Partial Hospitalization Programs at Florida Drug Rehab

At WhiteSands Treatment, our extensive experience has taught us that treatment for alcoholism and drug abuse is highly personal in nature. There is no single treatment that will suit everyone struggling with substance abuse, and our success is in no small part due to the highly customizable programs that we provide. One such option is our day-night, which is designed to suit patients who are classified as stable, but nonetheless, continue to need medical monitoring. Entering this type of program can be an excellent first step towards entirely independent living, as it allows you to maintain an important degree of autonomy, while ensuring that intensive therapeutic treatment is received on a consistent basis. For some patients, a day-night program is an ideal alternative to inpatient treatment, while for others it follows inpatient medical detox and rehab as a way of gradually transitioning towards being a full member of society once again.

We assess patients to ensure that they are suitable for day-night program, and during this type of assessment, we look for fulfillment of a range of criteria. For example, a good candidate will be able to fully participate in the groups with other inpatient hospitalization patients, be deemed as not being a risk to themselves or others, have a good support system outside the treatment center (at home or within the community) and have transportation to the facility for each full day of the program.

What should be expected from day-night treatment?

Most patients who opt for day-night treatment do so after going through an inpatient and a period of residential rehab. Typically, day-night treatment will involve meeting for up to six hours a day, three to five days a week, while continuing to reside at home. Continued recovery will be facilitated by ongoing medical and therapeutic support. For example, you can expect to attend individual and group counseling sessions, and receive regular medical examinations that allow our doctors and nurses to check the progress of your physical recovery from addiction. In the evenings, you will have the opportunity to enjoy structured recreational activities and attend recovery groups with other patients, helping to build bonds that will help to keep you clean and sober once you are ready to leave WhiteSands entirely. In addition, you can expect random drug tests that help to make sure that the members of the center’s community are held accountable for any relapses and offered a more intensive form of treatment.

There is also the option to involve your family in this stage of your recovery. Our family programs focus on educating loved ones and in helping to restore bonds that may have been damaged by your struggles with addiction. While we will never involve your family without your explicit consent, we want you to know that family programs are extremely successful in enhancing patient support networks and facilitating recovery.

Why choose day-night treatment at WhiteSands?

Our day-night treatment program offers a highly supportive and encouraging environment for recovering addicts and alcoholics, where valuable skills (such as self-care and independence) can be built and improved upon. We want to help you to gradually and effectively integrate yourself back into society, and this type of program can create a seamless transition that works for a huge number of our patients.

We have seen many recovering addicts respond extremely well to day-night treatment, with dramatic improvements in self-esteem and coping techniques that help to ensure that sobriety continues long after treatment. It also builds anticipation and excitement about the prospect of leaving the center, enhancing motivation to stay clean and live a healthy, productive life.

Finally, day-night treatment can provide patients with a valuable safety net. Sometimes, life outside the drug treatment center can trigger a relapse. For example, you may find that being exposed to stress tempts you to return to substance abuse, or you may find it hard to avoid the social group with whom you first started using drugs or abusing alcohol. If you are in a day-night treatment program, we can help you to stay strong in the face of these types of triggers, and knowing that you have to answer to the staff and community member at WhiteSands Treatment will provide you with another motivating reason to avoid drugs or alcohol.

Program Goals for Day-Night Treatment:

  • To assist patients in maintaining abstinence
  • To assist patients manage their psychiatric disorders, where such psychiatric disorders are concurrent with their chemical dependencies
  • To assist patients in development of a supportive environment conducive to ongoing recovery
  • To assist patients in dealing with their psychosocial stressors related to their psychiatric/substance abuse disorders

You deserve to be free from the devastating cycles of drug and alcohol addiction. Call (877) 855-3470 to talk to our team of alcohol and drug treatment specialists about why WhiteSands is the perfect place to recover.