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Alcohol Treatment Programs Near You: WhiteSands

Alcohol addiction is a multitype disease that affects many aspects of a person’s life, including their mental and physical health, career, and most essential relationships. Too often, people don’t even realize their abuse of this substance is paving a path to addiction until they suddenly realize they simply cannot stop drinking even if they want to. Alcohol and drug addiction change the brain’s chemistry, so people with alcohol use disorder become governed by their compulsions to use. While there is no cure for addiction, it can be managed with abstinence and effective addiction treatment.

At WhiteSands, we provide high-quality treatment for people suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. Our clinicians know what’s at stake when we support our clients. Each year, alcohol addiction claims more than 90,000 lives. Alcoholism has become one of the leading causes of preventable deaths in the U.S. Without treatment, this chronic illness is apt to be progressive. The only way a person can protect their health and the other important aspects of their life is to stop drinking and get professional help to accomplish it.

WhiteSands Treatment operates a network of inpatient and outpatient addiction rehabs and detox treatment centers in Florida. We feature three luxury rehabs, one in Plant City, one in Fort Myers, and another in Tampa. We also feature outpatient treatment centers scattered throughout the state in cities like Orlando, Clearwater, Lakeland, Gainesville, and Naples. WhiteSands has a reputation for treatment excellence. We’ve been reported by prestigious news organizations such as Newsweek to have some of the best addiction rehabs in Florida. For this reason, we attract clients from all over the country as well as throughout our state.

If you live with alcohol addiction or suspect you may have an alcohol abuse disorder, don’t wait to get a thorough evaluation. You can visit one of our treatment centers to discuss your condition. After a psychological evaluation, our addiction specialists can recommend a course of treatment right for you. We approach the alcohol addiction treatment process from many different angles to ensure we provide clients with a strong foundation to build their healthy, sober lives.

Although WhiteSands attracts people from all over the country to our inpatient and outpatient facilities, we’re also a leading choice among Florida residents searching for high-quality addiction treatment close to home. We operate a network of rehabs and outpatient treatment centers across the state of Florida. If you’re suffering from an addiction to alcohol, you can visit any of our nearby centers to discuss our enrollment process.

When you visit a treatment center near you, we can offer you a psychological evaluation. This process helps us determine the type of treatment plan you may need. We’ll discuss all the different therapies we offer and help you enroll in a treatment plan that’s ideal for you. The evaluation is important. Our clinicians need to know how long you’ve been addicted and if you’re addicted to multiple substances.

We’ll determine if you have a dual diagnosis during our evaluation, which indicates the presence of a mental health disorder. Co-occurring disorders are common among people who have a drug or alcohol addiction. In fact, depression frequently goes hand-in-hand with alcohol addiction. At WhiteSands, we can treat dual diagnoses simultaneously, helping clients to manage both successfully.

You can begin your recovery journey by visiting one of our outpatient treatment centers. If you need medical detox or residential inpatient therapy, you can attend our inpatient and detox rehab centers in Plant City or Fort Myers. While there are many rehabs in the state of Florida, not all provide the level of support or individualized treatments that WhiteSands does. We encourage you to learn more about our renowned therapies and experienced clinicians.

Start With Alcohol Detox

Detox is typically the first step in the alcohol addiction treatment process. At WhiteSands, we offer medical detox at our rehab locations in Plant City and Fort Myers, Florida. We carefully wean clients of alcohol during detox while helping them get through the withdrawal process with medications and other therapeutic interventions. Alcohol withdrawal can be severe. That’s why it’s important to undergo the process at a high-quality rehab in a medical setting. At WhiteSands, we provide treatments to reduce the severity of withdrawal symptoms, helping clients relax in comfort.

The detox process can last anywhere from three days to a few weeks. Typically, clients can expect the process to last about a week. Alcohol withdrawal often peaks between 24 and 72 hours after a person has their last drink. The symptoms can include agitation, anxiety, headaches, shaking, insomnia, and sweating. A condition known as delirium tremens can also occur and may include fever, shaking, high blood pressure, and even seizures. That’s why it’s essential to undergo clinically supervised detox so we can treat any severe symptoms or even ward them off.

Detox only targets the physical dependence associated with alcohol addiction. It’s the beginning of the recovery process, but never the end. After detox, clients can begin other treatments that address the powerful psychological dependencies associated with addiction. We help clients identify their triggers and manage them. During subsequent treatment, we help them make important lifestyle changes so they can prevent relapse.

Choosing an Alcohol Rehab Program – What to Look For

It may seem like a daunting task to choose the best rehab for your needs, but you cannot go wrong by choosing WhiteSands. That’s because we customize our treatments to meet each client’s unique needs. Individualized therapy is a core part of our treatment paradigm. Some people respond best to traditional addiction treatments like one-on-one counseling with a trained therapist specializing in addiction therapy. Other clients may find that alternative therapies like art therapy resonate better with them.

Whatever the case may be, WhiteSands offers clients many different pathways to make their recovery journey. We offer treatments that have the backing of the scientific and medical communities. Treatments like individual counseling and peer group meetings have shown to be effective in the treatment of alcoholism. We also offer holistic treatments like fitness therapy and alternative treatments like art therapy and yoga classes. If you’re suffering from an alcohol abuse disorder, it’s ideal to choose a rehab that takes this dynamic approach to treatment.

WhiteSands offers clients a luxury experience that allows them to get away from the negative elements in their lives and make the changes they need to get and remain sober. Our rehab is designed to be a wellness retreat where clients can immerse themselves in a positive atmosphere while getting the treatment they need to manage their addiction.

It’s also important for clients to choose a rehab that features doctors and therapists who have expertise and experience in addiction medicine and treatment. Our medical team and support staff are fully invested in each client’s recovery success. We care about our clients. Providing each one with empathetic care is a hallmark of the WhiteSands rehab experience.

As someone suffering from alcohol addiction, you want to select a rehab that understands this addiction type. We’ve helped thousands of clients overcome their alcohol dependence and maintain their sober lives. We support our clients’ recovery journey in so many different ways, including our positive atmosphere, experience, dynamic programming, and luxury amenities. Everything you’re looking for in the best type of treatment rehab, WhiteSands has it.

WhiteSands Stories of Recovery

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WhiteSands Success Story
WhiteSands Success Story
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WhiteSands Success Story
WhiteSands Success Story
WhiteSands Success Story
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How Long Does Alcohol Rehab Last?

We’re often asked how long the alcohol treatment process lasts. Generally, we can say that rehab programs last 30 or 60 days, but that doesn’t quite explain the whole story. For instance, when someone suffering from alcoholism enrolls in our inpatient program, they generally begin with medical detox. This process can last anywhere from three or four days to a few weeks. The length of time it takes the body to become ‘clean’ from its physical dependency depends on how long the individual has been addicted and their unique chemistry. We tailor the process to suit our clients’ needs.

For many of our clients, treatment doesn’t end when they complete their inpatient portion of therapy. Many clients require less support but still ongoing assistance for some time. It’s commonplace for clients to transition from inpatient treatment to outpatient treatment and then to aftercare. Recovery is a process. Each client may need support for a matter of months or, possibly, even years.

When you enroll in a WhiteSands treatment program, we can discuss time frames, but you should keep in mind that we can adjust time frames to suit your treatment needs. Sometimes the presence of a dual diagnosis may necessitate a longer stay as a residential client. Our goal is to provide the support each individual needs to achieve their recovery goals.

How Does Alcohol Addiction Treatment Work?

