Drug and Alcohol Addiction Counseling: How it Helps

How Drug and Alcohol Addiction Counseling Helps to Beat Substance Use Disorder

The mental disorder known as addiction affects a staggering amount of people in the United States – a 2014 estimate puts the number of people with substance use disorder at 20.2 million adults. It can be difficult to beat, but with professional help it becomes significantly easier, as with most mental disorders. One of the most important aspects of treatment is drug and alcohol addiction counseling.

In this article, we will explore how a substance abuse counselor assists an addict.

What is Drug and Alcohol Addiction Counseling?

The first part of treatment usually involves a medically-assisted and supervised detox, but that alone isn’t a cure for the disease of addiction. To properly treat addiction, the causes must be treated. Drug and alcohol addiction counseling can treat the causes of addiction, thereby reducing or entirely stopping the abuse of drugs or alcohol. Drug and alcohol addiction counseling can also address, as a whole-patient approach, other areas of the person’s life that may contribute to their substance abuse, such as financial or vocational problems and family issues.

The focus of a substance abuse counselor tends to be on short-term goals and the development of coping skills to assist in stopping and preventing substance abuse. The counselor may also refer the patient to other healthcare professionals where needed, such as for co-occurring mental disorders.

Counseling takes place in both individual and group formats since each has its own benefits. For example, one-on-one counseling can help to better tackle personal issues in a focused format, and group counseling can provide a platform for peer learning.

Types of Counseling for Addiction

Due to the complexity and the often-unique way that addiction manifests, there cannot just be one method of counseling to help all patients. One person may respond well to one form of counseling while another may hardly benefit from it at all.

The different types of counseling methods include the following:

  • Motivational interviewing: As the name suggest, this method of counseling focuses on the readiness and motivation that an addict has to change, enhancing and encouraging their motivation.
  • Family counseling: This counseling method is generally aimed at adolescents with a drug problem in a family. It looks at the family unit as a whole and helps to prevent enabling behavior and assists in rebuilding and strengthening the family unit.
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy: This is one of the most popular forms of counseling and involves helping to build the skills needed to cope with situations that would normally induce substance abuse. It does this by helping the patient to recognize triggers, develop better coping skills, and to avoid situations that cause their substance abuse.
  • Motivational incentives: This method of counseling incorporates low-cost rewards that help to promote good behavior, such as the avoidance of drugs and alcohol being rewarded with free time.

Treatment tends to be intensive when the patient first begins, and then becomes less frequent as the person shows improvement. Counseling may begin in an inpatient rehab program but eventually transition into outpatient counseling once or twice a week.

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