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Fort Myers Rehab and Detox Centers: Starting Your Recovery Journey

Making the decision to start your recovery from a life-altering addiction is a big one. It may fill you with doubt and fear about your future, and hearing about the dangers of withdrawal may be a real cause for concern. Additionally, relapse is a real possibility during detox alone as unbearable symptoms and intense cravings take over. However, through Fort Myers rehab and detox centers, starting your recovery from an addiction is easier than one imagines.

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In this article, we will discuss the need for a medical detox and how it works at Fort Myers rehab and detox centers.

What is a Medical Detox?

A medical detox is a professionally-performed detoxification that helps people with moderate to severe drug and alcohol dependencies to safely deal with the symptoms of withdrawal with as much comfort as possible.

A medical detox achieves these goals by introduction FDA-approved medications that are known to reduce symptoms of certain substance withdrawals. They generally reduce cravings too, as is the case in medications that taper a person off a substance. Many of these medications are given on a prescription bases, further leading to the need for a professionally-performed detox.

Why is a Medical Detox Needed?

While it’s possible to detox without any help in most mild to moderate cases of drug addiction, a medical detox is needed for two main reasons: certain substances such as alcohol can produce overwhelming and often dangerous symptoms when detox occurs, and the withdrawal symptoms can make it difficult to give up drugs or alcohol as your body is telling you to keep abusing it to give relief from the symptoms.

In fact, one of the overdose risks happens after a person has attempted to detox, which lowers their tolerance and opens them up to overdose as the user mistakenly takes too much of the substance.

How Do Fort Myers Substance Abuse Detox Centers Work?

The best way to start your recovery from an addiction is through Fort Myers rehab and detox centers. This is because they offer a medical detox followed by a whole-patient treatment and therapy approach to help prevent substance abuse from being a problem again.

But how do the programs work? A person going through detox will begin to see symptoms of withdrawal as early as six hours from their last use, up to around 24 hours. Symptoms tend to be milder at first until roughly day 2-3. At this point, the symptoms reach their peak, which is often the most difficult and most dangerous point of detox. The symptoms will persist until roughly day 5 to 7 before the person becomes more susceptible to therapy provided by Fort Myers rehab and detox centers.

To assist the patient, Fort Myers substance abuse detox centers tend to provide 24/7 support during the detox process. Day or night, if the symptoms have become dangerous, the patient can be monitored and helped through the symptoms with the application of medications. Medications used include buprenorphine, naltrexone, antidepressants, and disulfiram among others. Many of these drugs act as replacement drugs to reduce the shock that stopping has on the system, which is used in a controlled manner and reduced over time.

Fort Myers alcohol detox centers are also crucial as alcohol is one of the substances that can be life-threatening when a person attempts to stop. Whenever a person has an addiction to alcohol, Fort Myers alcohol detox centers should be used to ensure a safe recovery.


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