Alcohol addiction treatment involves a treatment plan and various types of treatments. At WhiteSands, we can tailor our plan to suit our clients’ individual needs. Each person is different, so it makes sense to personalize many aspects of our treatment plans. Not every person will arrive in need of medical detox or family therapy. Some clients will need these treatments. In this way, we provide each client with what they need in terms of recovery support and customized therapy.

Most clients who are addicted to alcohol do arrive in need of medical detox, so this process usually begins our inpatient treatment plan. Because detox only addresses addiction’s physical aspects, we feature many treatments that target alcohol addiction’s psychological and behavioral aspects. Clients must overcome their dependencies so they can manage their addiction for the long term.

Detox allows clients to overcome their physical alcohol dependence. The next therapy phase helps clients identify the factors that caused them to drink and abuse alcohol. There may be many factors and triggers that influence a person’s drinking patterns. Many of our clients have suffered past traumas that they still find difficult to cope with. Some struggle with chronic stress or don’t know how to manage their negative emotions.

Once we identify the triggers that lead people to abuse alcohol, we can begin to develop individualized strategies for managing them. Clients who have chronic stress problems need an alternative to drinking to help them cope with that stress. Some turn to the gym and physical fitness. Others find that yoga helps them to cope with their chronic stress. Whatever the case may be, our clients spend time developing many different ways to cope with their triggers to manage their addiction successfully.

Which One Is Right for You? Residential vs. Outpatient Rehab

WhiteSands offers both residential and outpatient rehab programs. When clients visit one of our locations to enroll in a treatment plan, we begin with a formal assessment of their condition. This process allows us to recommend the ideal plan for each person. Someone who feels unstable may not be ready for an outpatient program.

Residential inpatient treatment is ideal for clients who feel unstable and are just beginning their recovery journey. We feature two luxury rehabs that provide comprehensive rehab treatments for alcohol and drug addiction. Early in their recovery, most clients still need a robust level of support. Our inpatient programs feature 24/7 support and supervision. We stand by our clients, helping them through the challenges of early recovery.

Outpatient addiction treatments work best for clients who have a supportive home life or feel emotionally stable and can refrain from using alcohol after leaving their treatment sessions and returning to their homes. Outpatient programs are also ideal for people who feel capable of working, attending classes, or caring for their families.

How do you know what type of treatment program is right for you? At WhiteSands, we help our clients determine what type of program to enroll in by providing a thorough psychological evaluation. If they need a high degree of support, an inpatient or intensive outpatient program is most likely needed. If they have been through detox and feel stable or want to maintain their work and family obligations, they may be candidates for a traditional outpatient plan.

At WhiteSands, many clients begin with a residential plan but later transition to an outpatient plan as their recovery progresses, which is the natural course of the recovery journey. As clients learn to manage their addiction, they require less support from our therapists. Eventually, they command all the tools and resources they need to maintain their sobriety. Of course, many clients also continue to attend aftercare regularly for the support they can get and give to others.

Medically Based Alcohol Recovery Programs

WhiteSands offers treatment plans that include medically sanctioned treatments, also known as evidence-based therapies. These treatments provide clients with a strong foundation for their recovery. Medically based programs at WhiteSands include individual counseling, peer group, counseling, and a strong relapse prevention component.

Preventing relapse is a major priority for a high-quality addiction program. We educate our clients about the process of relapse because it doesn’t generally occur all at once. Relapse includes stages. By identifying the early stages, people can more effectively ward them off. The first stage of relapse is the emotional phase. During this stage, clients struggle to control negative emotions like anger, sadness, or fear. These emotions are common for everyone to experience, but for someone addicted to drugs or alcohol, they can become triggers for using and relying on these unhealthy substances.

The second stage of relapse is the mental phase. If the individual does not manage their negative emotions, they can progress to this phase that involves fantasizing about drinking or even showing up at places where alcohol is likely to be found. A person in the mental phase may contact friends known to drink or head out to meet them at a bar. The final phase is the physical one when the individual takes that first sip of alcohol. At that point, they have relapsed.

At WhiteSands, we help our clients learn how to stop relapse before they reach the final phase. It’s not always easy to control negative emotions. Many clients rely on medications to manage anxiety or depression symptoms, and alcohol cravings can linger beyond the detox period. Our clinicians can sometimes provide medications that help curb the cravings and help alleviate depressive symptoms.

We take a multi-tiered approach to combating addiction at our rehab centers. Medically based modalities are a cornerstone of our experience here. We also combine them with holistic treatments and alternative therapies that have been known to complement various aspects of the recovery process.

What Type of Amenities Does WhiteSands Offer?

At our inpatient and residential treatment centers in Fort Myers, Plant City, and Tampa, WhiteSands has designed a full spectrum of world-class amenities that complement our treatment experience. We want each client to feel as comfortable as possible. We provide them with their own private rooms, each with a full bed and flat-screen television. Between treatment sessions or after a long day of therapy, clients can retire to their rooms to rest, read, or watch television. If they need our support, we’re just outside.

Healing is a cornerstone of the WhiteSands recovery paradigm. We promote healing in several ways, including nutritious food. We provide our clients with highly nutritious meals prepared by chefs to support their return to health and wellness. Addiction can rob the body of vital nutrients. Alcoholism can detract from health, but a nourishing diet can promote genuine healing, leaving our clients feeling refreshed and, often, better than they’ve felt physically and mentally for years. Our dietician oversees the meal plans for every client to ensure they’re getting the meals they need to support their recovery.

WhiteSands has added a wide array of amenities to our rehab campuses. Our amenities are enjoyable and designed to support wellness, but that’s not all. These activities help to fill the void that alcohol use leaves in its wake. Once a person no longer engages in drinking, they need to fill up that time with healthy activities. We provide them with many different options to try during their rehab experience.

Our residential inpatient clients will enjoy amenities such as yoga classes, massage therapy, chiropractic treatment, a business center with computers, a gym with personal trainers, a clubhouse game room, a basketball court, and our sand volleyball court. We also feature a swimming pool and open spaces perfect for enjoying a game of frisbee or reading a book in the Florida sunshine.

We’ve designed a healthful rehab experience. Learning to manage an addiction is not without challenges. Some days are hard, but our clients also enjoy many aspects of the time they spend with us. It’s an important life-changing time, and we strive to make it as positive for them as possible.

This Is Why You Should Choose WhiteSands for Treating Alcohol Addiction

The WhiteSands experience is renowned for its effective treatment plans. We have addiction specialists and therapists who have years of experience providing treatment for people facing alcohol addiction. We provide each client with a comprehensive treatment plan that’s right for them. If needed, we can begin with medical detox before proceeding to other therapies designed to enhance the recovery process. With high-quality treatment, clients can learn to manage their cravings for alcohol as well as the triggers that may have caused them to abuse alcohol in the first place. If a co-existing mental disorder like depression or an addiction to another substance is also present, we can treat those conditions too.

What Types of Treatment Therapies and Modalities Are Offered?

WhiteSands offers a diverse range of therapies and modalities in each of our plans. This plethora of options ensures each client receives the complete support they need to achieve their recovery goals. We offer many different plans that provide various levels of support.

When you visit a WhiteSands location for inpatient or outpatient services, we can discuss the plans we offer in more detail. Our core plans include medical detox, inpatient rehab, residential rehab, day-night treatment program, intensive outpatient treatment, dual diagnosis plans, relapse prevention, sober living programs, and intervention plans. Our outpatient treatment centers feature flexible scheduling for clients. Traditional outpatient programs are ideal for clients who have completed a more structured program previously.

