Oakland Park, Florida, known as ‘A City On The Move’ and located in Broward County, has many substance abuse resources available to those who are struggling with addiction. Addiction is a compulsive behavior where the mind becomes obsessed in seeking a particular drug and/or alcohol. It is a mental disorder that requires careful, medically managed treatment. Addiction care that is best delivered through Oakland Park Drug Rehab Programs can help addicts achieve sobriety. The Florida Health Department wants addicts in the Oakland Park area to understand that help is available, whether it is through A.A./N.A. meetings or treatment programs. 

Broward County Substance Abuse Programs

Substance abuse casts a particularly dark shadow over Broward County. Between the years 2011 and 2012, deaths from heroin abuse rose a full 89% in Southern Florida. This, along with many other reasons, is why seeking professional treatment Oakland Park Drug Rehab Programs is a necessity. There are several substance abuse group meetings and counseling sessions that provide effective help for those who are going through substance dependency.

Lack of knowledge is one of the greatest hurdles facing regular people who fall into the addiction trap. The more that people understand what addiction is all about, the more willing they are to see how available solutions can help them overcome addiction.

Groups After Rehab

MeetingDay & TimeLocation
NALambda South ClubhouseMonday, 8:30 pmNew Path Group Discussion/Participation, Gay/Lesbian, Just For Today Study1231 A East Las Olas Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301
AASAT DOWNTOWN GROPSaturday, 8:30 pmCITY HALL100 N ANDREWS AVE, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

A.A. Meetings in Oakland Park, Florida

Addiction is considered a mental disorder as a result of how repeated drug use permanently alters the brain in key ways. A brain changed by repeated exposure to drugs gains a permanent emotional attachment to them; an attachment that needs the help of alcoholics anonymous meetings as well as treatment programs in order to reverse. If you are an alcoholic looking for recovery counseling and are ready to put drugs behind you; Broward County has guidance options available. Click here to find an A.A. meeting in Oakland Park.

N.A. Meetings in Oakland Park, Florida

Addiction care and guidance that is delivered with personalized therapy and psychiatric care nearly always succeed in delivering long-term sobriety for patients. When you attend narcotics anonymous meetings in Broward County, health and sobriety are easily within your grasp. There are numerous Oakland Park Drug Rehab Programs that provide top-notch treatment to those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction.

If you suffer from any form of substance addiction,  it’s time to seek the guidance from N.A. meetings. Click here to find an N.A. meeting near you.