Substance Abuse Facilities in Tampa

Finding Suitable Substance Abuse Facilities in Tampa

The national overdose rate in America has been climbing each year. In 2016, the CDC reported that the country had suffered the loss of 64,000 people due to drug overdoses. Millions of people are affected by the abuse of substances such as opioid pain relievers, heroin, cocaine and meth among others. Rehab facilities across the country stand ready to take in addicts to help them in the battle against addiction. But what makes a rehab successful?

We will explore what the substance abuse facilities in Tampa do that makes them the ideal place to go for substance use disorder treatment by examining what principals a rehab facility should have.

Assessments Resulting in Personalized Treatment

A substance abuse treatment facility must be aware of the fact that each person who comes into their facility requires a different approach. An assessment period is required to establish the person’s physical and mental health, scope of their addiction and any other special requirements they may have.

Length of Programs

Research suggests that there is a minimum effective time when it comes to addiction treatment. Addicts that go to treatment for at least three months stand a better chance at recovery. This can be achieved through an intensive one to three month inpatient program mixed with outpatient care.

Program Adaption

At substance abuse facilities in Tampa such as WhiteSands, programs are adjusted as the person being treated requires different elements of treatment. This could be the result of unexpected progress or because of a setback such as relapse. In treatment, even relapse does not mean that the program has failed, rather that the program needs to be adjusted.

Detox Isn’t Enough

Substance abuse facilities in Tampa just use a medical detox as a way to begin treatment and not as a way to fully treat a person for addiction. At the substance abuse clinics Tampa has, a person finishing a detox program is encouraged to further their recovery through treatment, and the treatment is readily available after detox.

Addiction Management Medication

Addiction management programs such as methadone programs allow people to more effectively recover over the long-term, especially when relapse has occurred before. When combining these medications with therapy and counseling, the best results are obtained. The substance abuse clinics Tampa has that you might be considering should be able to make these medications and therapy available to those addicts who require it as part of their treatment plan.

Treatment of Co-occurring Disorders

The mental disease known as addiction is frequently accompanied by another co-occurring mental problem such as bi-polar. In treatment, it offers new obstacles that can only be overcome by treating both conditions simultaneously. The substance abuse treatment facility of your choosing should be able to handle both illnesses in order to improve the success of the treatment over the long term. Lack of adequate treatment for both conditions can greatly increase a person’s chance of relapsing.


Just the act of monitoring a person and making them aware that they are being watched for drug abuse can help a person to stay off drugs and alcohol. Monitoring is important in this aspect but also because it gives the doctor information about possible slips in the patient’s progress. This information can allow the treatment to be adjusted if a relapse does occur.

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