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Florida Rehab and Detox Centers – Helping With Withdrawal and Treatment

The first milestone a person stopping drug or alcohol abuse achieves is overcoming their withdrawal symptoms. It can be one of the most turbulent times in recovery because the symptoms can seem like a living nightmare that only more substance abuse can stop. Some of the symptoms can become so severe that without medical assistance, they can be fatal. Florida rehab and detox centers can help someone who wants to stop alcohol or drug abuse safely without the overwhelming discomfort due to their ability to provide prescribed medications and by overseeing the process.

Withdrawal Explained

Dependence to a substance causes withdrawal when cessation occurs. This means that an individual who takes a substance to the extent that they become physically dependent experiences symptoms of withdrawal.

For example, in alcohol dependence, the GABA receptors are affected. The body’s response to this is to adjust the function of these receptors, but when the person stops consuming large amounts of alcohol, the body then needs time to rebalance. This imbalance causes the various withdrawal symptoms such as confusion, headaches and agitation among others.

Cold Turkey

Going “cold turkey” in addiction is when an addicted person suddenly stops all abuse of their drug of choice. It is a method that is unassisted by medications, which means that a person going cold turkey will be met by the full extent of the withdrawal symptoms. In milder addiction cases, this is usually fine to do but when dependence is severe or dangerous substances are being stopped, such as alcohol, then the risk of possibly fatal symptoms warrants the use of Florida rehab and detox centers. In fact, it is highly advised for your or a loved one’s safety that Florida rehab centers for drug abuse be contacted in order to make use of their medical detox programs.

Furthermore, addiction is not a result of poor choices but rather a disease. Addiction is known to alter brain structure and can therefore be very difficult to stop in the long-term. Additionally, relapse is a real concern as 40 to 60 percent of people relapse within a year after stopping.

Inpatient Rehab

The best way to both get through detox safely and to prevent future relapse is to use an inpatient program at Florida rehab and detox centers. The inpatient drug rehabs Florida has provide a secluded space in which to recover in. Negative influences such as drug-abusing friends and toxic relationships can be avoided and all focus can be put onto the person’s recovery.

At Florida rehab centers for drug abuse that offer inpatient programs, various aspects of a sustainable life such as a healthy diet, exercise, positive thinking and healthy relationships can be provided and worked on. Every day is filled with activities and schedules that help to promote this kind of lifestyle. Education on the inner workings of addiction that Florida rehab and detox centers offer together with relapse prevention techniques and strategies can provide the ammunition to beat addiction for good.

Outpatient Rehab

Of course, not everyone has the luxury to drop their life and stay in an inpatient facility. In this case, an outpatient program available in the drug rehabs Florida has is the best option. These programs can allow a person to choose the required treatment time, to an extent, to allow them to weave it into their schedule and stay on top of their responsibilities such as work or child care.




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