Missouri Drug and Alcohol Treatment CentersFinding alcohol and drug rehab programs in Missouri can help you live a drug-free lifestyle. With the help of addiction counselors who are dedicated to giving you the tools you need to beat addiction, you can reach your goals and experience long-term sobriety. The first step toward recovery from drug and alcohol addiction is learning more about the Missouri drug rehab options that are available today. The Missouri Department of Mental Health: Substance Abuse Alliance is dedicated to providing resources for those who are seeking assistance in overcoming their addiction.

Seeking Help for Addiction

Drug treatment facilities in Missouri offer both inpatient and outpatient treatment. Traditional inpatient treatment requires a commitment to stay at the Missouri drug rehab program for up to ninety days. The amount of time you spend in a drug and alcohol rehab can vary based on your current addiction. Most drug and alcohol rehab plans include a minimum of at least thirty days if you opt for inpatient treatment. Inpatient treatment is advisable if you feel you can’t focus on recovery outside the treatment program. As an inpatient, you will be able to minimize stressful situations in your everyday life that may trigger drug or alcohol use. Focusing on your recovery is vital for those seeking professional help from alcohol and drug treatment programs in Missouri.

Outpatient treatment options are best for people with work or family obligations that require time each day. Outpatient treatment is successful when you are dedicated to reaching your goal of becoming sober. You will typically attend daily sessions at a local drug treatment facilities in Missouri. After your session is completed, you can return to work or home. Both inpatient and outpatient treatment provides you with the tools and resources that you need to identify any underlying causes of addiction and your personal triggers that cause you to turn to drugs or alcohol. Missouri alcohol treatment plans are available on an outpatient basis, although you may need to attend community-based group meetings. For example, as part of your outpatient treatment, you may be required to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings a specific number of times each week.

Choosing a Rehab

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers in MissouriThere are currently over two-hundred and fifty drug treatment facilities in Missouri to choose from. It is important to know that different types of alcohol and drug rehab programs in Missouri. For some, a traditional twelve step program provides the tools needed to live a sober life. A twelve step program utilizes twelve different milestones that you must work through successfully to overcome addiction to drugs and alcohol. This type of program is very straightforward and can be completed as either an inpatient or outpatient. Others may prefer to have a more comprehensive treatment plan through a professional alcohol rehab program.

Comprehensive treatment from a Missouri drug rehab provides you with a wide range of treatment options. Alcohol and drug rehab programs in Missouri that offer therapeutic intervention with a licensed mental health professional is the best treatment option for patients who may have a disorder that affects their recovery. For example, patients with depression experience greater success when they seek help from a Missouri drug rehab program that offers dual diagnosis services.

Dual diagnosis means that both your addiction and any underlying mental or physical factors that may contribute to your addiction are treated. You will typically attend therapy sessions, including group and individual therapy, to learn more about the causes of addiction. A personalized treatment plan is best for anyone who suspects that an underlying disorder may be contributing to their addiction. You may also need to complete a detox session when you arrive at the treatment program.

Detox is a service provided by drug treatment facilities in Missouri. Detox begins the first day you arrive at the drug and alcohol rehab. During the first few days, you will be provided with support as your body adjusts to being free of drugs and alcohol. Some Missouri alcohol treatment faculties will provide support using medications to make the detox less mentally and physically stressful for patients, while others opt to eliminate as many medications as possible and will provide other types of support for those undergoing detox.

Licensed, Professional Addiction Treatment

You will want to look for Missouri drug rehab programs that are licensed and accredited to ensure you receive the best care possible. Recovery from drug and alcohol addiction is challenging but a professionally trained, compassionate counselors can make the road to recovery smoother. Along with a professionally trained counselor that includes licensed mental health professionals, you will want to choose a drug and alcohol rehab that offers medical counselors on-site to oversee the detox program. Detoxification can cause some specific health issues, such as changes in blood pressure, that must be treated quickly. The best Missouri alcohol treatment makes you their first priority when determining the care and treatment you receive.

Alcohol and drug treatment programs in Missouri are trained to assist you with learning how to manage your daily life once inpatient treatment is completed. You can expect to learn how addiction affects you personally and how family members and friends are part of the treatment process. Family therapy is offered at several drug treatment facilities in Missouri. Family therapy that is guided by a professional addiction counselor can make a significant difference in how well your personal relationships mend after you have recovered.

After Care Options

Missouri alcohol treatment programs will provide you with referrals that make transitioning back to your daily life a little easier. Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous are both offered throughout the state to help you beat addiction permanently. Alcohol and drug rehab programs in Missouri may also offer aftercare therapy and continuing family therapy sessions on-site.

Finding Missouri alcohol treatment programs can help you beat your addiction and life a more fulfilling life with those you love the most. You can contact local alcohol and drug rehab programs in Missouri today to find a rehabilitation program that fits your budget and that offers the right treatment options to help you overcome addiction to drugs and alcohol.