Executive Alcohol Treatment Program

Alcoholism and drug addiction can affect any person regardless of their gender, race, age or class. According to information released by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSHA), around 8.7 percent of full-time workers had been involved in heavy drinking in the last month, based on the 2008 to 2012 data. Executives are among the people that abuse alcohol and can become addiction through long-term use. Through an executive alcohol treatment program, they are able to find professional help that can be adjusted to fit their needs.

In this article, we will look at what treatment options are available to executives.

Unique Needs of an Executive

As an executive, the workloads can be enormous with constant on-going projects that need your attention. The stress-filled world of an executive can make a person turn to alcohol as a source of relief. It may seem difficult to get help at the best executive rehab centers because of your schedule, but many rehabs can provide residents with facilities to accomplish some of the work from the rehab facility. Other programs can accommodate alcoholics that can’t afford to take any time off work for their treatment.

Privacy may also be a concern for the individual as their reputation may be damaged by the discovery that they are an alcoholic. The programs at a luxury rehab for executives are private so that a person is able to get professional help without the fear or embarrassment at work.

Residential Programs

One of the executive alcohol treatment program options is residential treatment. It is by far the best type of program in the treatment of alcohol and drug abuse. Since the risk of relapse is so high, especially during the early stages of treatment, staying at the facility can help a person avoid relapse by being taken away from environments that aren’t conducive to recovery.

The best executive rehab centers such as White Sands Treatment Centers can provide patients with the means to perform some work obligations from the facility, such as emailing. The intensive therapy that executives can get at a residential program can require the person to take time off work and not everyone is able to do that. However, residential programs are advised for patients with severe dependencies to alcohol due to the level of intensity the program provides.

Outpatient Programs

Another executive alcohol treatment program option is the outpatient approach. In an outpatient executive alcohol treatment program, the patient still stays at their home and only comes in for treatment at the rehab facility at set times. There isn’t 24/7 care which means that the individual can relapse.

For an executive that cannot take any time off work, an outpatient program is ideal because it allows a level of autonomy so that work obligations can still be met. It is also a preferred treatment approach for those that are coming out of a residential program, allowing the patient to transition into a normal way of life again while still being professionally assisted in their recovery from addiction.

At a luxury rehab for executives, such as White Sands Treatment Centers, everything you or someone you care about needs to recover from an addiction is provided. Stop making excuses for not getting the help you need, call the White Sands Treatment Centers today on (877) 855-6470 to begin your journey to a new, healthier you.




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