovery.

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