Local Alcohol Rehab Centers in Fort Myers

Local alcohol rehab centers can help you end an addiction for the long-term.

Addiction affects many aspects of your life, causing problems with your relationships, finances, physical and mental health, and legal status. Alcohol addiction is characterized by compulsive alcohol abuse despite these negative consequences, driven largely by intense cravings. The National Institute on Drug Abuse stresses that once an addiction sets in, professional help is almost always needed to recover for the long-term. Local alcohol rehab centers in Fort Myers can help, but not all alcohol abuse treatment programs are created equal. Choosing a high quality, holistic program is essential for the best possible outcomes.

What Are Holistic Alcohol Abuse Treatment Programs?

Addiction almost always has a number of underlying causes, such as chronic stress, a co-occurring mental illness, or a history of trauma. It also commonly causes serious problems in your life. Addressing both the underlying causes and the effects of the addiction are essential for successful recovery.

But not every addiction treatment therapy works for every individual. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration points out that there are countless pathways to recovery, and offering a variety of treatment therapies that address issues of body, mind, and spirit is essential for whole-person healing.

High quality, holistic local alcohol rehab centers will offer a number of both traditional and complementary research-based treatment therapies to help you address the complex issues and effects of the addiction.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is the most widely used traditional treatment therapy for addiction. It helps you identify harmful thought and behavior patterns and re-learn healthy ways of thinking and behaving. Motivational interviewing is another commonly used treatment therapy that helps you find your own intrinsic motivation for wanting to recover from your addiction.

Complementary therapies used in alcohol abuse treatment programs help you look at old problems in new ways. These include art, music, and nature therapy, acupuncture and massage, and yoga and meditation.

Alcohol Dependence Treatment

Alcohol dependence isn’t the same thing as alcohol addiction. Dependence is a physical reliance on alcohol that’s characterized by withdrawal symptoms that set in when you stop drinking. These symptoms can be dangerous, and in rare cases, they can be deadly.

Alcohol dependence treatment takes place before addiction treatment begins. Dependence is addressed through medical detox, which is supervised by medical and mental health professionals. During medical detox, medications are administered as needed to reduce the severity of withdrawal symptoms and prevent severe alcohol withdrawal, characterized by seizures, hallucinations, and dangerous shifts in blood pressure and heart rate.

Withdrawing from alcohol on your own is unsafe, and it often leads back to using alcohol very quickly, if only to make the uncomfortable symptoms stop. Successful detox ends the physical reliance on alcohol so that brain function can begin to return to normal. Once detox is complete, addiction treatment begins.

It’s important to note that detox alone doesn’t address the highly complex addiction, and most people who detox but don’t engage in addiction treatment will relapse.

Treatment Works

Treatment does more than simply help you stop using alcohol. It helps you develop the essential skills you need to successfully abstain from alcohol for the long-term. These include coping skills for dealing with stress, cravings, high-risk situations, and other triggers.

Treatment also helps you identify your inherent strengths and values to find purpose and meaning in a life without alcohol. Through treatment, you’ll learn how to have fun, relax, and enjoy a life of sobriety.

Through a high quality treatment program, you’ll work to restore damaged relationships, improve family functioning, identify the kind of future you want, and set realistic goals to get you there. High quality, holistic local alcohol rehab centers help you restore your life on all fronts for a happier, healthier, and more productive life.




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