Also, WhiteSands offers many different types of therapies/modalities that make up our treatment plans. These treatments include evidence-based, holistic, and alternative therapies. Combined, they give clients a well-rounded treatment experience designed to support long-term recovery. Our programs have a strong relapse prevention component to help clients keep their recovery journeys on track.

Clients can expect to participate in many different treatments depending on their needs. We feature treatments such as individual counseling, where clients meet with their therapist one-on-one to discuss many issues affecting their ability to manage their addiction effectively. We also feature peer group meetings allowing clients to support one another while working in a group setting with a therapist. Our therapists lead these sessions and usually provide discussion topics, but each client can take an active role by sharing their own insights and experiences.

Alternative therapies can enhance the recovery process. We offer alternative therapies that have been known to complement the recovery journey. One of our popular alternative therapies is yoga. We offer yoga classes that enhance both physical and mental health. Yoga promotes fitness and weight loss, but also mindfulness. Clients learn the value of meditation to help them alleviate stress, allowing their minds to heal. Yoga also helps them to combat negative emotions in a healthy manner.

Art therapy is another popular alternative treatment at WhiteSands. This type of therapy is especially helpful for clients suffering from past traumas and may even have a dual diagnosis such as depression or post-traumatic stress disorder. Our clinicians understand that not every client will feel comfortable speaking about their emotions with a therapist or in a group session. Nevertheless, they need to confront their unhealthy coping patterns so they can forge new ones. Art therapy allows clients to express their feelings and work through them via the format of art. Clients find the act of creating to be a highly effective way to diminish stress. They can use their art as a vehicle for expressing the feelings they are not comfortable expressing verbally.

Holistic therapy is another cornerstone of the WhiteSands rehab experience. Holistic therapy, like physical fitness training and practicing good nutrition, complement our addiction treatments. We teach clients the importance of caring for their physical and mental health. We help them make major lifestyle changes to live healthier lives once they leave our setting through these therapies.

We offer many different treatments that clients can learn more about via our website or when they visit our treatment centers. Treatments like biofeedback and family therapy remain popular with our clients. We can help you design a treatment course that includes the therapies that are more relevant for you.

Can Family Members Visit During Rehab?

If clients prefer, families can visit their loved ones in rehab during our visiting times since WhiteSands also features family therapy. Clients who prefer to attend family therapy with participating family members can include this therapy in their treatment plan. Family therapy benefits the entire family unit, not only the individual recovery from alcohol addiction. Our therapists help each family member understand the disease of addiction and work through their own emotions.

Alcohol addiction, like other forms of addiction, takes a toll on families. It can damage relationships and erode trust. We help clients and their families rebuild trust during family therapy and find new healthy ways to cope with their feelings. Often, some family members may exhibit enabling behaviors that are not conducive to their loved ones’ recovery and are not even productive to their own well-being. We help them understand how to provide healthy forms of support for their loved ones.

Can I Have My Cell Phone During Rehab?

Clients are not prohibited from cell phone use at WhiteSands, but we ask them to respect this usage. We ask them to use their phones between the evening hours of 6 to 10 PM. During the day, clients need to focus completely on their recovery journey. Outside distractions can detract from that focus.

Inpatient and residential treatment are highly beneficial because clients can immerse themselves in our rehab experience and feel free from all the negative outside influences that could impede their recovery. The early weeks of treatment are a pivotal time in a person’s life. Our clients are making extraordinary changes in their thought patterns and lifestyle. Connecting with family and friends can be helpful unless it isn’t. Avoiding toxic relationships is important for preventing relapse. So, we encourage clients to maintain their healthy connections. Keep communication lines open with supportive family members and friends, but let them know how important it is for you to focus on your therapy at this time.

Can I Still Work During Rehab at WhiteSands?

Residential and intensive outpatient treatment at WhiteSands will take up our clients’ days, so working isn’t generally possible at this time. However, some clients check in with their employer during the evening or on weekends to keep in touch. We have a business center with computers that some clients use to stay connected with their job. On the other hand, clients need to break from their ordinary obligations to focus on their treatment, managing their addiction, and getting well.

Traditional outpatient treatment at one of our outpatient treatment centers affords clients plenty of time to work, attend school classes, or maintain their family obligations. An outpatient plan can provide clients with the flexibility they need to continue working while still getting support to achieve their recovery goals.

Many clients transition from an inpatient program to our outpatient treatment plans as they begin the process of re-entering their lives. Returning to work and family life during the early days of recovery can be overwhelming at times. That’s why meeting for therapy each week is so important. Clients can rely on their peer group meetings or one-on-one sessions with their therapist to discuss how to transition back to normal life. They can address challenges together and ensure recovery stays on track.

Are There Private Bathrooms and Rooms?

We know how important privacy is to our clients. During treatment, clients share so much of themselves with their therapists and peer groups. They need to have a place to retreat to where they can reflect on their treatment, relax between therapy sessions, and rest in comfort during the evenings. Our private rooms and bathrooms afford clients the privacy they expect from a luxury rehab. Each of our rooms comes with a full bed and flat-screen T.V. Of course, we’re just outside of their rooms if clients need help or support for any reason.

Best Warm Weather Destinations for Alcohol Rehab

Sunshine is healthful for the body and mind, so it makes healthy sense to begin your recovery process in a sunshine-filled setting like Florida, where our treatment centers are located. Certainly, many of our treatments at WhiteSands take place indoors, but we make good use of our outdoor setting too. Clients can swim, play sand volleyball or basketball, or just relax in the sunshine between treatment sessions.

The Florida environment can be highly conducive for healing. Many of Florida’s major cities are known for their vibrant nightlife, including their clubs and social scene. But during your recovery, you’ll want to avoid those triggers and embrace Florida’s sober-friendly attractions, which are many. Our treatment centers are located near quiet parks perfect for jogging or strolling, while some are situated near the beach. Others are located near state or national parks, and clients can engage in new activities by visiting Florida’s outdoor attractions. These new experiences can help them make the lifestyle changes they need to support their goals for sober living.

Mind, Body, and Spirit

WhiteSands treats the whole person, not just the addiction. That’s because addiction infiltrates nearly every aspect of a person’s life. By treating the mind, body, and spirit, we target all the aspects of an individual’s life that have been touched by their addiction.

Not all rehabs take a holistic approach to treatment. Often, they don’t have the means to do so. Our comprehensive approach is a hallmark of high-quality addiction treatment. If we leave part of an individual’s life ignored, we risk it becoming a vulnerability once they return to their everyday lives. For instance, if we don’t provide treatment for a person’s underlying mental health condition like anxiety or depression, it can become a trigger for relapse as the individual may once again turn to alcohol to self medicate.

By treating the mind, body, and spirit, we can provide the most robust level of support for our clients. By the time they’re ready to depart from our rehab, they feel completely rejuvenated and confident in their ability to manage their addiction and navigate the challenges in their lives. That’s what holistic treatment can do. It provides clients with the strongest foundation possible for building and maintaining their sober lifestyles. Alcoholism, like other forms of drug addiction, causes mental and physical health to deteriorate, but it also affects their spirit and enthusiasm for life. At WhiteSands, we excite clients about their healthy futures. We help them plan for a purposeful future.

Choose Us Because We Choose You

We believe that clients should choose WhiteSands for alcohol addiction treatment because we are highly skilled at what we do and have a reputation for treatment excellence. Rehab at WhiteSands is a life-changing, life-affirming experience. If you’re going to invest your time and money in a treatment plan, you certainly want to meet with a successful outcome. WhiteSands helps hundreds of people learn to manage their addiction to alcohol or drugs each year. We can help you too.

