Fort Myers Alcohol Detox Facilities

Can’t Stop Drinking Alone? Fort Myers Alcohol Detox Facilities at White Sands Can Help

Alcohol addiction can take its toll on your body and your life in a matter of months. Still, many people fight addiction for years before they reach out for help, hurting themselves and the people they love in the process. You don’t have to remain an alcoholic and there are ways that you can quit. Contact White Sands Treatment Center to learn more about Fort Myers alcohol detox facilities and Fort Myers drug detox programs. Call now at (877) 855-3470.

Fort Myers Alcohol Detox Facilities

Alcohol is everywhere you look in the US, and for many people, it’s something they consume regularly with friends, family members and co-workers. When one drink turns into two and then the party just doesn’t stop, many people quickly find themselves addicted with nowhere to turn.

Going through a reputable detox center in Fort Myers is often an addict’s best bet for getting out from under the weight of an addiction that can consume you whole. No matter how long you’ve been drinking or how much you drink each day, help is out there for you. Use this guide to learn more about Fort Myers alcohol detox facilities and how you can start the process of getting sober and healing today.

Signs that You Need Alcohol Detox

Alcohol addiction often takes hold of a person slowly. For that reason, many people don’t realize right away when their habits have gone beyond social drinking and entered the territory of alcoholism. Once you develop an addiction, even if you don’t realize it at first, detox is often needed to help end the cycle of abuse.

Common signs that you need alcohol detox include:

  • Feeling sick or experiencing flu-like symptoms approximately 12 hours after your last drink. This is a sign of physical dependence.
  • Experiencing a lack of interest in activities that do not involve alcohol or being afraid to attend gatherings or events where alcohol is not the main focus. This is a sign of emotional dependence.
  • You are unable to control how much alcohol you consume at one time. Many addicts can’t control their consumption once they start drinking.
  • Drinking alone on a regular basis and getting drunk when you do.
  • Hiding your drinking from the people you care about.
  • Blacking out or not remembering what you did when you were drinking.
  • You have tried to stop drinking on your own but you are unable to maintain sobriety for any length of time.

What is Detox Treatment Like?

If you’re looking for detox centers Fort Myers, White Sands has a detox that is professional and safe. The concept behind detox is that an alcoholic enters a facility where they will get an evaluation from medical and addiction care staff. This helps professionals develop a personalized program to tackle your specific addiction issues.

During detox, medication is commonly used to help control cravings and limit the danger of side effects. Medication and therapy are commonly used together to make the process of quitting easier and less painful, both mentally and physically, for the addict. Most detox programs last approximately one week.


After detox, most people enter inpatient rehab to continue getting healthy. During rehab, you’ll learn coping skills and continue therapy to understand more about your addiction. Once rehab is complete, most people return to their regular lives. Outpatient care or aftercare programs are commonly recommended as a way to make maintaining sobriety easier and provide a valuable support system in the future.

If you or a loved one needs help with abuse and/or treatment, please call the WhiteSands Treatment at (877) 855-3470. Our addiction specialists can assess your recovery needs and help you get the addiction treatment that provides the best chance for your long-term recovery.

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