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Find a partial hospitalization program Tampa has to offer

Any partial hospitalization program Tampa has to offer can provide the medical supervision and monitoring needed to safely complete the drug detox process. Entering into any of the programs for drug rehab in Tampa has available could be the first step on the road to recovery from drug or alcohol addiction. While most people are aware of what programs for drug rehab Tampa residents can take advantage of, they aren’t usually aware what partial hospitalization can offer.

Partial Hospitalization vs Inpatient Rehab

People recovering from a severe addiction may need to reside in an inpatient Tampa has available to receive the full-time care they need initially. The person stays in the residential rehab center for the duration of treatment.

However, once the patient has shown sufficient improvement it may be possible to step down into a partial hospitalization program in Tampa. Partial hospitalization treatment still requires the recovering person to attend addiction treatment sessions at least five days per week, with scheduled counseling and therapy sessions often booked throughout a full eight hours each day.

Even though the person is allowed to leave the rehab center after each day’s treatment, there is still a significant time commitment involved. Each day is highly structured to ensure the recovering person still has the focus and treatment needed to continue to stay motivated through the recovery process.

When the day’s treatments and sessions are complete, the person is allowed to leave the facility. Some people may choose to return home each day. However, others may not be yet ready to return to independent living or may not have a clean, safe home environment to return to and may do better with recovery by choosing to reside in a sober living community temporarily until they are more confident with their recovery progress.

Partial Hospitalization vs Outpatient Rehab

Any partial hospitalization program Tampa has to offer will not usually be as intensive as a residential inpatient rehab program. However, it is still more structured and requires a larger time commitment as compared to outpatient drug rehab Tampa.

The types of drug detox center Tampa has available can provide people recovering from drug or alcohol addiction the appropriate treatments, resources and tools needed to make a successful recovery. Aside from getting through the detox process safely, a recovering person also learns healthy new ways for coping with stress, emotional issues, or other triggers without the need for drugs or alcohol.

What Happens in a Drug Detox Center?

The actual treatments available in a partial hospitalization program Tampa residents have access to may vary, depending on a range of factors. Addiction specialists may administer prescription medications to continue ensuring the person’s recovery is comfortable.

Some people may require antidepressants or anti-anxiety medications to help alleviate any adverse psychological symptoms that may be experiencing. Others may still be receiving methadone or Suboxone treatments.

The programs offered in a drug detox center Tampa will be customized to suit each recovering person’s needs. Behavioral therapy and individual counseling sessions work to identify and recognize each person’s unique addiction triggers.

A major component of the recovery process is developing a strong relapse prevention strategy. Each person’s relapse prevention plan is unique to them and needs to factor in how to cope when confronted with high-risk situations, triggers, and other temptations.

Throughout each day’s treatments in a partial hospitalization program, the person has the structure, support and treatments they need to focus on recovery. When treatments end for the day, the person is given the freedom to put into practice newly learned sobriety skills when interacting with friends or family or in social situations.

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