Alcohol addiction is a powerful form of addiction. In fact, relapse rates for alcohol addiction are more than 85%. If you have an alcohol abuse disorder, you need treatment designed to address all of your needs. WhiteSands can customize our treatments to ensure clients are getting the complete support they need to maintain their sobriety for the long term. We help our clients learn how to prevent relapse and find ways to manage their triggers effectively.

At our luxury rehab centers in Plant City, Fort Myers, and Tampa, clients can enter a world that feels more like a sanctuary than a clinical environment. We maintain a peaceful and cheerful atmosphere, which is conducive to healing. The world of addiction can be extremely chaotic. At our rehab, we teach clients how to tame that chaos to achieve the peace and health they so desperately crave.

Whether you live in Florida or elsewhere, you can benefit from getting addiction treatment at WhiteSands. We feature many different locations so you can choose to visit one that’s close to your home. Our team will help you begin your recovery journey. We’ll discuss our enrollment process and help you choose a plan that’s ideal for you. Don’t put off getting treatment for your alcohol abuse disorder. Alcohol will negatively impact your mental and physical health, but you can stop that from happening by getting sober. Healing begins the moment you begin treatment. Call us to learn more today.

WhiteSands Alcohol and Drug Rehab can help you make a full recovery from your drug or alcohol addiction. When individuals call (941) 200-1298 and speak to a WhiteSands intake specialist, they will be guided through an initial screening then given instructions on the next steps to begin the admission process. Call now to speak with an intake specialist and begin the process of healing your life today.

Over 300 Google Verified Reviews

Rebecca Kutsor
5 days ago

“This treatment center is absolutely amazing. I have never felt so safe and loved during such a scary time. The counselors are well versed and very engaged. The accommodations are immaculate and private. The staff are caring and courteous. All of your needs will be met.”

Robert Vannata
5 days ago

“Amazing staff, therapists, and doctors. Accommodations are great... Nice rooms, catered food, vollyball, massage, biofeedback, chiropractor, basketball, beach and more. Definitely saved my life!!!”

Anthony Moniz
a month ago

“I wanted to stop my habit for a very long time trying on my own never worked I needed help and would never accept it. I finally had enough and gave in to acceptance and looked for help. I found WhiteSands and watched one of the videos they had of a guy around my same age talking about his story and how he found help from WhiteSands. It gave me hope so I ended up calling them and I was there that night. White Sands was a life changer the therapist to the staff all of them played a part in helping me find myself. I’m forever grateful! I’d be dead or in prison if I didn’t get the help I needed. If you read this review your life is worth living. Give yourself a chance to change.”

Kenneth Kaser
a month ago

“White Sands is a phenomenal rehab for alcohol and substance abuse addiction. Staff is great! Food is great! They take you on outings, provide chiropractor's, and have a medical staff on clock 24/7. If you're tired and want to give up the fight, then White Sands is the only place I recommend anyone to start! Thank you White Sands!”

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What is the WhiteSands Wiki and how to use it

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The WhiteSands ‘Wiki’ defines, expands, and details the many different aspects of our facility. Each section will allow you the chance to learn more about our treatment center and everything that we offer, from amenities and property overview to treatment modalities, tools for recovery, and aftercare assistance. We understand that extensive research is required when deciding on a treatment center which is why we provide an in-depth and detailed overview of our facility and its features.

Types of Treatment Offered / Recommended

WhiteSands Treatment Clinical

We offer a full continuum of treatment options ranging from medically assisted detox and inpatient treatment services to dual diagnosis and aftercare programs. By offering a continuity of care to patients, we are able to not only monitor their progress and wellbeing throughout the recovery process but also work to foster trusting relationships with our clients which aid in the overall journey toward sobriety.

The evidence-based drug and alcohol addiction programs that we offer have proven to help individuals not only reach sobriety but maintain it. We are pioneers in substance abuse and addiction recovery and take a leading approach that consistently evolves with the advent of advanced treatment modalities. We promise to provide each patient with the best chance to obtain long-lasting recovery from addiction and work with them even after treatment has been completed. We do this by ensuring that patients have support groups and sponsors available near them to maintain their abstinence from drug and alcohol abuse.

Rehabilitation programs focus on providing pharmacological tools, counseling and therapy, and educational resources that are designed for patients' success in recovery. Each patient that has completed their treatment program is invited to join our Alumni where they can continue to learn vital coping skills that aid in long-term sobriety.

Some of the comprehensive treatment programs we offer are:

  • Medically Assisted Detox
  • WhiteSands Treatment Clinical
  • Inpatient Treatment Made Comfortable
  • Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab
  • Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP)
  • Intensive Outpatient Drug Treatment (IOP)
  • Alternative Drug Rehab Programs
  • Relapse Prevention and Aftercare Program
  • SMART Recovery
  • Alumni

Our specialists are available 24/7; call today to speak with a team member to determine what sort of treatment program is right for you at (407) 255-2351. If you are unsure of what type of treatment you require, we have specialists on board who will meet with you to conduct a thorough assessment in order to determine which treatment modality is right for you.


Medically-Assisted Drug Detox

The Detoxification and Inpatient treatment programs at WhiteSands Treatment Center provide services to individuals suffering from alcoholism and/or other forms of chemical dependency and/or abuse. The detoxification program provides patients with safe medical detoxification by monitoring and stabilizing withdrawal risks, bio-medical conditions and complications. The rehabilitation program follows the detoxification program and provides patients with therapeutic interventions, focused on developing and maintaining a healthy recovery from alcoholism and other chemical dependencies.

Whether you are suffering from alcoholism, struggling with a dependence on prescription medication or addicted to an illegal drug like crystal meth, WhiteSands Treatment can offer you a carefully-designed and highly effective program that will facilitate your recovery. Many of our patients need to go through a period of detoxification at the time of admission, and you may be wondering whether this is necessary in your case, and maybe confused about exactly what it will involve.

What is inpatient medical detox?

It is a common misconception that the best way of dealing with addiction is to go ‘cold turkey’; in fact, abruptly stopping a drug is likely to lead to relapse, and could even be dangerous. Inpatient medical detox is a process during which addiction is dealt with by gradually reducing drug dosage. Some of the most common addictions requiring inpatient detox include alcohol, drugs such as MDMA, cocaine, crystal meth, opiate painkillers, benzodiazepines, and barbiturates. Those who consent to undergo inpatient detox for dependence on any of these drugs will dramatically increase their chances of recovery, thanks to the close supervision of medical experts.

At WhiteSands, we have a team of board-certified doctors, nurses, psychiatrists and counselors at our disposal, and a number of these staff members will design and oversee the detox process while providing constant support that helps to preserve your comfort and dignity. Detox begins with a careful assessment of your dependence and an in-depth physical examination that accurately measures the extent of your addiction. We will discuss our findings with you after this, and recommend a precise treatment plan. You can rest assured that we will also let you know exactly what to expect from your treatment and that you will be safe in our hands; we are highly experienced in dealing with physical dependence on drugs and alcohol in a compassionate, gentle way.

Medically-Assisted Drug Detox

Why choose inpatient medical detox?

There are several major advantages to choosing to tackle substance abuse in this way. For one thing, our staff members have received extensive, up-to-date training that allows them to know exactly how and when to reduce the dosage of a drug of abuse in order to minimize the discomfort experienced by patients. Studies show that those who try to stop taking a drug without the help of such medical professionals are much more likely to relapse, mainly because the withdrawal symptoms can be painful and very difficult to handle.

