Florida Cocaine Rehab Centers

Beating Addiction through Florida Cocaine Rehab Centers

Over the years since 2009, cocaine abuse rates have remained much the same. In 2014, a survey found that around 1.5 million people in America had abused cocaine recently. While abuse of cocaine is not as high as other substance such as opioids, it is still a cause for concern. To properly deal with an addiction or dependence to cocaine, Florida cocaine rehab centers stand ready to assist in the treatment for addiction.

Signs That Can Indicate Cocaine Abuse

Being observant of the signs that can indicate cocaine abuse can help to save a loved one from the despair that is addiction. In yourself, noticing that abuse of cocaine has gone too far can help to stop an addiction from escalating out of control.

Typically, people go to Florida cocaine rehab centers to get help when they exhibit the following signs:

  • Unexplained weight loss.
  • Mood swings.
  • Being involved with risky behavior such as unprotected sex or using a car while high on cocaine.
  • Poor hygiene.
  • Disturbed sleeping patterns.
  • Nosebleeds caused by snorting the drug.
  • Secretive behavior.
  • Drug paraphernalia such as small plastic baggies and razor blades.
  • Financial troubles due to work troubles and an expensive habit to sustain.
  • Withdrawal symptoms and cravings when the person tries to stop.

When these signs are apparent, it is time to seek help from Florida cocaine rehab centers to prevent the addiction from escalating.

Cocaine Detox Symptoms

One of the first things that need to occur is a detox. Because cocaine is physically addictive, stopping its use results in withdrawal symptoms. While cocaine detox symptoms are not as dangerous as other withdrawal symptoms, care should still be taken because of the psychological symptoms such as depression. Depression can be so severe that it can prompt a person to have suicidal thoughts.

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Once a person has decided to stop cocaine abuse, they can make use of a medical detox program. These programs assist the withdrawal process with medications to reduce withdrawal symptoms and help manage some of the more severe symptoms that are difficult to deal with. The entire detox process usually lasts for around 10 days.

Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Cocaine addiction treatment does not end at a medical detox; behavioral therapy is crucial to prevent relapse once the person leaves the rehab center. These therapies look to tackle some of the factors that led the particular person to trying and abusing drugs. If these factors are ignored, they will likely play a role in future substance abuse.

Initially, an addict is assessed to determine the best way to treat them. This is because addiction is a complex mental disorder that requires multiple approaches to treatment to be successful on different types of people and addictions.

Florida cocaine rehab centers provide people with many options as far as treatment goes. After the assessment, an addict is often given a combination of different approaches to treatment, including traditional and alternative therapy. Therapy is usually given in both a group and individual format.

Treatment can be done in two main ways: staying at the facility or only going in for appointments. Each of these programs has their merit; however, when a person stays at the rehab, they are getting the highest level of care. Inpatient programs are especially important for addiction treatment because of the high rates of relapse in early recovery. Being removed from situations where drugs are available is a big help.

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