Callaway Drug Rehab Programs can help direct you with your addiction. If you are suffering from addiction and are looking for a treatment program through one of the many Callaway Drug Rehab Programs, contact us today. You will be matched to a quality facility through the help of our addiction advisors.

There are more than 22 million people in the United States suffering from an addiction to drugs or alcohol every year. If you are among those people and are suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction in Callaway, Florida, you may feel as though you do not know what to do or who to turn to for help.

Luckily, there are numerous Programs for drug rehab in Callaway, Florida as well as in the Tampa and Fort Myers areas, that can help you deal with and overcome your addiction to drugs and/or alcohol.

Seek Treatment Help from Callaway Drug Rehab Programs

Treatment usually falls into two categories of treatment programs. The first is the most flexible option and is known as outpatient rehab. In outpatient rehab, you only need to be able to commit to about two to five hours per week to your treatment and recovery. You can continue working while in outpatient treatment and will also be able to remain at home during treatment or even opt to stay in a sober living community.

Inpatient rehab is another option available to you in Callaway, Florida. This is a more intensive addiction treatment program that involves a 24/7, full-time commitment to addiction recovery and treatment. In inpatient treatment, you would stay in the treatment programs for several weeks to months in order to focus your energy on overcoming your addiction. Click here to read more about addiction treatment options and to learn more about commonly abused drugs.

Groups After Rehab

MeetingDay & TimeLocation
AAEastside GroupMonday, 7:00 pmSkipper's Nest505 S Tyndall Pkwy, Panama City, FL 32404
AALUNCH BUNCHThursday, 12:00 pmSERENITY HOUSE AA CLUB1211 EAST 25TH STREET, Panama City, FL 32405

Drug Treatment Programs at Various Callaway Drug Rehab Programs

Whether you choose to go through drug rehab in an inpatient or outpatient program in Callaway, Florida, you will want to be sure that the program you choose is holistic and that it offers individualized recovery programs. Holistic addiction treatment is a treatment program in which both the physical and mental addiction that a person has to drugs and alcohol are addressed in the various therapies available.

Additionally, holistic treatment helps to deal with the areas of a person’s life adversely affected by their substance abuse and addiction, including family relationships, vocational issues, and legal problems. This is also where program individualization comes in. Some people need more help in certain areas than others and may not benefit from some treatments as much.

NA/AA Meetings in Callaway, Florida

When you are ready to overcome your addiction to drugs or alcohol, there are treatment programs available to you in Callaway, Florida as well as in Panama. The more well-known programs are that of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous which are for those whose main goal is to maintain sobriety through the twelve step process. This process may seem difficult, which is why there are others to attend these meetings and offer support to each other. For NA meetings, you can find Panama City and Callaway meetings here.

These programs may help you get the support you need in order to make a life-long recovery. It is only in the resolution of the outside factors that influence the need for substances that cope with those problems. AA meetings can also be found here for Callaway and other Panama areas.