In addition, safety is one of the most significant reasons why we strongly recommend inpatient detox for anyone with a serious addiction problem. Abruptly stopping your intake of certain drugs can be fatal; for example, even alcohol dependence can lead to cardiac arrest if you suddenly stop drinking. You are less likely to experience dangerous complications if you are under supervision while being weaned off drugs or alcohol, and if there are any warning signs of complications during the detox process, then we will immediately notice the signs and compensate for them in order to make you more comfortable. We closely monitor everyone in our treatment center at all times, and we can quickly administer necessary medications to deal with unpleasant physical or mental aspects of detox.

Medication Management

Patients in the detoxification stage of recovery may require medications to assist them in the management of withdrawal symptoms. This includes opioid detoxification, which we are capable of providing, and in addition to that, some patients may need to take medications relating to medical problems on an ongoing basis, while they are participating in both Detoxification and/or the Inpatient Rehabilitation Programs. Medication management is achieved by ongoing assessment by the Medical Director and follow-up by the nursing staff to provide the proper medications to the patients as deemed appropriate to address their medical needs.

What comes after inpatient medical detox?

Although inpatient medical detox is a major step in the rehabilitation process, it is not the end of your recovery. Alcoholics and drug addicts who only submit to detoxification and then stop their treatment will typically show patterns of future abuse. We believe that a customized treatment program involving cognitive behavioral therapy is a vital next step towards recovery, and we offer both individual and group therapy. Our goal is to follow detox by equipping you with the self-awareness and the skills that will help you to understand why you became an addict in the first place and to reduce the chances that you will ever relapse. We also provide family programs that aim at strengthening the bonds that you have with your loved ones by helping them to understand the nature of addiction and helping you to resolve negative feelings that may have emerged during the height of your substance abuse.

Are you ready to end the painful and destructive cycle of substance abuse? At WhiteSands Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center, we offer highly customizable detox programs that are designed to suit the particular drug of abuse. For example, if you are addicted to crystal meth, then inpatient medical detox will be vital to your rehabilitation. However, if you are addicted to a prescription painkiller, then your treatment may be more focused on therapy to combat psychological dependence.

Detox can be conducted on an inpatient or outpatient basis, but we generally recommend inpatient treatment due to the fact that it is more likely to lead to long-term recovery. Regardless of the program to which you are admitted, our board-certified doctors, nurses, and psychiatrists will work to ensure your safety and facilitate your recovery by managing withdrawal symptoms and constantly monitoring your progress in a safe, comfortable environment. By undergoing both detox and therapy, you can expect to notice profound changes in your physical and mental health, and you will leave WhiteSands with the skills to resist relapsing in the future. We also offer family programs that create a deeper understanding of the nature of addiction and help to mend damaged relationships.

Medical Detoxification Program Goals Are:

  • Monitor, decrease and stabilize withdrawal symptoms
  • Educate patients on the health risks associated with the use of illicit drugs and alcohol
  • Assess and treat emotional and behavioral complications exacerbated by the use of alcohol and illicit drugs
  • Assist patients in developing an aftercare treatment plan so that they can maintain abstinence in a less restrictive level of care

You deserve to be free from the devastating cycles of drug and alcohol addiction. Call (407) 255-2351 to talk to our team of alcohol and drug treatment specialists about why WhiteSands is the perfect place to recover.


WhiteSands Treatment Clinical
  • Medically assisted detoxification using controlled medications to both ease your withdrawal symptoms and ensure you get a good night’s sleep
  • We treat the underlying issues that led you to addiction, not just the addiction
  • A higher ratio of therapists to patients, with group sizes averaging from 10-15, which allows for more individual attention
  • Multiple group options throughout the day. Not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach
  • You will also have individual sessions with your assigned primary therapist a minimum of twice per week

Inpatient Treatment Made Comfortable

Inpatient Treatment Made Comfortable

At WhiteSands Treatment we take a different and less institutional approach to addiction recovery. We understand that it is hard enough to seek help which is why we make the utmost effort to ensure that you are comfortable throughout inpatient treatment. We realize that individuals focus better in therapy when it is not a game of survivor.

We pride ourselves in ensuring that patients are comfortable throughout their time in inpatient treatment. We do this by providing luxurious accommodations that feature a queen-sized bed, flat-screen TV in every room, a private bathroom, and a lenient policy on cellphone and electronics use after treatment hours. By providing a home-like environment, patients feel more relaxed and at ease during a time of change, challenge, and determination.

While we focus heavily on providing the highest quality treatment, care, and support to all patients, we put equal amounts of time and attention into making sure our amenities and accommodations exceed our personal standards as well as the standards of our clients. We are consistently working to raise the bar to provide the best treatment possible coupled with premier amenities and accommodations for our guests.

Knowing which treatment modality is right for you can be overwhelming which is why WhiteSands Treatment provides consistent support to all patients, from the initial evaluation and admittance process to discharge and aftercare. By determining your unique rehab goals, whether that is identifying and overcoming an underlying mental health issue or diagnosing any sort of medical maladies, our compassionate addiction specialists are here to help you through each phase of recovery.


WhiteSands Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Our inpatient rehab program is ideal for patients who have already been through an inpatient medical detox process. This program also suits patients for whom such a detox was deemed unnecessary.

What can be expected from inpatient rehab at WhiteSands?

Our extensive experience in treating drug addiction and alcoholism has demonstrated that certain medications can be vital in helping some patients attain mental and physical stability. Specifically, we may choose to administer drugs that reduce the cravings associated with abstaining from substance abuse, thereby making your recovery more comfortable and also reducing your chances of relapsing. For example, if you are addicted to prescription painkillers (such as codeine or oxycodone) then medications like buprenorphine and naltrexone can diminish typical withdrawal symptoms. After this type of treatment, you are likely to be more responsive to the programs of therapy that we provide.

When it comes to psychological treatments, we tailor our therapy programs to the individual needs of our patients. We equip you with the skills you will need to cope with life’s stresses, without turning to substance abuse in the future. Through cognitive behavioral therapy, you will also gain a better understanding of why you developed a problem with drugs or alcohol in the first place. We also offer family programs that have a therapy component. These programs are geared toward mending damaged relationships, healing bonds and teaching your loved ones about the highly complex nature of addiction.

Why is inpatient rehabilitation highly recommended?

Why is inpatient rehabilitation highly recommended?

While many patients are understandably wary of undertaking the intimidating commitment of entering an inpatient rehabilitation program, we believe it is the smartest and most successful way to recover from addiction. What you experience and learn during a short stay in our drug treatment center could prevent you from ever having to return to rehabilitation.

Studies on recovery from addiction show that patients who are admitted to an inpatient medical detox program but refuse to undergo any further treatment, are almost as likely to return to substance abuse. True rehabilitation requires careful, long-term treatment, and that is what our inpatient rehabilitation programs can provide. In a comfortable and relaxing setting, you will receive constant physical and emotional support from our medical team and from fellow members of the WhiteSands community.

Many patients continue to struggle with difficult medical and psychological issues after the detox process is complete, and our inpatient rehabilitation program allows us to monitor your condition and helps to reduce ongoing problems. For example, a member of our psychiatric or counseling team will always be on hand to talk to you if you are feeling distraught, and we may provide you with the aforementioned medications that can reduce cravings or withdrawal symptoms when physical discomfort becomes too difficult to tolerate.

