How To Overcome A Drug Relapse

How To Overcome A Drug Relapse Without Shame

Relapse is a word recovering addicts fear. Unfortunately, relapse is mistaken as a failure by many. An addiction relapse can have serious consequences for your health, and it’s important to get back on track immediately. When you know how to overcome a drug relapse, you will be even stronger in your recovery. WhiteSands Addiction Treatment Centers in Tampa and Fort Myers FL can help you build the tools you need to reduce the risk of relapse.

How To Overcome A Drug Relapse

If you have relapsed, you need to get right back into your recovery program immediately. Don’t wait 24 hours, a few days, or a week to get help, and don’t consider yourself a failure. Cravings will increase rapidly following a relapse, and you can’t afford to postpone taking the steps necessary to get back where you belong. Think about what led up to the relapse.

  • Who were you spending time with? Were you hanging out with old friends who still like to party and do some drugs?
  • Were you feeling overwhelmed due to financial problems?
  • Have you been unable to find work?
  • Are family relationships still touchy even though you went through rehab?
  • Have you missed some of your support meetings in favor of social activities?
  • Are you dealing with depression or negative feelings?
  • Do you have a weak support system?

Any or all of these things could lead to a relapse. You may need additional rehab and therapy to fortify yourself against another relapse. WhiteSands Addiction Treatment Centers can teach you how to overcome a drug relapse with their personalized therapy and treatment programs. You will develop the tools too help prevent another relapse, and learn the triggers that create temptation so you can avoid them.

Relapse Prevention Plan

If you haven’t constructed a relapse prevention plan, now is the time to do it. Start your day with positive activities and thoughts and end it the same way. Here are some ideas for a relapse prevention plan. You can amend and add to the list to make it your own.

  • Start every day with a healthy breakfast and an exercise routine. Walking, running, or an exercise workout are all good ways to give you an abundance of endorphins to give you a great feeling.
  • Keep a journal of your daily activities. Make notes about any that cause you to feel a craving or temptation so you can avoid it in the future.
  • Build a good support group from friends and family who care about your success, people from your group meetings, your sponsor, and your doctor.
  • Join a group of hikers, white-water rafters, or climbers, and get a natural endorphin high.
  • Do volunteer work when you have free time. Food pantries, libraries, Veterans homes, and numerous other non-profit agencies can use volunteer help.

These are only a few things you can do to keep yourself from the temptations of your old life.

Tips For Staying Sober

When you have finished rehab, you need to get involved in activities that keep your mind focused on positive thoughts and activities. Tips for staying sober include attending Narcotics Anonymous and similar groups that provide support and education. Attend on a regular basis and participate in the activities they sponsor. Stay physically healthy by eating nutritious meals and getting regular exercise. Return to your previous job or find a new one so you can pay your bills and support your financial needs. Take part in family events and holidays, and rebuild shaky relationships.

If you have relapsed, contact WhiteSands Addiction Treatment Centers at (877) 855-3470 and let them help you get back on track through their exceptional rehab and therapy programs.


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