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Tampa Inpatient Pool

Tampa Inpatient Private Room

Plant City Welcome Center

Plant City Welcome Center

Plant City Welcome Center

The Most Popular Features at Our Inpatient Facility (Tampa)

Medical/Clinical Features

Low Patient-to-Therapist Ratio

Our low patient-to-therapist ratio means that guests receive an unparalleled quality of personalized care and support. This also allows patients to build a trusting relationship with their therapist which will further aid in the recovery process. We have highly-accredited and certified clinicians on board that will help guide guests throughout each phase of treatment, from intake to discharge and beyond.

  Most facilities only offer large group meetings with limited access to one-on-one counseling and therapy.

Full-Time Medical Director and Psychologist On-Site

It is extremely important to us to ensure that help is available when individuals need it most. This is why we have a full-time Medical Director and Psychologist on staff who provide guests with medical support and psychiatric aid; both of which are incorporated into the patient's unique treatment program.

  Other facilities will often have a part-time medical specialist and will not always have an office onsite.
Full-Time Medical Director and Psychologist

Individualized Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Tailored, integrated treatment is crucial for those who struggle with both an underlying mental health disorder as well as an addiction to drugs or alcohol. We offer several treatment therapies for dual diagnosis patients. These include:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Behavioral Modification
  • Alternative Therapies
  The majority of facilities do not personalize and tailor their treatment modalities to each patient and resort to a 'one-size-fits-all' standardized treatment plan.

Medical Detox Onsite

Medically assisted detox allows clinicians to stabilize and monitor the patient while also managing their symptoms. In our detox program, patients are tapered off of all narcotics under 24/7 medical care and are given additional medications as needed to combat symptoms of withdrawal. This ensures every patient is comfortable and safe during the hardest part of their stay.  Read More

  Generally, facilities refer detox to a partner, then brings the client back for their stay.
Medical Detox Onsite

Variety of Groups

At WhiteSands, we offer an extensive variety of groups to patients as part of their treatment program. Some of the groups that we provide are:

  • SMART Recovery
  • Family Therapy
  • Read More
  Other centers only offer single or limited types of therapy that does not conform to the unique needs of patients.

Aftercare/Continuum of Care

Aftercare/Continuum of Care

Our facility provides patients with care and support even after they have been discharged from their inpatient stay. We offer aftercare programming upon discharge and will set up a therapist and sponsor for them. We have 50 locations throughout Florida consisting of Inpatient, Outpatient, and Admissions Offices, giving patients peace of mind knowing that help is close to home.

  Most facilities do not offer as many aftercare and relapse prevention options as we do.

Non Medical Features

Private Rooms

Each patient will reside in their own newly renovated private room which is offered throughout the entire facility. The rooms feature a flat-screen TV, queen-sized bed, and a private bathroom which allows patients to be comfortable and relaxed before and after treatment hours.

  Other facilities may not offer private room options to their guests.

Cellphones & Laptops Allowed

We offer a lenient cellphone and laptop policy. Patients are permitted to use their electronics in their private room between the hours of 6:30 p.m. and 10:30 p.m., allowing them to keep in touch with family and friends. To protect the privacy of fellow patients, cellphone and laptop use are prohibited in common areas.

  Having this feature is very expensive to manage which is why most facilities do not offer this, but we go the extra mile to ensure that our guests have access to their personal electronic devices after treatment hours.

10-Acre Campus

Our facility provides spacious accommodations situated on a campus-style site. Having a generously sized facility means that patients will not feel cramped or giving them the space to refocus their minds for further clarity. We offer cobblestone walking paths, streams, and gazebos for patients to enjoy, which can help alleviate the stress that is often associated with this time of change.

  The majority of facilities are often confined, hospital-style buildings converted into a facility with no room for amenities.


Patients can enjoy a host of amenities directly on-site such as a full-size gym, pool, basketball court, and volleyball court. Once your groups are complete for the day, these recreational activities can be enjoyed. We also offer visitation days where the family is invited to the facility to spend some quality time with their loved ones. Weekly outings are an important part of recovery which is why we coordinate fun off-site activities for patients to enjoy.

  Most centers do not offer the extensive amenities and activities that WhiteSands does, or does not offer amenities at all.

Spa Services

Our facility offers chiropractic care, massage therapy, yoga classes, a full-sized basketball court, and a workout gym for patients to enjoy. Haircut and styling services are also available during patients stay and we have qualified stylists available on the premises to help you achieve your desired look.

 An average facility may only offer one of these spa services. This unique feature is rarely or never offered in a treatment facility setting.

Smoking and Vaping Areas

Smoking and vaping are allowed in designated locations throughout the facility grounds, ensuring that both smokers and non-smokers feel comfortable during their stay. Out of respect for all guests attending our facility, patients are asked to strictly abide by these rules.

 Some facilities limit vaping, some limit smoking, and some limit both.
Smoking and Vaping Areas

WhiteSands Stories of Recovery

Our Patient Success Stories

Over 300 Google Verified Reviews

Rebecca Kutsor

5 days ago

“This treatment center is absolutely amazing. I have never felt so safe and loved during such a scary time. The counselors are well versed and very engaged. The accommodations are immaculate and private. The staff are caring and courteous. All of your needs will be met.”

Robert Vannata

5 days ago

“Amazing staff, therapists, and doctors. Accommodations are great... Nice rooms, catered food, vollyball, massage, biofeedback, chiropractor, basketball, beach and more. Definitely saved my life!!!”

Anthony Moniz

a month ago

“I wanted to stop my habit for a very long time trying on my own never worked I needed help and would never accept it. I finally had enough and gave in to acceptance and looked for help. I found WhiteSands and watched one of the videos they had of a guy around my same age talking about his story and how he found help from WhiteSands. It gave me hope so I ended up calling them and I was there that night. White Sands was a life changer the therapist to the staff all of them played a part in helping me find myself. I’m forever grateful! I’d be dead or in prison if I didn’t get the help I needed. If you read this review your life is worth living. Give yourself a chance to change.”

Kenneth Kaser

a month ago

“White Sands is a phenomenal rehab for alcohol and substance abuse addiction. Staff is great! Food is great! They take you on outings, provide chiropractor's, and have a medical staff on clock 24/7. If you're tired and want to give up the fight, then White Sands is the only place I recommend anyone to start! Thank you White Sands!”