What comes after inpatient rehabilitation?

As you are getting closer to completing the program, you will be assessed once again. At this point, we are happy to help you make a smooth transition back into society by finding a place for you in our sober living community or locating a support group in your area. The goal of such programs is to help you to make a smooth, gradual transition back to independent living. You will be monitored, but you will have more autonomy and freedom than is typically experienced in inpatient programs. You can begin to return to the work and engage in family and social commitments that used to be at the center of your life. Additionally, you will continue to form meaningful, long-lasting bonds with people who have been through similar experiences, and these types of mutually supportive bonds can help to ensure that your recovery is permanent.

Inpatient Rehabilitation Goals are:

  • Develop methods of coping to continue to maintain abstinence and psychiatric/behavioral stabilization
  • Teach patients relapse prevention strategies and skills to decrease and/or eliminate the cycle of detoxification and inpatient rehabilitation
  • Provide patients with methods of coping strategies and skills to deal with unresolved grief, depression and anger issues that may contribute to the patient’s psychiatric/behavioral compensation
  • Assist patients to develop aftercare treatment plans so that they can function effectively in a less restrictive level of care

If you or someone you love needs inpatient rehabilitation, contact us today at (407) 255-2351 to find out more about our programs. All conversations are entirely confidential, and our team of experts is more than happy to answer any questions you might have. You deserve to be free from the devastating cycles of drug and alcohol addiction. Call (407) 255-2351 to talk to our team of alcohol and drug treatment specialists about why WhiteSands Treatment is the perfect place to recover.


Intensive Outpatient Drug Treatment

Drug or alcohol addiction can lead to physical, psychological, and emotional damage. While many people struggling with alcoholism or drug addiction will need to be admitted to an inpatient treatment program in order to recover, intensive outpatient rehabilitation can also be highly effective for recovery in certain cases. By moving from inpatient treatment to intensive outpatient substance abuse treatment, you will have the opportunity to gradually transition to being an active, healthy member of society once again. We offer such programs for those struggling with addiction to drugs or alcohol, and we can also help those with a dual diagnosis to overcome their addiction and manage an accompanying mental health issue. You might be wondering, “Where can I find an outpatient drug rehab near me?” But what you should be asking is, “Where can I find an outpatient rehab with high-quality, customized programs that will give me the best chances of success?” The answer to that question is WhiteSands Treatment Center.

What does intensive outpatient treatment involve?

We tailor our outpatient alcohol rehab and detox programs according to the specific needs of each patient based on age, health, history, and other considerations, so we offer treatment programs of varying intensity. However, all of these programs will involve regular visits to the treatment center (often three days a week) and include frequent and in-depth cognitive behavioral therapy. After spending full days in our private rehab facility, you will be able to return home in the evenings. Many of the people in our outpatient programs take part after their therapist has recommended stepping down from inpatient rehab or a partial hospitalization program.

Intensive Outpatient Drug Treatment

During your time at the treatment center, our professional team of board-certified doctors, educators, nurses, psychiatrists, and counselors will closely monitor your physical and psychological progress, so your treatment program will be continually customized as necessary. In individualized therapy, you will explore the underlying reasons for your substance abuse and learn new coping mechanisms that will reduce the risk of future relapse. Meanwhile, the group therapy program will give you a chance to share stories with other peers who have been through similar experiences, and you will benefit from their wisdom and experience. The bonds formed with other patients in the treatment facility can provide motivation to succeed in rehab and will continue to encourage you to work toward recovery once you leave the treatment center as well.

Assessment and screenings?

Why do we fall prey to drug addiction? Many factors can come into play. At WhiteSands, we will carefully assess your individual situation before making a joint decision about whether you are likely to recover in the context of an outpatient program. Some people may struggle in this type of setting, even if they have been making good progress, and may need to receive inpatient treatment for a while longer. For example, if ongoing problems at home or at work represent a significant part of the reason why you were attracted to substance abuse in the first place, continuing to deal with these triggers while you are away from the drug treatment center may harm you and delay your rehabilitation. The same is true if you might find it hard to stay away from a social group of fellow addicts who do not share your desire to live a sober, healthy life. If you do seem like a good fit for our outpatient programs, you can expect random drug screenings during your treatment. This applies to all of our patients; we want to ensure that all members of the WhiteSands community are continuing to be honest and forthright about their progress.

What are some of the benefits of intensive outpatient treatment?

There are many reasons why particular patients might prefer the option of intensive outpatient treatment. Firstly, there is the matter of cost. Living in a drug treatment center in order to take part in an inpatient rehabilitation program is more expensive than visiting the same center on an outpatient basis. Secondly, outpatient alcohol treatment or drug abuse treatment gives you the opportunity to continue with many aspects of your regular life while working toward becoming sober. You may be able to uphold work responsibilities, you will be able to see your family, and if you are studying to obtain a degree, then this is still achievable while you are in an outpatient program. Thirdly, being able to see family members and close friends can go a long way toward providing you with valuable support during recovery that helps to prevent relapses. Indeed, you can continue to get this type of support while also benefiting from being a part of the close community at WhiteSands, allowing you to have the best of both worlds.

Once you are ready to leave the intensive outpatient program behind, we will help to find support groups in your community and aid you in finding a local therapist. People who leave our intensive outpatient program will be endowed with the types of decision-making skills required to continue to maintain sobriety, and they will receive continued contact from WhiteSands. We are interested in the happiness and well-being of our community members long after they leave the treatment center.

Where Can I Find Outpatient Rehab Near Me?

You deserve to be free from the devastating cycles of drug and alcohol addiction. Do you find yourself or a loved one asking, “How can I find outpatient drug rehab near me?” If so, make the right choice: Call (407) 255-2351 or fill out the form here to talk to our team of alcohol and drug treatment professionals about why WhiteSands is the perfect place to get help from a safe, cost-effective, high-quality outpatient rehab program.


WhiteSands Alternative Drug Rehab Programs

Alternative treatment programs for drug addiction describes an array of healing modalities other than traditional Western medicine and therapies. Advancements in technology have expanded research parameters that facilitate a greater understanding for different types of alternative addiction treatment.

In some cases, modern scientists have been able to validate the effectiveness of some of these alternative remedies that for centuries has been used to address the symptoms of addiction in different cultures. And, in the last few decades, the holistic approach to addiction treatment that integrates traditional and alternative remedies has been shown to significantly reduce criminal inclination.

The basis for the incorporation of various types of alternative addiction treatment into the rehabilitation process is to provide a wider spectrum of treatment tools to address the myriad of effects that are produced by chronic substance abuse. The holistic approach to addiction treatment achieves this objective through cohesive and comprehensive treatment regimens that can be personalized for a greater number of patients. Another benefit of the holistic approach to addiction treatment is that it veers from the one-size-fits-all drug rehabilitation procedures of the past.

Types of Alternative Addiction Treatment for Drug Addiction

There are many different alternative treatment programs for drug addiction that are available today. Nutritional therapy, exercise, yoga, meditation and biofeedback are some of the most popular with addiction treatment professionals and patients. In fact, for some patients, they are considered to be essential components of their recovery process. Other alternative addiction treatment models that are singularly recognized for their contribution to drug rehabilitation include:

Art Therapy

WhiteSands Art Therapy

Art Therapy has been gaining inroads as an effective alternative addiction therapy for the treatment of addiction. Through a process of artistic self-expression, patients are encouraged to explore deep-seated emotional issues that drive addiction and produce symptoms of anxiety, depression and suicide ideation to name a few.

