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Treating Substance Use Disorder – Drug and Alcohol Programs in Florida

Drug and alcohol use is something that may have started out as a way to de-stress, socialize or experiment but can eventually become something that takes over your whole life. Once use of drugs or alcohol becomes frequent, it can be hard to stop the habit because of how integrated it becomes in a person’s thinking, actually changing the way the brain operates. At this point, one of the only options available to remedy the situations becomes drug and alcohol programs that are able to treat the addiction in all the required aspects including detox, therapy, medications and long-term relapse prevention.

In a survey done by SAMHSA in 2009, only 11.2 percent of the 23.5 million drug and alcohol abusing Americans came to the realization that they have to get professional help. Drug and alcohol rehab centers remain the best way to stop alcohol and drugs abuse in yourself or a loved one.

Inpatient and Residential Care

Since there is always a high risk of relapse when an addicted individual stops their substance abuse, drug and alcohol programs that isolate the patient away from outside influences are the most effective way of starting long-term recovery.

Patients can benefit in several ways from the around-the-clock care provided in a residential or inpatient treatment program. Going through such a turbulent time alone can make the experience much more difficult and having people to talk to that encourage your recovery is the ideal situation.

The structured drug and alcohol programs found in these inpatient treatments help to re-organize a person’s daily life to be more productive and attuned to a healthy way of thinking and being. While the person was abusing drugs or alcohol, their life lacked a lot of the structure a healthy lifestyle needs.

This type of treatment is advised for people with severe addictions and for people who have relapsed before after trying less-intensive programs.

The goal of the short-term residential care provided by drug and alcohol programs is to give the patient the intensive counseling and detox programs they need to start their recovery. Addiction is a lifelong disease that will need to be managed over time. Once a patient leaves the drug and alcohol rehab centers, they will be prepared for further treatment through a community-based approach such as support groups meetings.

Outpatient Care

An alternative approach to addiction treatment that is often combined with inpatient care is outpatient treatment programs. They provide much of the same types of therapeutic methods but in a less-intensive form since the person does not need to stay at the facility during their treatment. This gives outpatient care unique benefits with the main one being that the person can still attend to various things in their life such as school or work.

Outpatient care often follows an inpatient or residential drug and alcohol recovery program. Since the short-term care provided by inpatient is not enough by itself for severe cases of addiction, people make use of outpatient care to extend their treatment. It is an ideal way to make the transition from being an addict and receiving treatment to living a healthy, productive life.

Outpatient drug and alcohol recovery programs can change in intensity over time as the person progresses through recovery. Initially, the person may come in for their counseling and treatment programs several times a week, but as their recovery progresses they may require less and less time in therapy.




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