Washington Drug and Alcohol Treatment CentersWashington Drug and Alcohol Treatment programs are ready to assist you with recovering from addiction. Taking steps now to fight addiction allows you to regain control of your life and rebuild your personal relationships and career for a more satisfying future. The Washington State Department of Social and Health Services can help those who are seeking treatment, find resources that will help them get there.

Alcohol Treatment

Alcohol rehab can be completed in either an inpatient or outpatient treatment program. Outpatient treatment is designed to allow you to have evenings and working hours free while providing the comprehensive treatment that you need to manage your alcoholism. Alcoholism is a disease that should be managed just as any other physical condition. Working with an alcohol rehab will give you the tools that you need to learn how to manage alcoholism on a daily basis. Standard rehab in Washington alcohol treatment programs includes an initial evaluation that includes both a physical and mental evaluation and detoxification.

You may work with a drug counselor to design a treatment plan that fits your personal needs. Most alcohol rehab programs rely on the information that you provide during your intake evaluation to determine which treatments will work best for you. You should try to answer any questions as honestly as possible to receive the best treatment plan for your specific addiction. You can attend Washington alcohol treatment programs in addition to drug rehab if you are suffering from more than one addiction.

Drug Rehab

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers in WashingtonWashington drug rehab provides comprehensive treatment for any type of substance abuse. The first step is to complete your intake evaluation, followed by detoxification. Detoxification typically lasts for a few days, depending on the substance of abuse and the patient’s physical health at the time of intake. After detox, you will be provided with a daily schedule and shown your room.

Washington alcohol rehab and drug treatment programs are staffed by experienced, professional counselors who are ready to assist you in changing your life to become drug-free. Professional drug counselors are ready to provide the care that you need in a comfortable, positive environment that fosters recovery.

Cocaine Rehab

Cocaine addiction treatment treats your addiction as a disease, just as alcoholism is treated as a chronic, or long-term, disease. Alcohol and drug rehab programs in Washington offer a number of behavioral therapies designed to aid you in becoming drug-free. Therapy is an important aspect of treatment for any addiction. You will discover your personal trigger or the things that often cause cravings for drugs, and how to find new ways to deal with situations and emotions that cause cravings to occur. Therapy is a time to open up to allow you to discover strategies that can curb cravings for drugs and alcohol both now and in the future. After inpatient or outpatient treatment, you will also be referred to Narcotics Anonymous for continuing support of your drug-free lifestyle.

Heroin Detox

Heroin addiction is just as challenging to overcome as alcohol and cocaine addiction. Heroin detox is a vital step toward recovering from addiction permanently. Alcohol and drug rehab programs in Washington provide medical advisors that oversee detox. You may receive medications during detoxification to reduce the effects of withdrawal, which is a period when your body is adjusting to functioning without heroin. Medications can be used as part of a substitution therapy where medications are used in place of heroin to make withdrawal symptoms less severe. After detox, you can move onto traditional rehab programs.

Prescription Drug Addiction

Washington drug rehab programs are equipped to provide care for those suffering from an addiction to prescription drugs. Like other types of rehab programs, you will first complete an intake evaluation to determine the severity of your addiction and to complete a care plan. You can complete a detox if you suffer from withdrawal symptoms. You also have the option of choosing between inpatient and outpatient treatment. As an outpatient, you will need to have a strong drive to successfully recover from addiction. If you feel tempted to take prescription drugs, an inpatient treatment program may be your best option.

Washington Addiction Treatment

Washington Drug and Alcohol Treatment programs provide care for over 30,000 people annually. The state is ranked among the top ten for drug abuse and rehab treatment. Among those seeking treatment from a professional rehab, the largest number of people were seeking help for more than one addiction that included alcohol and another illicit drug.

Finding Recovery Help

If you need assistance overcoming an addiction or want to seek help for a loved one, contacting our treatment program today provides you with the solutions you need to begin rebuilding your life. Addiction can cause significant issues in your life, with problems ranging from financial distress to divorce and other personal relationship issues. Taking charge of your addiction by calling us so we can help you find the Washington drug and alcohol treatment program that best suits your needs.