Drug and alcohol addiction affects millions of people across the world, and the prevalence of drug and alcohol addiction in Aventura, Florida and all of Miami-Dade County is always on the rise. There are many different Aventura drug rehab programs available to those that are in need of help. The most popular and wide-recognized drug and alcohol addiction recovery programs are known as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA).

AA Meetings in Aventura, FL

AA is a fellowship of men and women who share a common goal – to abstain from drinking alcohol. The individuals that attend these meetings are dedicated towards their recovery and maintain the disciple to not only attend these meetings regularly, but to also follow the 12-steps of the program. Within these 12-steps, alcoholics will learn how to make a moral inventory of themselves, make amends to those that they’ve hurt in the past, and learn to live a life a happiness, healthiness, and hope for the future.

For a list of AA meetings in your area, click here. Although there are various Aventura drug rehab centers available to those in need, 12-step programs have been proven to be highly effective in helping recovering addicts maintain their sobriety. For more info on where to find your next AA meeting in Aventura, or within all of Miami-Dade County, click here.

Groups After Rehab

MeetingDay & TimeLocation
NABetter Way ApartmentsSaturday, 11:30 amOn A New Trail Group Discussion/Participation675 Northwest 17th Street, Miami, FL 33136
AAFreedomWednesday, 5:30 pmRichard E. Gerstein Justice Building1351 NW 12th Street, Miami, FL 33125
AARush HourSunday, 7:00 pm212 NE 24th Street - 2nd Floor212 NE 24th Street, Miami, FL 33137

NA Meetings in Aventura, FL

Aventura drug rehab programs, like NA, focuses on a deeper healing of the mind and body. Within the readings associated with the 12-steps of NA, it is widely discussed that the importance of developing coping skills is essential towards one’s recovery. Without coping skills, an addict will never truly be able to recover.

Life is full of surprises that we can never anticipate. If a negative situation were to arise, as it inevitably will, then the addict without coping skills will not be able to handle the situation at hand, thus resulting in a relapse. This is of major importance, which is why you should consider attending some of the meetings listed here and embark on your journey towards recovery.

Local Help for Addiction Treatment in Aventura, Florida

There are other Aventura drug rehab programs to choose from aside from attending NA and AA meetings. There is also counseling and rehabilitation services provided by the Miami-Dade Community Action and Human Services Department. They provide community outreach programs relating to substance abuse and how to help those in need. To learn more about the services that they provide in these programs, click here.