New York Drug and Alcohol Treatment CentersAt face value, New York is a state with much to offer. With its big cities, quaint townships, sports events and multicultural population, New York has something for everyone. Unfortunately, this also includes a huge alcohol and drug problem. Addiction crosses all income, cultural and age barriers. For this reason, New York Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs are of utmost importance if you or a loved one is in need. If you are in search of drug or alcohol treatment, or if you have a loved one who needs treatment, help is just a phone call away. Speak to an addiction specialist today, and find out how New York Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers can help you turn your life around. The New York State, Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services has recovery and prevention guidance for those who are seeking help to overcome addiction.

Alcohol Detox

Detox from alcohol is accomplished by gradually weaning the patient off of the substance. At New York detox programs, the patient may be made more comfortable with the administration of detoxification medications. These meds are called benzodiazepines and they are used because they are in the same drug family as alcohol. The patient receives gradually decreasing doses of benzodiazepines until he or she has completely withdrawn. Meaning after detox, the patient no longer has an alcohol dependency and they are able to live a healthy life, free from the constraints of addiction.

New York Alcohol Treatment Programs

Alcohol rehab programs in New York offer certified alcohol and drug counselors, licensed social workers, physicians, nurses, and psychologists. Clients with a dual-diagnosis of mental illness, in conjunction with alcohol addiction, are fully accommodated in dual-diagnosis alcohol rehabilitation programs.

Drug Detox

Depending upon the addictive substance, drug detox can take up to two weeks and must be carefully monitored by medical specialists. New York Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program highly trained counselors available around the clock to ensure that this process is completed in the safest and most comfortable way possible. This is of utmost importance because serious drug and alcohol addictions have been known to have fatal consequences if detoxification is not approached properly.

Drug Treatment Programs in New York

Similar to alcohol treatment, drug treatment programs in New York provide a comprehensive program of study and participation. Recovering addicts must undergo training in order to understand the chronic nature of their addictions. In addition, they must learn methods of coping with life without relying on drugs for courage, motivation or peace of mind.

New York Drug Rehab Programs for Prescription Medication Addiction

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers in New YorkA growing addiction in middle-class New York is prescription drug addiction. This type of addiction can be difficult for medical providers to identify because most prescription drug addicts do nothing to bring attention to their problem. Many prescription addicts see several doctors for obtaining their drugs of choice. This “doctor shopping” is what makes it so hard to identify prescription drug addicts and, subsequently, help them. Many drug treatment facilities in New York have specific programs and therapies for helping prescription drug addicts become free from the grip of addiction.

Poly Drugs, Designer Drugs

Many people either abuse or are addicted to more than one substance concurrently. A methamphetamine addict may use a heroin with meth for an increased, smoother high. In rehabilitation, both drugs must be addressed.

Another serious addiction is sweeping New York. This is the designer drug craze, where new or previously existing drugs are created for avoiding penalties from current drug laws. This is accomplished by altering the drugs’ molecular structures slightly. New York treatment facilities attempt to stay ahead of the never-ending designer drug evolution and are continually developing new treatments for helping addicts to withdraw from these dangerous substances.

Alcohol and Drug Rehab Programs in New York

Some drug treatment facilities in New York treat alcoholism and addiction as a single disease because both conditions are chronic, progressive and fatal if not arrested. Other alcohol and drug rehabilitation programs in the area treat drug and alcohol addiction as a behavior that can be changed. Regardless of which school of thought an alcohol and drug rehab program adhere to, the treatment is similar.

After detox has been completed, treatment begins. Clients receive regular psycho-educational lectures and materials on the chronic nature of their addictions. Group therapy is also a central component of treatment because it helps the drug or alcohol dependent person to identify the root of their substance abuse problem. Sharing information in this manner shows addicts that they are not alone in this struggle. Peer support encourages and motivates people to maintain sobriety life-long.

Statistics of Abuse

The New York City Department of Health reports that around 20 percent of all New Yorkers report using illicit drugs. This is more than the national percentage. Pain relievers, cocaine, tranquilizers, methamphetamines, amphetamines, and sedatives are the most commonly abused drugs. These figures rise alarmingly year after year.

Alcohol and drug rehab programs in New York are equipped to handle all substance addictions and have scores of previous patients with success stories of their own. No one has to be a part of the statistic of New Yorkers who are hospitalized for drug overdose or alcohol poisoning.

New York’s treatment programs offer training in how to cope with life after alcohol rehab and drug rehab. Cognitive behavioral therapy is the foundation of learning to live with the challenges that all people go through. Clients in New York drug rehabs and New York alcohol treatment programs learn to think more positively. They also learn how to cope with cravings that may occur long after leaving treatment.

Begin Your New Life

Today is the day that you get the fresh start you deserve. Release yourself from the grip of substance abuse and addiction. Learn how to develop better self-esteem and achieve more in life than you ever thought possible at New York Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs. Call us today and become your best self. Addiction specialists are standing by 24/7 to guide you in the right direction and show you just how much rehab can change your life.