Florida Addiction Treatment Options

Not all Florida addiction treatment options offer the same types of treatment.

In order to find the best drug rehabs in Florida, take the time to research the treatment options available. There are numerous facilities and programs providing drug and alcohol rehab in Florida. Some Florida addiction treatment options may be ideal for those concerned about the financial cost of treatment, while others provide intensively structured programs in a residential inpatient setting.

How to Find the Best Drug Rehabs in Florida

Before making a decision about entering into a drug or alcohol rehab in Florida, take the time to research some of the options available. The best drug rehabs in Florida should provide a broad range of treatment options that can be tailored to suit each person’s different needs.

The majority of Florida addiction treatment options offer medically-assisted detox programs. Withdrawing from addictive drugs with the advantage of medical supervision reduces the risk of experiencing any potentially dangerous or life-threatening withdrawal symptoms and improves safety for the recovering person.

However, detox is only the first step in the addiction recovery process. Detox-only rids the body of the effects of drugs or alcohol. It does nothing to address the self-destructive behaviors or attitudes behind addictive substance use.

In order to get clean and stay sober over the long term, Florida addiction treatment options integrate a range of specialized therapies that begin addressing the psychological triggers behind addictive behaviors. Individual counseling and behavioral therapy sessions work to help recovering people identify their own unique addiction triggers and high-risk situations for substance use.

Drug and alcohol rehab in Florida also takes into account whether the recovering person also has any co-occurring symptoms of a mental health disorder that may also need to be treated simultaneously. Without treating the symptoms of the mental health disorder, a person recovering from drug or alcohol addiction faces a greater risk of relapsing back into a self-destructive pattern of substance abuse after leaving rehab.

A person struggling with co-occurring disorders requires integrated treatment that takes both conditions into account equally. Addiction specialists incorporate the appropriate psychopharmacology to ensure the symptoms of the mental health disorder are properly managed, which can make it easier to remain clean and sober after graduating from rehab.

Aside from traditional rehab therapies and counseling programs, many programs for drug and alcohol rehab in Florida incorporate a selection of alternative or holistic therapies. Alternative therapies are designed to offer healthy, natural ways to control and manage cravings, relieve symptoms of stress, and reduce anxiety and depression.

What Happens after Leaving Rehab?

Graduating from a comprehensive rehab treatment program is a big achievement, but it’s only the beginning of the journey to recovery. While in rehab, the person is away from people or places associated with substance use. Yet when the person leaves rehab they often return to the same environment that was already strongly associated with drug or alcohol use.

Aside from determining the right Florida addiction treatment options, it’s also advised to check that the recovering person receives ongoing support and treatment even after leaving the rehab center.  The best drug rehabs in Florida provide a variety of aftercare services that provide ongoing support, therapy, treatment and guidance that increase the person’s motivation to stay clean and sober.

If you’re unsure where to begin your search for the best drug rehabs in Florida, call WhiteSands Treatment and ask about the range of addiction treatment options we offer.

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