The Importance of Professional Alcohol Detox

It is common knowledge that quitting alcohol can come with withdrawal symptoms like shaking hands and cravings to drink, but did you know that alcohol is one of the most dangerous substances to quit cold turkey? 

If you are considering quitting alcohol, hospitalization, or professional alcohol detox, the Longwood program is essential to ensure you do not experience dangerous seizures, high fever, or delirium tremens. Along with hallucinations, anxiety, nightmares, irritability, confusion, and bodily discomfort, these conditions can cause severe problems like brain damage or death if not treated by medical professionals. 

A medical detox program, like the one offered at WhiteSands Treatment Center in Longwood, will offer customized care to you, designed to keep you safe and reduce the discomfort, pain, and anxiety you may experience as your body detoxifies.

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What to Expect from Alcohol Detox Programs in Longwood

 The WhiteSands Longwood alcohol detox center is an inpatient facility, which means that you will move in, and stay inside the safe, comfortable center as you detox. This will give you the space you need to rest and recover, with full-time supervision to ensure your withdrawal symptoms don’t become too uncomfortable or dangerous to your health. 

You will stay in the treatment center for as long as it takes for your body to adjust to the lack of alcohol in your system. For some, it may only take a few days, but for those who have been drinking a long time, or in large amounts, it could take up to 14 days. The timeline is also affected by factors like your age, whether you have co-occurring health conditions, and whether you have been using drugs as well. 

Once you are out of danger and start feeling better, you can begin your rehabilitation. This is a long-term treatment plan which will involve a combination of therapy, counseling, groups, educational programs, holistic care, and more, as you build healthy habits and work to create the sober future that you want for yourself. For many, this plan will involve a stay inside an inpatient treatment center, followed by outpatient rehab, with ongoing aftercare for months or years after treatment. Everybody’s program is unique and customized to their needs. 

Choosing the Right Longwood Alcohol Detox Facility

With so many choices available for alcohol detox, Longwood residents may find it difficult to know which is right for them. The following are some questions you may ask yourself to decide which treatment center is right for you:

  • Do they provide 24-hour medical supervision as you detox? 
  • Do they have licensed, experienced doctors, nurses, and therapists on staff? 
  • Is the facility accredited by the Joint Commission and other governing bodies? 
  • Do they use evidence-based, scientific treatments? 
  • Are their programs customized to best suit each patient’s unique needs?
  • Do they incorporate mental health care, emotional care, and behavioral health into their treatment plans? 
  • Do they offer prescription medications to ease withdrawal symptoms and make your stay more comfortable?
  • Is the facility’s location good for you? Do you want to travel for treatment or stay close to home?
  • Is there an ongoing long-term rehabilitation plan connected to the detox program, or will you be left on your own once you’re done detoxing?
  • Does the detox center take your insurance? 
  • Do you want to stay in a luxury facility, with top-tier amenities, holistic options, and wellness treatments? 

At WhiteSands, we check all of these boxes. From luxury amenities to effective, evidence-based therapies, our holistic approach to healing will give you the tools you need to recover from alcohol use disorder.

Comprehensive Care During Alcohol Detox in Longwood

 WhiteSands offers comprehensive care programming, which means we do more than simply “get you through” the detox process. We take care to get to know each client as an individual, finding out what types of treatment and care will best help you overcome addiction, long-term. This may involve mental health care, cognitive behavioral therapy, group sessions, life skills training, family therapy, long-term medication programs, and more. We incorporate holistic healing with evidence-based care, so we can help you physically, mentally, and spiritually heal, giving you the best possible chance at recovery. 

Post-Detox: Transitioning to Alcohol Rehab in Longwood

 After your Longwood alcohol detox, you will transition into either an inpatient or an outpatient treatment program. This will be decided upon in collaboration with you based on your needs, as will the length of your stay at each level of care. 

If you opt for inpatient treatment, you will live inside our supportive, luxury treatment center for anywhere from 20 to 90 days, with a busy schedule that includes therapy, group sessions, exercise programming, healthy eating, and recreational activities, with plenty of time to rest and relax in the evenings. WhiteSands Treatment will go through the process of PPO insurance verification for drug rehab. You will engage in a variety of treatments to address your alcohol dependence, as well as the underlying causes of addiction, including environmental and social issues, family problems, mental illness, behavioral health issues, and anything else that may be contributing to the alcohol addiction. You will also have plenty of practical skill-building time, learning new work and social skills, and gaining the tools to prevent relapse when you return home after rehab. 

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There are several levels of outpatient treatment to choose from, including full-day care in our partial hospitalization program or part-time therapy and treatments in a customized intensive outpatient program. You will live at home (or in a sober living home), and begin to take on your everyday responsibilities at your own pace, returning to your family, school, and work when appropriate. Outpatient programs keep you on track, with strong support every step of the way. 

Support Systems and Resources for Alcohol Detox in Longwood

Addiction treatment takes a lot of hard work, perseverance, and dedication, and sometimes it can feel to hard to handle by yourself. This is why during and after alcohol detox, Longwood WhiteSands offers a wide variety of options for support, aftercare, and long-term rehabilitation. Your individualized program may include support and resources such as:

  • Peer support in group therapy sessions
  • Talking to professional counselors and therapists
  • Involving your spouse or family members in your treatment program
  • 12-step community support 
  • Online therapy sessions 
  • Ongoing doctor appointments and medication management, even after inpatient rehab is over
  • Case management services 
  • Alumni meetings and outings 
  • Outpatient life and recovery coaching sessions 
  • The option to return to rehab whenever you need it

Why Choose WhiteSands Treatment for Alcohol Detox in Longwood?

 When you choose WhiteSands for alcohol detox, you will have access to:

  • 24-hour monitoring, day and night, to make sure you stay healthy and safe
  • Therapy and counseling sessions, with dual diagnosis programs for those with mental health conditions
  • Evidence-based treatments, with the option to incorporate holistic healing practices 
  • A safe, comfortable facility where you will be treated with respect
  • Comfortable amenities, healthy food, and a full-sized bed in a private or semi-private room
  • FDA-approved prescription medications that may be administered for your comfort, or to prevent seizures and other serious symptoms
  • The option to join in on group therapy as you detox
  • Daily visits from a licensed addiction professional to make sure your detox is going to plan
  • Access to the full continuum of care, from detox, through inpatient and outpatient rehab, and beyond

Getting Started with Alcohol Detox in Longwood

At WhiteSands, we make it easy to get started with alcohol detox for Longwood residents. All you have to do is phone us at (321) 204-2452, and we will guide you from there. Whether you just want to find out more about our luxury detox facility or are ready to get started right away, our team will help you figure out what your next steps should be. If you or a loved one has an alcohol use disorder, don’t delay, call us today to begin down the road to recovery. 

If you or a loved one needs help with abuse and/or treatment, please call the WhiteSands Treatment at (877) 855-3470. Our addiction specialists can assess your recovery needs and help you get the addiction treatment that provides the best chance for your long-term recovery.

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