Combining Outpatient Treatment With Sober Living

A Combination of Help for a Successful Recovery

When it comes to overcoming addiction with great success, it takes the help of different programs and avenues. The help of both outpatient treatment programs and sober living communities can aid in your recovery journey.

The most trying and difficult time of recovery is generally early recovery when you have just been discharged from your treatment program. This is the most vulnerable time for a recovering addict and they are navigating this new, sober life. It can be a very stressful time as well so individuals are encouraged to engage in support groups and AA/NA meetings during this time.

Deciding to live in a sober home while completing your outpatient treatment program is the best way to obtain long-term sobriety. These homes are very structured and have rules in which individuals who live here must abide by. This is a strategy that is used by sober living homes as a method to aid in the long-lasting recovery of the individual.

Why a Sober Living Home?

Sober living homes provide an added element of security when it comes to ensuring that you remain on the right road to recovery. These homes have a zero-tolerance rule when it comes to drug and alcohol use and there is often a curfew that individuals must follow as well. Oftentimes, sober homes require individuals to attend mandatory meetings such as support group meetings in order to aid them on the right track. This also keeps individuals busy so that they do not get bored and being to have thoughts about drug or alcohol use.

Some sober homes also require mandatory drug testing to ensure that you are not using. Many recovering addicts report a sense of peace of mind knowing that they are in living in a home that is so regulated and controlled. This way, the fear and anxiety that often comes with re-entering society are mitigated.

Homes that support sober living is amazing for newcomers who may be overwhelmed by the thought if going back to their regular homes and routines. It provides a transition period that is essential when wanting to maintain your recovery and sobriety.

What to Expect

During an outpatient treatment program, patients are immersed in their treatment program for the majority of the day. When they have completed their daily treatment, they will either go home to their regular houses or to a sober living home.

Sober living homes generally consist of several individuals living under one roof who are in the same boat as you; recovering from addiction. Patients can foster lasting relationships with these individuals and everyone supports one another here; it is a judgment-free environment. With the right support systems offered through sober living homes, recovery is made easier.

Improving Your Chances of Sustained Sobriety

A sober living home essentially supplements the patient’s recovery. It is a transitioning step that aids in the adaption to life after recovery and proves to be very advantageous. Since sober living homes and environments mimic normal life, it is a great time to get a feel of what life will be life after you leave your sober living home.

These homes also offer great support and will help individuals:

  • Locate a job
  • Find housing
  • Referrals to support groups and meetings
  • Create a relapse prevention plan

There are many sober living homes that are located throughout your locality. If you need the extra support in maintaining your sobriety, consider spending as much time as you need in a sober living home. Your chances of attaining long-lasting recovery are enhanced when you decide to utilize these homes.


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