Dealing with Anxiety in Addiction Recovery

Tips on Dealing with Anxiety in Addiction Recovery

Before you attempt to withdraw from an addiction, you need to first prepare. You need a plan to deal with the withdrawal symptoms. Not only is it possible to experience pain, cravings, and insomnia, with many drugs, a perpetual state of high anxiety in addiction recovery, is a symptom that you need to confront.

It’s important to seek help for anxiety in addiction recovery since it affects so many men and women in America.

Many people who attempt addiction recovery neglect to go with the simplest and most effective plan available to them: finding a quality detox center for help. They would rather attempt to face the challenges of recovery by themselves. Quite simply, finding professional medical help at a detox center is the best way to avoid the difficult symptoms of recovery.

Not only can the professionals at a rehab or detox center help you with benzodiazepines or other medications to help relieve anxiety, they can help with a number of common-sense approaches, as well. These ideas can help you, whether you plan to accept medical detox or not.

First, do not follow dangerous advice obtained on the forums

It isn’t uncommon for those attempting detox to try various online forums frequented by self-styled drug use experts. You often hear some very bad advice when it comes to dealing with jitters, panic attacks or simple anxiety. Turning to the drug Klonopin is one piece of advice often circulated. Cheating on your detox and using over the weekends is another piece of advice often heard.

It’s important to ignore such obviously bad ideas. While drugs such as Klonopin can be useful, they should be taken under medical supervision. You should understand that you do suffer from addictive tendencies. To turn to such medications without supervision is to ask for trouble.

Try distraction

Engaging in activities that absorb you can be an excellent way to deal with anxiety that appears through the detox process and threatens to all but consume you. Whether it is an active sport, practicing an art, trying an activity like gardening or anything else, if it is able to keep your mind busy, you’ll find that it is an effective shield against anxiety.

Try home remedies or alternative medicine

Many detox centers offer alternative treatment approaches that can help. Tea brewed with herbs such as chamomile hops, or honey balm, tends to be effective. Aromatherapy with lavender is another popular option.

Acupuncture is an often-used alternative medicine approach. If you are one of the lucky ones who does respond to acupuncture, and if your detox center offers treatment by qualified therapists, you should try it.

Yoga and meditation are options at many detox centers, as well. If you have never tried these Eastern practices, addiction recovery can be a very good place to dip a toe in these waters. You can try them even if you don’t believe that you are the meditating kind. You don’t need to be able to go to a deep, meditative state to reap the benefits. Merely trying can help.

Find someone to talk to

Certainly, it can be hard to find friends to talk to when you are attempting to detoxify. You’re likely to be a mess, and in no state of mind to entertain friends. Supportive friends and family, however, can greatly help with any addiction recovery attempt. Simply having someone who’s there for you and will talk to you, can work wonders.

If you don’t have supportive friends or family on hand, then, checking into a great drug detox center can be a wonderful idea as well. With regular therapeutic sessions scheduled, you get a great deal of opportunity to simply talk about what bothers you.

It’s important to work out a plan

Whether you’re working on anxiety in early recovery or dealing with stress in sobriety, it’s important to have a plan. Anxiety tends to be a significant contributor to tendencies towards substance abuse. Find a professional, and talk to them about the challenges that you face. You are sure to find the help that makes sense for you. Call WhiteSands Treatment today at (877) 855-3470 to learn more about anxiety addiction in recovery and how to treat one’s anxiety without substance abuse.

If you or a loved one needs help with abuse and/or treatment, please call the WhiteSands Treatment at (877) 855-3470. Our addiction specialists can assess your recovery needs and help you get the addiction treatment that provides the best chance for your long-term recovery.

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