This ultimate list of rockers and celebrities who died from drugs shows us the constant toll that drugs like heroin have had on popular culture. Today, rock star overdose deaths are so frequent that they’re almost expected, but have we ever truly asked ourselves why? Hard drugs have resulted in a constant loss of life among our nation’s most talented performers, from Janis Joplin to the artist formerly known as Prince. Some will try to paint drugs as a part of the “scene,” but each musician drug overdose is a tragedy for the industry.

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Think of it: Each of these celebrity overdoses resulted in fewer albums, fewer memorable love songs, fewer classic tunes at parties, fewer life-changing concerts, fewer music-fueled conversations that led to an exchange of ideas, and fewer interesting stories to tell. What could Amy Winehouse or Jimi Hendrix have gone on to write had they not been among the celebrities who died of drug overdose? Luckily, there are more resources for musician heroin addicts today to help them get sober, including numerous rehabs in Florida known for their focus on artists and creative professionals. Nevertheless, the list of rock stars that died from drugs gets longer every year.

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