How to Help Someone Get Help for Addiction

Addiction Treatment – How to Help Someone Get Help for Addiction

The way addiction changes a person’s behavior and even their brain function can make it difficult to help them see the need for addiction treatment. In the case of alcohol use disorder, only around 6.7 percent of the 15.1 million people that had alcohol use disorder went to get treatment, according to the results of the NSDUH. It is common for addicts to avoid treatment because of the drug-seeking behavior that is a part of addiction. However, there are ways on how to help someone get help for addiction which we will discuss in this article.

The Need for Professional Treatment

Addiction is not a lifestyle choice, but rather a disease of the mind. It is characterized with other mental disorders such as depression and post-traumatic stress disorder because it too alters brain function. You wouldn’t try to treat these serious medical conditions by yourself and you shouldn’t with addiction either. How to help someone get help for addiction is about finding professional help and not trying to solve the situation by yourself.

Signs of a Problem

The first thing to be sure about is whether or not the person is abusing substances. Since drug-seeking behavior is also often secretive, it is not always obvious that there is an issue with substance abuse present. How to get someone help for drugs starts with identifying the issue. The easiest way to discover if there is an addiction or not is through the DSM-5 diagnostic manual’s questionnaire. In it, the questionnaire helps to determine if there is substance abuse and when treatment is needed.

Learn About Addiction

Since addiction is a mental disease, it has many facets that can be learned about. How to get someone help for drugs can be greatly helped by first understanding how addiction as a disease works. How to help an addict without enabling can be achieved by understanding more of what the problem and cycle of addiction is.

How to Help Someone Get Help for Addiction

The best way on how to help an addict without enabling is through an intervention. An intervention is where an individual or a group of people that has close relations with the addict talk to them about their addiction. The goal is to achieve a sudden realization in the addict of their need for treatment, which is brought on by the compassion and caring of those who love the addict.

Interventions are not limited to just friends and family. It is common for employers and co-workers to be present during and intervention – people who care about seeing the person stop their substance abuse.

How to help someone get help for addiction can require you to hire an intervention specialist. Since planning can be difficult and sometimes overwhelming since you are dealing with the person on a daily basis, it can be better to hire a professional. The intervention specialist is able to assist with the initial planning stages through to the actual intervention. There they are able to act as a mediator to ensure that the intervention doesn’t go off track. Ideally, the addict should be able to go straight from the meeting to a rehab center for their professional treatment.

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