How Long Does Heroin Stay in Your Urine? Learn More About Drug Testing, Then Call 24/7 for Accredited Addiction Treatment

It doesn’t take long for the effects of heroin to be experienced. Some say that just moments after the injection, they begin to feel the euphoria commonly associated with this illegal substance. From there, the high only lasts a couple of hours, often leaving the user tired and, in some cases, more relaxed. After the high is gone, there are tests that can be administered at home and tests that can be done by professionals that will indicate recent drug use. A failed test can result in the loss of family, jobs, and, in some cases, freedom.

Those who are drug-testing may wonder, “How long does heroin stay in urine?” They want to know how much time they have before a test will prove that they’ve been using. In some cases, a urine test is only going to show positive in the two days following heroin use. For tests that are only looking for 6-Acetylmorphine, also known as 6-AM, the window for testing shrinks to less than 24 hours. But as drug testing capabilities improve, the length of time between use and detection is extended, with some of the latest tests claiming to be able to show elements of heroin in the system several days after the drug was consumed.

Users aren’t the only people asking, “How long does heroin stay in your urine?” Employers are also invested in getting answers when they suspect that someone at work may be dealing with substance abuse. Testing is becoming even more common, as addiction has a powerful negative impact on work performance. Some companies have health insurance plans that make rehab a cost-effective option for employees that need therapy or inpatient care.

Those who are going through withdrawal may also wonder, “How long does heroin stay in the urine?” A test will not clearly indicate when the body has processed the drug and it is no longer in the system. Detox from heroin can be difficult, and it takes time for the body to process the effects and cravings left behind. Just because a urine test comes up clean doesn’t mean that withdrawal is over. Getting clean should be a medically supervised experience to ensure a safe detox experience.

If you’ve wondered, “How long does heroin stay in your urine?” then it’s time to get help. Instead of trying to pass tests that are sure to reveal your addiction, consider making a permanent change that will positively affect your life and the lives of those around you. Whether you’ve gotten into trouble and are required to go to regular drug testing or you fear that the results could cost you your job or your family, there is never a better time to arrange for private rehabilitation. Recovery programs are effective for those looking for a permanent solution.

Call WhiteSands Treatment to get a free clinical assessment. After learning more about your battle with heroin, we’ll create a customized plan best suited to your needs. For many, this includes counseling, which offers the opportunity to learn more about yourself, your reasons for turning to drugs, and how to continue a sober life when you leave the facility. Find the answers that you need to get better today.