Helping Drivers Refrain From Drinking and Driving

Avoid Driving While Under the Influence

Did you know that every 50 minutes, an individual is injured or killed as a result of drinking and driving in the U.S.? This is a startling statistic that needs the attention of activists nationwide. Preventing drinking and driving has always been a challenging task but there are measures that can be taken that can lessen the likelihood of individuals getting behind the wheel after they have been drinking.

For those who have been found guilty of drinking and driving, an alcohol breathalyzer may have to be installed in their vehicles. This device will not allow the car to start until their blood alcohol content (BAC) is under the legal limit. The legal limit across the nation is 0.08% which is 1.5 fl. Oz of alcohol. As it stands, close to 30 states across the nation require those who have been convicted of a DUI to have these ignition interlock devices installed in their vehicles. These devices have proven to be very effective in decreasing the number of indiivadls drinking and driving on the road, therefore, keeping our roads safer.

Alternative Modes of Transportation

Many people who make the decision to drink and drive feel as though there are no alternatives. There are many options other than drinking and driving. Instead of driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, consider some of the following choices:

  • Order a taxi
  • Use a ride share service
  • Have a designated driver
  • Have a friend or family member come and pick you up
  • Use public transportation

Don’t make the bad decision to get behind the wheel after you have been drinking as you are not only putting your own life in danger, you are putting the lives of others on the road in danger as well.

Consequences of Drinking and Driving

Close to 35 percent of all car crashes involve a drunk driver; drinking under the influence kills. There are countless risks that you are taking every time that you get behind the wheel. When getting behind the wheel while intoxicated, you risk getting a DUI which can result in:

  • Losing your driver’s license
  • Suspended drivers license
  • Job loss and effects on future employment
  • Increased car insurance rates
  • Financial retribution

One bad decision such as choosing to drive while intoxicated can have life-threatening consequences and have life-long effects. Getting home safely after a night out is of most importance and should be arranged prior to leaving for your evening out. Nothing is worth putting your life and the lives of others in jeopardy simply because you made the bad decision to drink and drive.

If you notice that one of your friends is driving while under the influence, it may be wise to take away their keys so that they do not put their life in jeopardy. Explain to them that you are doing them a favor and it is in the best interest of them and everyone around them. Choose to arrive alive; do not drink and drive.


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