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If you have ever visited Florida you know that the climate is pleasant even in the winter months. The scenery, beautiful and calming, is why many people choose a Florida medical detox facility when they have made the decision to get drugs out of their life. WhiteSands Addiction Treatment Centers in Tampa and Fort Myers are top facilities in the field.

Florida Medical Detox

Florida medical detox can relieve the fears you may have about going through detox. Many people put off detox because they have heard terrible stories about the withdrawal symptoms. The professional staff at WhiteSands Treatment Addiction Centers in Tampa and Fort Myers FL provides a safe medical detox program using medications that reduce the discomfort for both physical and mental withdrawal symptoms and provides immediate care if there are any extreme problems associated with benzodiazepines.

Choosing Florida medical detox at WhiteSands is much easier on your body as it reduces anxiety, insomnia, depression, high blood pressure, rapid heart beat, and the risk of convulsions. Your body’s exposure to these unpleasant symptoms can be eliminated for most people. By reducing the stress as you go through physical and mental withdrawal symptoms, you are less apt to relapse when your rehab is completed.

When detoxing in a Florida medical detox center, you will have no access to alcohol or drugs to tempt you to relapse. At WhiteSands you’re rehab programs will help you build resistance to rehab through the development of strong behavior skills.

Medically Assisted Detoxification

Medically assisted detoxification at WhiteSands means you will receive treatment while going through withdrawal. You are not left to do it alone. The staff includes board-certified doctors, psychiatrists, nurses, counselors, and addiction specialists. You have someone to talk to twenty-four hours a day, and any physical or mental withdrawal symptoms that develop are treated with medications that ease you through the process.

Young adults have been hit particularly hard by the opioid crisis, and according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) the overdose and death rate for Millenials between 25 and 34 has risen sharply. Young adults approaching the prime of their career years are being taken captive by drugs. If you are in this age group, you are missing out on the best part of your life due to drug addiction. If you are committed to changing your life and reclaiming your health and sobriety, WhiteSands can help you. Call (877) 855-3470 and talk to a rehab specialist about what steps you need to take.

Medically Assisted Drug Treatment

Medically assisted drug treatment can help you take back your life and have a successful recovery. Following a supervised medical detox, WhiteSands’ rehab programs and counseling help you learn how to discover why you became dependent on drugs, how to avoid triggers, and how to develop the physical and emotional skills needed to remain drug free for the rest of your life. If you are ready to break the cycle of addiction and the unfortunate circumstances that accompany it, the staff at WhiteSands wants to help you be successful.

If you have a combination of addiction and mental issues, WhiteSands dual-diagnosis program will give you the tools you need to move forward to long-term recovery. Psychiatric counseling will help you recognize the issues that have lead you to addiction and help you overcome them.

Contact WhiteSands Addiction Treatment centers today, and start planning a new tomorrow. Call (877) 855-3470 and speak to an addiction specialist about detox, rehab, and recovery. It may save your life.






If you or a loved one needs help with abuse and/or treatment, please call the WhiteSands Treatment at (877) 855-3470. Our addiction specialists can assess your recovery needs and help you get the addiction treatment that provides the best chance for your long-term recovery.

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