Art therapists employ a variety of techniques that are designed to reinforce self-nurturance and reduce emotional imbalances. Margaret Naumburg, renowned educator and psychologist was one of the first in her field to define art therapy as a distinct form of psychotherapy in the 1940s. In the Art Therapy Sourcebook, Research Psychologist Cathy Malchiodi describes it as a “modality for self-understanding, emotional change, and personal growth.”


WhiteSands Yoga

Yoga is a form of exercise that helps to promote spirituality and a sense of calm, relaxation, and tranquility within the body, mind, and spirit. WhiteSands Treatment employs yoga therapy as an alternative form of addiction recovery and healing. We believe that yoga is a fantastic form of exercise that helps to promote a healthy lifestyle in all aspects of life.

Our certified yoga instructors teach participants certain breathing exercises that can have a significant effect on helping them to concentrate on channeling negative thoughts, worries, or fears that they are susceptible to once they’ve begun to embark on their road to recovery. Yoga helps to address side effects associated with substance abuse and addiction, such as anger, irritability, aggression, depression, tiredness, anxiety, impulsivity, etc.

Chiropractic Care

WhiteSands Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic Care is a treatment that involves the manual adjustment or stimulation of the spine, joints, and muscles. It helps with pain management, in which our chiropractors apply pressure to the individuals’ painful areas.

Addiction can often lead to painful withdrawal symptoms and as a result, the threat of relapse is always present. This treatment method helps to ease these symptoms, along with any of preexisting pain that may have contributed to the individual's past drug use.

Alternative treatment programs for drug addiction include various other healthcare practices and therapies that utilize components of Ayurveda medicine, chiropractic services, energy medicine, homeopathy, naturopathy, and traditional Chinese medicine, as well as faith-based recovery tools.

In addition to increased scientific evaluation, the effectiveness of alternative addiction treatments are supported by empirical research and testimonies from patients that have experienced firsthand, their effectiveness through attending our alternative treatment programs for drug addiction here at WhiteSands Treatment.

Relapse Prevention and Aftercare Program

Relapse Prevention and Aftercare Program

We have several outpatient offices located throughout Florida where patients partake in relapse prevention and after programming. Once inpatient treatment has been successfully completed, patients are encouraged to attend these constructive programs that help teach imperative coping mechanisms and trigger management skills.

We also offer an Alumni program for those who have completed their inpatient treatment program. Our Tampa Alumni Program encourages members to carry on in their life of sobriety. Life after addiction is a major adjustment for many which are why our alumni services work to continually motivate and support recovering addicts to continue in the positive direction they are going.

All Alumni are welcome to partake in ongoing meetings, events, and outings as part of the ongoing recovery process of addiction. Our experienced counselors will provide you with valuable guidance as a way to promote wellness while connecting over stories of strength and hope.

Returning home after your time in addiction treatment can be a hard transition. Let us help you by guiding you on the right path in re-navigating your life.

Call WhiteSands Treatment today at (407) 255-2351 to learn more about the Alumni Program and how to join.

Smart Recovery

Recovering from an addiction is a life-long commitment; it takes long-term dedication and maintenance. It is easy for a patient to fall back into the same dangerous patterns after rehabilitation if they do not remain mindful of their recovery process. Anyone in recovery can fall victim to addiction again, even after years of sobriety. Therefore, it is necessary for each individual to find a way to properly manage their cravings. White Sands Treatment Center provides a variety of programs that give patients access to the knowledge and tools required for life-long success as long as one stays motivated. SMART recovery is a relatively new program that our center utilizes, as it has been proven to deliver positive results.

The Self-Management and Recovery Training program takes a logical, scientific, non-confrontational and motivational approach to maintaining sobriety. Patients who participate in SMART recovery will learn in a highly supportive environment and study methods of recovery that come from evidence-based research. Abstinence from substance abuse is sustained through this innovative and interactive program. Recovery is a constantly evolving process and SMART recovery programs grow with each patient, as they gain more confidence, knowledge, and headway.

SMART Recovery Tools

This 4-point program is a self-empowering support system; primary tools focus on facilitating each patient’s growth through self-management skills, which are tailored to help addicts maintain sobriety from many forms of addictive behavior. Some of these behaviors include alcoholism, prescription, and illicit drug abuse, sexual addictions, eating disorders, and gambling. WhiteSands Treatment Center employs the latest remedial procedures, based on current scientific research and interaction with the community outside of rehabilitation. Our 4-Point Program offers tools for each specific program point. These points include:

  • Building/Maintaining Motivation
  • Coping with Cravings and Urges
  • Management of Feelings, Thoughts, and Behaviors
  • Living a Balanced Life

Patients are encouraged to practice each tool, as well as learn how each one can help them progress towards point 4 of the program. The face-to-face SMART recovery meetings offered at White Sands consist of in-depth discussions regarding ways in which to apply the various SMART tools in a practical manner. These discussions may include tools such as:

  • Stages of Change
  • The Change Plan Worksheet
  • Cost/Benefit Analysis
  • The Hierarchy of Values
  • The ABCs of Rational Emotive Behavior (REBT)
  • REBT for Urge Coping
  • REBT for Emotional Upsets
  • Destructive Images and Self-Talk Awareness and Refusal Method
  • Brainstorming
  • Role-playing
  • Unconditional Self-Acceptance

SMART recovery methods help addicts find independence from addiction through programs centered around scientific knowledge, as opposed to more spiritually based programs. Although SMART recovery may differ from programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, 12-step programs or other self-empowering groups, it does not necessarily exclude them. In our SMART recovery programs, we believe that each individual finds their own path to recovery and here at White Sands, we can help them construct this path. Through self-management and recovery training, achieving lifestyle balance is possible.

Balance your life at WhiteSands Treatment Center. We can help you start fresh and find the support necessary to maintain sobriety through the SMART Recovery program. Take the first step and call us now (407) 255-2351.

Insurance We Accept / Rates / Costs

The cost of treatment will depend on several factors such as the level of care you receive, the length of time you will be spending at WhiteSands, and the type of medical insurance that you have.

Our specialists can assist you in determining your eligibility for our inpatient addiction treatment program. Simply provide us with some detailed information about your health coverage plan by giving one of our treatment specialists a call at (407) 255-2351.

We accept most major insurance plans at our drug rehab in Florida. Our professional staff work with you to ensure that all of your questions as they relate to admittance and treatment are answered. We are dedicated to providing the best care possible to all patients and are here to help you throughout each step of recovery.

Out of Network Insurances Accepted

  • Aetna
  • Amerigroup
  • Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield
  • Assurant
  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association
  • Cigna
  • Coventry Health Care
  • EmblemHealth
  • Golden Rule Insurance Company
  • Guardian
  • GHI
  • Health Net
  • HealthMarkets
  • Healthplus
  • HealthSpring
  • Highmark
  • Humana
  • Independence Blue Cross
  • MetLife
  • Medical Mutual of Ohio
  • Metropolitan Group
  • Molina Healthcare
  • Optima Health
  • Premera Blue Cross
  • The Regence Group
  • Thrivent Financial for Lutherans
  • UnitedHealth Group
  • Universal American Corporation
  • UHC
  • UMR

A Typical Day at WhiteSands Treatment

Our inpatient treatment program is highly-structured and tailored to the unique needs of each patient. Guests will partake in daily treatment, therapy, and counseling sessions where they will have the chance to open up about their struggles while having the support and care to work through and overcome them. The inpatient program offered at WhiteSands works to stabilize the patient on a physical, emotional, and psychological level so that their recovery goals can be met.

