Naples Outpatient Addiction Treatment

Naples Outpatient Addiction Treatment – Why Outpatient Care Can Work For You

A person wanting to find treatment for addiction has many options available to them. Ultimately, rehab centers want to make treatment available to anyone, even if they are unable to take leave from school or work. Among the options available are Naples outpatient addiction treatment programs. Here addicts are able to discover effective treatment programs that help to deal with all of the aspects of substance use disorder treatment.

In this article, we will discover the need for treatment, benefits of outpatient rehab and who it’s suited for.

Why Treatment is Important

To better understand addiction, one must realize that it is a relapsing disease. It may be possible to stop for a time, but relapse is the real concern. In fact, relapse is said to occur in roughly 40 to 60 percent of the first-year recovering addicts, according to findings of a study published on JAMA.

The purpose of Naples outpatient addiction treatment is to not only help with early withdrawals, but also to assist in the behavioral therapy needed to win out over addiction in the long term. Cognitive-behavioral therapy is a treatment that looks to alter an addict’s response to stress and to address problematic thinking – instead of turning to alcohol or drugs for an answer to their problems, they learn alternative coping skills that will allow them to both cope with stress and avoid substance abuse.

Benefits of Outpatient Drug Rehab

So, what can outpatient drug rehab do for you or some you care about with a drug problem? The following explores some of the benefits related to Naples outpatient addiction treatment.

  • Freedom to meet responsibilities – As previously mentioned, one of the key benefits of an outpatient treatment center is their ability to provide high-quality care in an outpatient setting. This means that instead of having to live in a rehab center while getting treatment, you keep your freedom and autonomy. Through a Naples outpatient addiction treatment program, you can still accomplish what you need to in the day and schedule appointments with the rehab at a time that is better suited.
  • Cost of care – Of course, an outpatient treatment center is going to be more affordable than most inpatient centers. This doesn’t mean that the service is inferior, but rather that there are fewer expenses such as board and lodging.
  • Continuum of professional care – According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, at least three months of continuous treatment is required to be optimal. However, few people can take three months off work or school. These months can be completed in an inpatient center at first and then in an outpatient program. This also has the added benefit of providing a foundation on which to transition from an inpatient program to a normal life.

Who Should Use Outpatient Programs for Substance Use Disorder?

The first type of patient that is ideally suited for an outpatient program is one who desperately needs quality care but can’t drop important things in their life such as taking care of their family and earning a living.

The second ideally-suited patient for an outpatient program is a person who has just completed their initial recovery in an inpatient program but still want to carry on with treatment. This period also helps to establish the routines and community support needed during long-term recovery.

The last type of person who would use an outpatient center is one who wants to reaffirm their desire to be abstinent. At any time, a person can reenter into an outpatient program for help in preventing relapse, especially if something traumatic and stressful has occurred in their life recently.


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