Substance Abuse and Domestic Violence

Drugs and Alcohol Can Turn Individuals Violent

In some individuals, alcohol and drugs and bring out their absolute worst qualities. While some people can handle their alcohol, others simply cannot and the substance has a negative effect on them and their actions.  

Since everyone’s chemical balance in their brain is different, some of us are able to tolerate our alcohol without getting angry or violent. For some, though, drugs and alcohol can make them violent and dangerous. There is a strong link between substances of abuse and domestic violence. It’s important to remember that domestic violence does not necessarily mean only a physical attack, it also includes verbal and psychological attacks.

Unfortunately, statistics about domestic violence is frightening, with females being a victim every 15 seconds in the U.S.

What is Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence can include the following:

  • Verbal abuse
  • Physical abuse
  • Forcible sex
  • Blackmail
  • Property destruction
  • Hurting of pets

These can all be categorized as domestic violence and when alcohol and drugs are in the mix, the actions may become out of control. Domestic violence is not strictly for those in a marriage, domestic violence can be directed toward parents, children, grandparents, and significant others.

In many cases of reported domestic violence, a large percentage reports substance abuse as a reason behind the violence. Even if an individual does not abuse substance but still becomes angry when they do drink or take drugs, they have the potential to hurt somebody.

Substance abuse has the tendency to provoke violence in an individual, especially is they are hot-headed to begin with.

Misery Loves Company

The unhealthy cycle of domestic violence and substance abuse is one that can be life-threatening. Oftentimes, both the victim and the abuser and substance users and they can even be a married couple or a parent and child. These individuals will drink or get high together and this is where violent behavior has the potential to begin.

It’s not only alcohol and illicit drugs that can cause violent behavior, but many prescription drugs also have violent side effects as well. If you find that you become increasingly violent when you are under the influence of any drugs or alcohol, chances are that you are not a good candidate for the substance. The lifestyle that this continued abuse will lead you down a very dangerous path and may even cost you your life.


When people know that they are in an unhealthy relationship, they may resort to alcohol or drugs as a coping mechanism in order to make their home life and relationship less stressful. They may pour a glass of wine as soon as they get home in order to take the edge off of the negative homelife.

This is a very dangerous cycle as it is only fueling the fire. There is help available for those who have substance abuse problems and those who are victims in the situation should seek immediate help and shelter. Being around a violent person is extremely unhealthy on all levels and should never be tolerated by anybody.


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