Individuals will be allotted free time every day where they can enjoy many of the sought-after amenities offered directly on the facility grounds. Patients will also enjoy off-site activities as well such as BBQ cookouts and trips to the beach where they have the chance to meet and mingle with others while enjoying time outside of the treatment environment.

Addiction is a complex disease that can be effectively managed with specialized treatment. Each patient who attends WhiteSands will be provided with an individualized itinerary on a daily basis which outlines what their day includes.

Interview With CEO, Garry Jonas

Q: You were operating a successful marketing company, what made you decide to get into the rehab industry?

A: Mike Tyson and I were partners in Iron Mike Productions, which was a boxing promotion agency. Throughout the time spent with Mike, he would often speak about his battles with addiction and substance abuse and the struggles he faced both in and out of the ring. Hearing his struggles made me think, ‘what could we do to help others who are struggling with addiction and substance abuse?’ We then came together to form ‘KO Addiction’; an organization that raises awareness about the growing drug epidemic in the United States. During boxing events, KO Addiction would promote sobriety and provide resources and access to help for those who needed it.

An employee at the marketing company that I had at the time, Joe Ducey, would also speak about his history of addiction and his experiences at different rehab centers. Hearing Mike and Joe’s substance abuse stories resonated with me and I began to realize that substance abuse was extremely prevalent. Joe expressed a significant interest in helping people get into treatment and felt that facilities that truly cared about patients' recovery were lacking. He came up to me one day and asked, ‘why don’t we open up a treatment center’? He knew that the treatment facility sector could use us and with my marketing background and Joe’s history of addiction treatment at various facilities, we knew that we had a great opportunity to succeed.

I sent Joe on a 60-day mission to research what the best treatment centers across Florida offer. If we were going to get into the treatment industry, we were going into it by striving to be the best, offer the best, and raise the bar as it relates to providing the highest quality of treatment to patients without compromise.

Q: How did you turn that idea into the successful treatment center that WhiteSands is today?

A: What it boiled down to was execution: something needed to be done in the addiction treatment industry to make it better and we wanted to be the ones to make it happen. My previous internet marketing experience had its advantages and it gave us an upper hand once the ball got rolling on our idea to create a treatment center that was better than the rest. We were able to hire the best medical and clinical staff without ever sacrificing treatment and the quality of care our patients received. We are successful because we keep the business side of things separate from the medical and clinical side, making us a cut above the rest.

Q: What were some of the things that went into WhiteSands being a premier treatment center?

A: We consistently address our philosophy which is, ‘not cramming in guests like sardines’. We understand that it is hard enough to ask for help and to seek treatment; the last thing we wanted to do was send patients to an overcrowded, crammed facility that strips them of their privacy and space. We make treatment easier and less challenging by providing a campus-style facility for patients during their stay. The large tranquil grounds allow patients to recharge and feel relaxed at the end of the day so that they are mentally and physically rested and prepared to take on their next day in treatment. By providing recreational activities, gazebos, walking paths, and a host of amenities for guests to enjoy, they have a better chance of obtaining long-lasting recovery. We do not make treatment an episode of survivor where, over time, your mental and physical condition worsens. We make sure that guests get better over their course of time in treatment.

Q: What’s the future for WhiteSands?

A: We have opened several office locations throughout Florida such as assessment offices where patients can walk in and meet with an addiction specialist who can help guide them toward recovery. We have also opened several outpatient offices. Once patients have completed their inpatient treatment, they will be sent back to their hometowns where they can meet with a therapist at one of our outpatient office locations so that they can continue to get the help and support needed to sustain their sobriety.

Meet Our Staff

WhiteSands Treatment employs the highest qualified therapists, clinicians, and counselors who demonstrate a combination of credentials and experience in the addiction and recovery field. Our compassionate team works to provide clients with the resources, tools, and support necessary to reach sustained sobriety.

Dr. S. Mann, M.D., Chief Medical Officer, WhiteSands Treatment Center

Dr. S. Mann, M.D

Dr. Mann currently serves as the Chief Medical Officer and Medical Director of the WhiteSands Treatment Centers and he has held these positions since July 2017. In addition to medical department administrative duties, Dr. Mann is responsible for the medical needs and detoxification of patients at WhiteSands Treatment, Tampa.

Before joining WhiteSands, Dr. Mann has worked in addiction treatment facilities throughout Florida. He has served as an Adjunct Clinical Postdoctoral Associate in the Addiction Medicine Division at the University of Florida, where he enjoyed teaching medical students and medical school graduates during their residency training. He has also practiced Addiction Medicine in the private sector and served as both Medical Director and Associate Medical Director at other substance abuse treatment centers. He currently enjoys both clinical duties and oversight roles as Medical Director of WhiteSands Treatment Centers. Dr. Mann appreciates the teamwork at WhiteSands and how this helps patients resume a happy, fulfilling life.

Dr. Mann graduated with honors from Indiana University where he earned both his Medical Degree and a degree in chemistry. He completed his internship at the University of Miami-Jackson Memorial Hospital before completing his residency in Internal Medicine at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami Beach, FL. He later studied Addiction Counseling in Denver, Colorado and he completed an Addiction Medicine Fellowship in the Psychiatry Department at the University of Florida. Dr. Mann is Board-Certified in his field.

Our Latest DCF Score and Report

We uphold to the highest standards of care, treatment, and support, which are reflected by our DCF score. The Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF) is a state agency of Florida and works to ensure that all families have access to the highest quality of services available. WhiteSands Treatment possess the seal of authenticity that shows adherence to ethics and procedures required by an accredited provider.

Our Most Recent Scores:

  • Detox/Res Tampa: 98%
  • Tampa Outpatient Offices: 100%
  • PHP/IOP Fort Myers: 100%

WhiteSands Compared to Average Facility

Not all treatment centers are the same. Take a look at how WhiteSands Treatment fares to the typical, standard treatment center.

WhiteSands Treatment Average Facility
Low Patient-to-Therapist Ratio Most facilities only offer large group meetings with limited access to one-on-one counseling and therapy
Full-Time Medical Director and Psychologist On-Site Other facilities will often have a part-time medical specialist and will not always have an office onsite
Individualized Dual Diagnosis Treatment The majority of facilities do not personalize and tailor their treatment modalities to each patient and resort to a 'one-size-fits-all' standardized treatment plan
Medical Detox Onsite Generally, facilities refer detox to a partner, then brings the client back for their stay
Biofeedback Most facilities offer basic, non-progressive or personalized treatment modalities
Variety of Groups Other centers only offer single or limited types of therapy that do not conform to the unique needs of patients
Aftercare / Continuum of Care Most facilities do not offer as many aftercare and relapse prevention options as we do
Private Rooms Other facilities may not offer private room options to their guests
Cellphones & Laptops Allowed Having this feature is very expensive to manage which is why most facilities do not offer this, but we go the extra mile to ensure that our guests have access to their personal electronic devices after treatment hours
10-Acre Campus The majority of facilities are often confined, hospital-style buildings converted into a facility that has a sterile feeling and no room for amenities
Amenities Most centers do not offer the extensive amenities and activities that WhiteSands does, or does not offer amenities at all
Spa Services An average facility may only offer one spa service. This unique feature is rarely or never offered in a treatment facility setting
Smoking and Vaping Areas Some facilities limit vaping, some limit smoking, and some limit both


Start your journey to recovery at our Florida rehab center using these essential tools.

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