Family Involvement in Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Tampa

When a person has a substance use disorder or a mental illness, life can be immensely challenging. So, when a person is diagnosed with both, known as a dual diagnosis, their lives can become highly unstable. Fortunately, dual diagnosis treatment in Tampa can help people achieve recovery milestones and improved condition management. WhiteSands offers top-tier dual diagnosis treatment Tampa. Our licensed clinicians are experienced and have the necessary expertise needed to treat co-occurring disorders like alcoholism and depression or drug addiction and post traumatic stress disorder. 

There are many treatments designed to promote optimum management of dual diagnosis conditions. Family involvement is a positive treatment strategy that can enhance recovery. WhiteSands offers family therapy for clients who are interested in including family members in their treatment plan. Family involvement helps loved ones learn how to best support clients and

If you have a dual diagnosis or suspect you may have one, remember that WhiteSands offers a full continuum of care that includes dual diagnosis treatment plans. We individualize treatment to ensure that every client gets the support they need. We rely on evidence-based treatment and holistic therapies to support the wellbeing of our clients and to help them manage their condition with both short and long-term strategies. Not all rehab facilities in Tampa are equipped to provide a full range of substance abuse treatment plans, but we are. At WhiteSands, clients can get help managing their dual diagnosis. 

Dual Diagnosis in Tampa 

A dual diagnosis involves the presence of a substance use disorder such as a prescription drug addiction or alcohol use disorder along with the presence of a mental health disorder such as bipolar disorder, depression, or anxiety. On their own, either condition can be a struggle to deal with, but the presence of both disorders can be doubly difficult for individuals to manage. 

With dual diagnosis treatment in Tampa, clients at WhiteSands can get simultaneous treatment that targets both disorders. By ignoring one disorder and treating the other, the untreated disorder can impede the recovery of the other. Dual diagnosis treatment that occurs together during one treatment plan is the preferred method for managing both conditions. 

At WhiteSands, our clinicians offer experienced dual diagnosis treatment focused on evidence-based therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy. We combine these conventional treatments with holistic and some alternative treatments to promote whole-person wellness, which enhances the overall recovery process. 

Roles Family Members Play in Addiction Recovery

Family members can support their loved ones through their recovery journey. Dual diagnosis can be managed, but it takes time for clients to learn strategies for coping with their symptoms and condition effectively. Family members can attend therapy to learn how to provide the ideal types of support for loved ones with dual diagnosis. Offering emotional support, for instance, can help clients get through difficult times. Trying to ensure that clients make their treatment appointments can also be an important way to support clients during their dual diagnosis treatment. 

Spotlight on Tampa’s Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers

WhiteSands is a leader among dual diagnosis treatment centers Tampa. Our treatment approaches provide comprehensive support for people with co-occurring conditions. We strive to be a turning point treatment center where clients can build the strong foundation that’s needed to successfully manage both of their conditions. With our diverse treatment approaches and family-inclusive programs, we can help clients move their recovery forward.

The Detox Journey in Tampa: A Crucial First Step

support groups in tampa

Enrolling in a dual diagnosis treatment program in Tampa is the first step to the successful management of your conditions. Then, with detox Tampa treatment, you can begin to take back control of your life. The detox process lasts for about a week. It is the process by which the body is weaned of the addictive substance. Once detox is complete, clients will be able to focus on their subsequent treatments to manage their substance use disorder and mental health condition.

Navigating Support Groups in Tampa: Family and Beyond

Tampa offers clients of WhiteSands multiple resources designed to support ongoing recovery. At our treatment facility, we encourage and nurture family support of clients. We also promote the attendance of support groups for both clients and family members. Attending community support groups provides clients and families with help as they proceed toward long-term recovery. Tampa-area support groups may involve 12-step groups like Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. Tampa, FL, also features many sober-friendly things to see and do.

Frequently Asked Questions about Family Involvement in Tampa’s Dual Diagnosis Treatments:

What is a dual diagnosis, and why is it significant in Tampa?

Dual diagnosis involves a substance use disorder such as a drug addiction and a mental illness like depression or post traumatic stress disorder. About a third of people with a substance use disorder also have a mental health condition. Many people in Tampa struggle with co-occurring disorders. Fortunately, dual diagnosis treatment can help them manage both conditions effectively. 

How can family members support someone with a dual diagnosis?

Family members can attend therapy sessions at WhiteSands in order to more effectively support their loved one and obtain support for their own needs. For instance, family members can learn how to support their loved one in ways that support and do not impede the recovery process. They can gain more information and insight about the conditions their loved one has been diagnosed with. Education and other treatment resources help family members provide the ideal types of support for clients. 

Are there specialized treatment centers for dual diagnosis in Tampa?

Not all drug and alcohol rehabs in Tampa offer dual diagnosis treatment, but WhiteSands does. We offer a full continuum of care at our treatment center, which includes dual diagnosis treatment. Our licensed clinicians are experienced in dual diagnosis treatment and rely on best treatment practices and therapies to help clients achieve their recovery milestones. 

How does the WhiteSands Treatment Center stand out in dual diagnosis treatments?

WhiteSands individualizes dual diagnosis treatment to ensure that each person gets the support they need to build a strong recovery foundation.We’re known for our empathetic care and clinical expertise.

Why is detox a critical phase in dual diagnosis treatments?

Medical detox is often the first step in dual diagnosis treatments. After a person is weaned from the substance of abuse, they’ll be better able to focus on their subsequent treatments and therapies.

Can families join support groups in Tampa for dual diagnosis?

Yes, there are support groups in Tampa, FL, for family members of people with dual diagnosis. WhiteSands can help families access these groups and other helpful Tampa resources.

What role do support groups play in the recovery journey?

Support groups offer peer support to clients and families as their recovery progress continues. This support can enhance recovery and provide help during difficult periods that occur during long-term recovery.

How do dual diagnosis treatments differ from other addiction treatments?

Dual diagnosis treatment includes both substance addiction treatment and treatments for the mental health disorder in question. Clients particupate in both types of treatment at WhiteSands so that both of their conditions can be managed effectively. 

If you or a loved one needs help with abuse and/or treatment, please call the WhiteSands Treatment at (877) 855-3470. Our addiction specialists can assess your recovery needs and help you get the addiction treatment that provides the best chance for your long-term recovery.

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